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Can This Chef Recreate A MasterChef Winning Dish? // Presented By MasterChef Season 10 On FOX

hey it’s Alexis from tasty to get ready for the season 10 premiere of MasterChef I’m challenging myself to see if I can recreate the winning dish from season one fried chicken and creamy collard greens let’s get started this apron goes to the individual that I think I mean mature across this competition there’s no one else here so I’m become a true master chef this is just for fun right this apron belongs to I’m okay I mean I’m frying chicken today so this will come in handy I guess just kind of cool for these creamy colored greens I’m starting out with butter and shallots so now that the butter is melted I can add the shallots I like using shallots more than onions because I think it has a nicer flavor it can be kind of more subtle now I’m ready for my collards you know I feel like collard greens are kind of underappreciated and underrated but if you do it right they’re delicious time to cream talk to me a little bit about what you’re making well actually I’m making the season one master chef winning dish it’s really simple buttermilk pan-fried chicken with creamy collard greens let’s move on to the chicken I’m gonna pound these chicken breasts really thin it’s gonna get them to have a really nice crust cook evenly but first I’ve got to pound them out with a mallet take it serious or take your apron off I’m not even in the competition let me live let’s get one thing straight this is my kitchen my rolls I’m gonna move on to my buttermilk marinade a buttermilk marinade is a really good way to tenderize the chicken and make it really juicy and flavorful which chicken breast kind of needs now I’m gonna let these marinate for about an hour moving onto my drench so I’ve got flour salt pepper you know you always want to season whatever you’re dredging garlic powder garlic powder and onion powder is something more for traditional home cooks yeah and this is a show about home cooks you’ve never used it no never that’s crazy I mean this is only garlic powder but we’re kind of missing out the egg and milk are just gonna help bind the flour to the chicken so we got that really beautiful crust ready to dredge so I’ve got my marinated chicken going to add it to the flour first and then into the egg mixture [Music] so this is nice and dredged so I just want to get the temperature to 350 looks like it’s ready can get frying Wow this is a really thin chicken breast it’ll cook for about seven minutes total I want it to get really nice and golden brown crispy on both sides I’m gonna let it go for a few minutes I know the judges are also going to taste with their eyes so I really want it to be this even golden brown all the way through I’m going as fast as I can chicken right on top and stop I’m done oh that was crazy cooking a chicken breast in seven minutes it’s virtually impossible is this one good yeah chef how do you know that chicken is cooked I mean I think it’s fine I mean I’m just gonna I’m just gonna actually just take it for a minute okay I’ll be back just gonna hang out it’s cooked perfectly oh my God thank you so much chef just from the outside you got a beautiful color on it I think you did a great job creating texture on the outside there’s a beautiful crust I was not expecting this but I’ll take it thank you so much good chicken do you think I can be on MasterChef okay got the apron I’m ready oh thank you so much chefs that was actually surprisingly fun now if you want to see the real home cooks compete on season 10 of MasterChef tune into Fox on Wednesday May 29th 8:00 7:00 central [Music] you
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