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Can This Chef Make Lunchables Fancy? • Tasty

hi I’m RIA I’m a tasty producer as always I’ve been challenged to take a common food and make it fancy here today it’s rolls you must completely use the food given you can only add to the food you can buy whatever ingredients you wish okay let’s see what we have today of course my drum rolls Lunchables I’ve heard of it but I’ve never knew what he is Andrew told me there is a one called branch Abel come with me Motors not sure if it’s true or not just according to the package it looked like records ham and cheese it’s this lunch I always forget kids had smaller stomach so I never had this before so let’s try this I thought it was block of cheese but it’s sliced and crackers and so it’s almost like kids cheese board it’s fuzzy okay that’s good it might be challenging because I have to use three components but I think I have one great idea as always I’m excited to make it fancy here’s what I got asparagus X chicken breasts rosemary thyme fingerling potatoes butter garlic parmesan cheese orange juice and sparkling wine from the pantry I got milk flour Dijon mustard garlic powder and onion powder let’s get started make it fancy okay I’m gonna begin with my potatoes I already washed the potatoes its fingerling potatoes it’s one of my favorite kind usually come with purple color and like red skin three different colors so I think it looks really cute I’m gonna cut in half yes it’s my lady they came back from the spa super sharp you know someone on Instagram talk to me he took his car to the car wash and he said took my lady to the spa so everyone has their own lady what’s your lady’s data with olive oil when you’re quoting something usually you have to stop it’s wicked if you season weights to the spice forest everything gets kind of washed off usually it’s my hand it’s the best tool to sprigs all rosemary thyme and if you like for salt too big pinch you’re a new thought something you have to solve super high so it’s sprinkle even if you too close you are only like pointing at one so I transfer everything to baking she cut side down so he get crispy baked this in oven 425 Fahrenheit for 20 minutes to 30 minutes so potatoes are in the oven and I’m going to move on to the chicken I have plastic and aneisa and I cover with another plastic over the chicken and I have a secret weapon the Foehammer do you know the name of food hammer me Anya I have Miller and I’m gonna pound chicken so this one has two sides this is one is for like tenderizing me but this part it’s just like flat tuna I don’t want to make any mark so I’m using this flat part so I’m going to sprinkle one teaspoon of garlic powder and one teaspoon of onion powder per chicken breast and soul one big pinch and I’m going to add half how can I fit this it fits perfectly Wow cheese same thing amazing lunch of all its metaphor this fits perfectly roll this up and kind of twist the end like candy kind of want to make a cylinder shape and you’re gonna roll against the surface so it’s super tight and I’m going to type and chicken rolls are done and I’m going to rest this in the refrigerator for 20 minutes I’m going to make sauce meanwhile do means garlic I’m using this knife called PT knife it’s easy to cut small thing like garlic’s this is one of my ladies 2 tbsp flour and 2 tbsp of butter so far smell butter 1 and 1/2 cup of milk 1/8 cup of mustard so butter is melted I’m going to the garlic add flour and whisk just like a minute also slowly so this is very similar cells called bechamel it’s one of the mother sauce in French cooking so what you wanna do is keep whisking until it thickens we are going to use 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese it’s nice and thick so I’m going to add some cheese and Dijon mustard remove from the heat but sauce is ready I’m going to set this aside so for my next step I have flour and egg wash I used for X and I’m going to grind up some crackers [Applause] so you just want to grind up until fine chicken is from the fridge and I’m gonna start coating with flour egg and cracker breadcrumbs so oil has to be 325 I’m going for internal temperature 165 Fahrenheit if it doesn’t reach the point I’m going to finish off in oven nice sound okay so color looking really good here so I’m going to take it off because I don’t want to learn and I’m going to check the temperature this one it’s 153 this one is 114 so I’m going to finish off in oven about 10 minutes and we will check the temperature again next we’re gonna do asparagus 12 to the stem it’s a little bit fibery remove those kind of tough part there too it’s to do it one eat when you’re kind of snapping and naturally snap stop / it’s fine or you can just cut the end and use the peeler so I’m going to use 3 to 4 tbsp of water so what are its stop bubbling up at asparagus and the leader back on top so it’s spins so you kind of want to wait until all the water evaporates call with olive oil and look shiny and a little bit of green light almost seasoned salt and pepper so as far as looks down so I’m going to transfer to the tray and move on to the next step chicken in that temperature reached 165 so I’m going to start plating all cheese is losing this spiral looks great data looks good – I’m so happy how it turned her her lunchable it’s not for lunch lunch avoids four chicken cordon bleu it’s so good welcome Andrew thank you yeah somewhere in here is hidden something that would normally be described as not fancy exactly they want to try it sure were you doing man I’m opening the champagne like III way that I will pop the champagne [Music] like it tastes really good there’s the ham component there’s usually some cheese in there oh is it Lunchables restorations do you remember you told me there it’s a branch of offal come with me mother you oh I said I said somebody should make brunch or bowls Oh use if somebody should make it I said that already exist no yeah you go it’s branch of all three – Wow make you fancy okay Adam welcome to make it fancy yeah I’m getting Andrews leftovers I’ve got all I am do it’s fresh too you made leftovers fancy that’s what you made pants ooh that’s good the ham is sweet Holly it’s one of the ingredients yeah no standing right over there did I make it fancy if I say you didn’t make it fancier do I not have to do the fancy dance Eva or you have to do the bass just like I do this you did it three two won’t make you fancy [Music] make it fancy but I made a fancy right yeah yes thank you so much for watching I hope you make a home if you make it please like me on Instagram and don’t forget to pass make it fancy [Music]
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