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Can This Chef Make Chocolate Pudding Fancy? • Tasty

hi I’m RIA I’m a pasty producer today I’ve been challenged to take a come on food and make it fancy but first I have an exciting announcement we can merge if you like the shirt check out the link in description let’s see what we are making fancy today chocolate plane I’ve never had this before so in Japan we have pudding but it’s a little bit more farm the guy have tried something like milk chocolate snack in the state and I felt like I was betrayed it was too sweet and it wasn’t good squishy I was told by someone you know crew he used to use this lid as a spoon so I want to try that it’s not bad I expected what but it’s not – I thought it wasn’t to sleep but there’s like after not that holding my tongue very sweet visually it’s not pleasing it’s just a Boop we can fix that okay I will call some great ideas and I’m excited to make it hey guess what I got heavy cream dark chocolate X oranges and dried orange slices from the pantry I got sugar powdered sugar flour butter cultural vanilla extract salt milk cinnamon sticks star Grand Marnier okay let’s get started make it fancy first step I’m simmering water and I’m going to need 6 tbsp of butter cut it small cubes done in a bowl I’m using dark chocolate because I don’t want to make it overly sweet gonna do a rough chop chocolates a little hard so it’s kind of tiring chopping put them in a bowl put on top of the simmering water and I’m gonna just lay melt this method called a double broiler your simmering water in a pot put a bowl on top of it and melt so it doesn’t give a direct heat you won’t burn anything inside of the ball why do we are waiting to measure our dry ingredients 1 and 1/2 cup of flour 4 tablespoon of sugar 1/2 teaspoon of salt and set aside we move on to next step chocolate and butter mix it’s nice and melted and take off from the heat I’m going to walk on the wet ingredients while it’s cooling 2 cups of milk in 6x teaspoon of vanilla 1 tablespoon of Grand Marnier whisk well to combine add this webmix into this flour mix little by little I tend to use higher proof alcohol for baking I like using wine or sake for cooking and I like using brandy cognac or rum for my baking this butter is ready I’m gonna set aside butter and a chocolate mix seeds well melted chocolate pudding it’s very creamy no right so nice and shiny in a mixture before you put pudding into chocolate and butter mixture make sure it is cool down like room temperature otherwise sometimes it separates I want to make sure this butter is very smooth so I’m going to pass through mesh sieve I have to rest this batter for two hours to overnight and I’m going to keep this in my refrigerator okay next step you use two and a half cup of heavy cream and three tablespoons powdered sugar when you’re making whipped cream total sugar melts better usually I like to use whisk but two and a half cup is a lot so I’m going to start with Honda mixer and kind of control the consistency later on with this is almost done so I’m gonna stop right here switch to whisk so I can finish what I like it’s nice of peak I’m gonna add one and a half orange zest when you’re using orange zest you don’t want to use like white part it kind of bitter so make sure just using orange part and I’m going to use vanilla pudding gently fold when it comes to ice cream I don’t know I like boss it just depends on the mood when your ice cream uses best ingredients whoever said vanilla it’s my favorite I respect to your palate right so we are going to keep this in the fridge until we use it so butter is rested I’m going to start cooking and I have 1.5 ounce little quickly so you kind of wait until the edge is crispy and surface is a little bit drier see off the edge once it’s cooked you want to kind of flip that sear for like 20 30 seconds done only you just have to keep doing this until you are running out of butter when you’re making crepe you want to make it super thin like paper thin and make sure to use the nonstick pan okay so I’m going to finish all the butter and I’m going to cook rest of the crepes so I have stuck on my crepes here and I have my orange cream ready so I’m going to assemble and I have cake round it’s easier to transfer and I’m going to use a little bit cream as a glue for one crepe you it’s like quarter cup cream each time you’re gonna just spread when you’re spreading cream offset spatula is very convenient tool so you can evenly spread the cream right pan down I’m kind of keep doing the same thing layer of creep and another layer of cream and keep stacking them okay so final stretch I have one more left nice we have to chill this for 30 minutes and we are going to next step I’m going to use one cup of heavy cream and while it’s heating up I’m going to chop a unseats chocolate it’s not as maybe fun as it looks kind of hurt your hand so the sous-chef thought I was frying sushi in oil and I noticed there was like some burn mark but you know as I mentioned I don’t even remember what they’re like ex-boyfriends right it all sits a lot right now you only live once if you start seeing the little bubble around it it’s ready pour over into chocolate you want to wait one to two minutes because if you start whisking right away chocolate it’s not warm enough you cannot melt well okay so it’s nice and melted I’m adding four tablespoons of corn syrup so we can give a little bit shine one tablespoon of the Grand Marnier I’m adding another chocolate pudding this is all it’s chocolate pudding for adult you can give this choke opening for your kids and you can make this for yourself it’s nice and shiny so this is done and I’m moving on to next step we got this from the fridge and it’s nice and chill and I’m going to give a haircut so it’s gonna be a ball car I’m gonna just trim the edge as I go smooth the surface we gave a nice bokeh I’m going to pour ganache over so I want to put something underneath it so it drips through [Music] thank you final touch going to cut in a half I’m going to put cinnamon stick on top kind of alternate and I’m done [Music] supersoft [Music] it’s super fancy welcome to odds mean thank you for make you fancy you me make it sexy that’s right so do you wanna have a bite yes is this my slice why do you like it Wow smells very good smells delectable look at that losing cream [Music] I think I’m in love with you yes thank you can you guess why I made fancy sexy this time my first thought is oranges cinnamon chocolate pudding are you serious yeah I also used bunny operative modeling yeah Wow it tastes amazing it tastes like it belongs in a Michelin star restaurant also it’s kind of shiny so if create looks into it becomes prettier because it’s like a mirror hello make a fuzzy welcome Ryan to chocolate pudding one down sharp wit pudding at Wonderland I love chocolate pudding oh I really do good and I like your mug I like my mug to make it fancy let me eat it yeah that’s great so I’m assuming that there’s gonna be orange and cinnamon flavors and I know it’s a bunch of crepes stacked on top of each other with cream in the middle yeah is it called no in French yes but in English crepe cake yeah but we just made a new name for this it’s Craig Craig Craig Raymond cake so it’s great I like Craig I love all things creamy like cream in general you know make it fancy thank you so much for watching and let us know what I should make fancy next time don’t forget that I’ll make it fancy [Music]
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