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Can This Chef Make Doritos Fancy? • Tasty

hi i’m ria i’m a tasty producer today i’ve been challenged to take a common food and make it fancy let’s see what we are making fancy today doritos i had doritos before yes i’m a simple girl i like simple sizzle potato chips doritos is a little bit too heavily seasoned for me so sometimes i brush off the seasoning from this chip it’s been a while since i had this so let’s try oh it’s not bad first couple bites is really good but if i keep eating i get tired i think this is a little bit challenging because flavor is so strong i’m trying to think how i can incorporate alcohol i i’m trying to think it’s a difficult ingredient to incorporate alcohol okay as always i’m excited to make it fancy all right here’s what i got green onions cilantro eggs cheddar cheese cherry tomatoes half and half black beans jalapeno avocado steak sour cream pepper jack cheese onion limes and tomatoes from the pantry i got olive oil white wine vinegar black pepper dried oregano chili powder garlic powder ground cumin salt sugar and white wine all right let’s get started make it fancy i have one and a half cup half and half simmer this we are going to use a lot of doritos today so i got the party size i’m going to use two ounce doritos and i’m starting a little bubbles i’m going to add doritos and kind of break it down and steep doritos in half and a half about 30 minutes 30 minutes later and doritos is absorbing almost all the liquid so i’m going to put in a blender it’s almost look like a cereal bowl you left in sink and before you wash it do you know what i’m talking about yeah so i’m going to blend this and this is going to be a roux when you’re making roux you have to use butter and flour but we are making lube from doritos it’s a little thicker than i want so i’m going to add a half cup of half and half now i wanted to make it very smooth add back to the pot make a simmer not to boil it’s already look nice okay i’m gonna start with short answer no i have an excuse i have baby i kind of get around it just take it to ourselves long we still have a few months to go so ask me again it’s nice and start bubbling so i’m going to add a cheese this one is cheddar two cups of cheese in total it’s a little thicker so i’m going to add half and half a little bit more i want to make like very smooth cheese sauce when i first came and visited los angeles my husband wanted to go taco bell and he wanted to try the doritos shell okay so this is the consistency you’re looking for and i’m adding one teaspoon of salt doritos cheese sauce looks great we have more doritos to use so let’s move on to the next step quarter cup of water a quarter cup of white wine vinegar quarter cup of sugar and quarter teaspoon of salt quarter cup of white wine as you know i like using alcohol yes bring this to a boil meanwhile i’m going to cut jalapeno if you have it i recommend to use gloves because it will burn your hand one of my worst kitchen injuries was cutting jalapeno with bare hand and it was very painful preventative care it’s important if you don’t like spicy you can take off those seeds and peas because that makes jalapeno very spicy my pickling liquid is boiling and i’m going to pour over the jalapeno i just sliced let it sit for 30 minutes and we are going to use this for later two tomatoes cut in half and cut in a quarter half seeded jalapeno quarter of a small onion one and a half teaspoon salt and half teaspoon of cumin one lime so i’m gonna show you how to squeeze lime so cut half and use tong so you don’t need to buy you know lemon squeezer or a lime squeezer once everything is kind of blended together we are going to add cilantro so you can see like nice green speckles in a salsa once you add cilantro you are just pulse full chop this looks great and we have madridas to take care of half of doritos and crush with hand a little bit so astronauts can watch that for aliens i have a lot of questions about that if alien out there please make this and i’m going to put crumbles doritos in a coffee grinder and make a fine powder and i’m going to add here make sure there is no big pieces to the dritus powder i’m adding one teaspoon of cumin one and a half teaspoon of chili powder half teaspoon of pepper half teaspoon of garlic powder one teaspoon of salt one teaspoon of oregano just mix it up one tablespoon of lime juice mix with fork this is looking good it’s take time we have canola oil and add the steak rub we made and make it a little loose we have new york strip steak just add the steak rub steak is evenly coated oil in a cast iron pan then we’re going to cook the steak two to three minutes each side has a nice sear i’m going to flip it and sear the other side for two to three minutes again all right steak has a nice sear on both sides we’re gonna let the steak rest and move on to the next step i’m heating up olive oil about one tablespoon i’m going to cook these eggs sunny side up i’m cooking three eggs at a time and i don’t want to make edge too crispy so i’m cooking over medium heat these three looks great and i’m going to cook three more and we are going to move on we have cherry tomato and i will show you some hack to cut tomato in half so you are going to need daily container lid or plate tomato on the one side and another side you’re gonna just put on top of it if you have sharp knife use the sharp knife but bread knife works very well ta-da i’m going to cut avocado just use spoon i’m going to peel cut it nice slice set them aside the steak is rested when you slice steak go against the grain okay those are looking great time to get margaritas i’m going to use up all doritos left over 30 sides and this is the doritos cheese sauce we made earlier doritos reunion you know like meeting your old friends they look different now and beans using two cups of pepper jack cheese load it up bake this in an oven 400 degree about five minutes until cheese is nice and melty okay so we got a lot of stuff so let’s assemble fried egg add some steaks just like scattered look nice tomatoes it looks very festive isn’t it i’m gonna go for avocado this is everything i want to eat pickled jalapeno and salsa nice green color green onions and cilantro oh it’s getting so pretty lime watch it and we are done [Music] party size breakfast nachos very fancy all right here it is i put as much ingredients i can put and i’m so excited there’s so many components cheese sauce is really good it’s smooth and full of flavor it’s like each bite is a treasure hunt steak is well seasoned doritos rub gives a nice like intense flavor it’s very delicious overall i’m so happy how it turned out i recommend you make it too if you do tag me on instagram and don’t forget to dance make it fancy [Music]
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