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Can This Chef Make Hot Dogs Fancy? • Tasty

hi I’m RIA I’m a pasty producer as always I’ve been challenged to take a common food and make it fancy but first I have news this is by far our most requested picture I like using alcohol yes if you wanna check it out go to shop make it fancy calm let’s see what we are making fancy today drum roll hot dogs I had hot dogs before I’m more like a burger person than hot dog so in my dictionary hot dogs eats the sandwich I like relish ketchup mustard basically everything it’s not only hot dogs but I feel like whenever you eat outside food it tastes better without bread without toppings I think this hotdog smells a little too strong flavor is also a little bit off-putting it’s weird smell the same color this might be a tough day at work but as always I’m excited to make you fancy all right here it’s what I got rosemary sage fennel arugula ground pork parsley endive Dijon mustard dill thyme lemon and eggs from the pantry I got olive oil flour salt and ok let’s get started make it fancy first boil some eggs I will need four drop this egg gentle I want to make a soft boil so I’m cooking for six minutes and half I love eggs because you can use it for savory and desire and it transforms and it’s just much girl ingredients and I also wish I can lay egg instead of giving a bath have you seen Panda giving apart it’s just like pops ah I’m the baby also creepy though it’s looked like a fingers it’s looked like a hot dog okay so it’s been 6 minutes and a half it’s out put it in ice water because if you just leave it there room temperature when you peel egg it’s very difficult by few shock boil the egg like this it’s easy to peel I’m going to leave these acts about 10 minutes in ice water and moving on to next step we have hot dogs here personally I think this is sausage and a hot dog it’s the one with the buns I’m putting all hot dogs in the food processor and pulse that’s another reason I’m not interested going to space cuz the food associate is very limited this looks off-putting but looks good for well I’m going to make what do you think Amy is gonna eat hot dog I think they eat something soft cuz they don’t have a strong jaw line based on those you know typical alien looking aliens you know and I need 500 ground pork and 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard and I’m gonna just straight it and add some nice greens and I’m gonna start with sage and I’m just means sage going in just say Matt’s rosemary rosemary is a little tough so I want to make sure it is finely chopped rosemary in do passerine also hot dogs it’s just pink blob so I want to make it look nicer I’m sorry cozy so I’m adding about 2 sprigs of thyme mix everything nicely you can use spatula but I’m using gloves I’m not adding any seasoning for this mixture called hot dogs is already pretty salty the fresh herbs and Dijon mustard walks well to mask the smell now I don’t smell hot dog anymore right so mixture is ready and I’m moving on to next step we have soft boiled egg you want to peel it and I go little by little make sure it’s smooth and not breaking eggs appealed flatten this meat mixture from my hand put the egg and kind of wrap around it it’s soft-boiled so don’t push it too hard nice big egg wrapped with me call with flour shake off excess flour of its egg and coating with egg and going to panko so panic oh it’s Japanese breadcrumb Tom means bread call it’s flour I like it because it’s a little crunchy there we go these are looking good I’m going to clear this station and moving out the next set my hot dog XR in refrigerator meanwhile I call this lemon squeeze side crack two egg yolk so I’m adding 2 TSP of lemon juice 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard and slowly using imagine blender adding olive oil you can make this with whisk but imagine blender makes much much easier when I was walking at the restaurant I used to make gallon by whisk your arm feels like a jello okay so it looks good transfer this in a glass bowl and this is a little thick I want to make it a little bit more saucy and adding one tablespoon more lemon juice and a tablespoon of Dijon and season with salt okay this is looking good I have whole fennel some people threw away this part but is it’s edible you should use it I’m gonna kind of pick it if you’re going on hike on Los Angeles sometimes you can find on the hike pass you can also use this tempeh I’m going to use both today trim it and slice thing next and cutting endive from here I’m gonna also use some dill to smelt very nice and refreshing and we have leftover lemon juice and olive oil so just kind of season it’s a simple salad so I’m kind of sprinkling everything very nice my salad is ready so I got my hot dog egg from the fridge I’m trying to at the time because I don’t want to crowd the pan I’m frying at 350 for young high about six to eight minutes until golden brown or in Japanese kids nado which is foxy color have you been to China Island there are foxes and they are not afraid of humans so sometimes they pretend they are injured and try to get food from people nice golden brown color take this out sprinkle some salt while it’s hot so come back nice feeling let’s bring everything together we go simple salad and we got hot dog Scotch egg and we are going to plate it nice drop and use back of your spoon kind of soosh nice mount or salad cop to see who will mental truth nice now we are done [Music] hog dog Scott check very fancy welcome back area another make it fancy episode and you look very nice today look at this look at the material this is yeah nice right this is Google running in it sleep in it you can see I think I look great too thank you do you know what it is it’s a scotch egg yes which I’ve never had before Oh dig in I’m in England it’s so good delicious what did you make this out of why do you think you have to give me some sort of hint it’s very iconic America Oh hot dog yeah yeah oh my god I was like hi great Italian sausage process there Sariah there it’s one thing studio to dance yes make it fancy thank you so much for watching I hope you guys make a home if you make it tag me on Instagram if you like my t-shirt go shop make you fancy tom don’t forget to dance make it fancy [Music] you [Music]
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