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Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With An Egg Cooker?

oh god just kind of winging it oops ah it burst oh oh oh no abort abort i’m a mess there’s like a salt bomb it’s beautiful shut up they’re done hi i’m alexis and i’m a chef who’s always up for a challenge today i’ve asked the internet what appliance i should make a three-course meal out of i’m gonna taste everything myself and i have no idea what’s in this box so let’s get started [Music] oh oh i think this is an egg cooker oh no i’ve never used net cooker i imagine this gets pretty hot but i wonder if you need to have this on it is everything gonna be steamed that’s so boring i don’t feel good about this confidence level is like a two oh god this is going to be really hard egg cookers are used for making eggs i’m not going to make eggs in this that feels like the easy way out and i don’t like to make things easy on myself and it looks like we’ve got a few options there’s a rapid one there’s double decker one so i think if i remove all these like handy things i don’t know maybe i’ll end up using them stay tuned this is just like gonna be one big steam basket so i think there’s a lot to do the one thing i’m a little wary of is i don’t know how hot these actually get i think my confidence level at this point is five we’ll see when i actually start cooking how that changes so i’m gonna work backwards and start with dessert so i’m making crepes my mom’s dutch and i grew up with crepes or we called them dutch pancakes you know i don’t think i had an american pancake until i was like seven eight so when i think of pancakes this is what i think of and i’m just gonna kind of wing it with alternating flour and milk so maybe i’ll add like a pinch of sugar so when i made the crepes with the clothing irons there was a lot of surface area i also needed to put a mold on it it just felt like it was spongy but i think this could work a little better i feel like this is my crepe redemption [Music] gonna add some vanilla extract okay egg cooker on that’s easy at least so butter needs to go in here and then i think water has to go in here it’s warming up but will it get hot okay so the water’s actually boiling like really aggressively and the butter is melting i wonder if i put too much water in because it looks like it’s like kind of trying to spurt out oh god i just need the butter to turn i would say don’t try this at home this is definitely a no don’t try at home situation okay so twist that doesn’t look totally great but let’s just you know first pancake let’s try a test okay and then i guess i’ll put the little hat on and wait this feels aggressive this feels like i’ve done something wrong i guess i could just lift it and see what’s happening okay there’s there’s we’re learning we’re learning some lessons i think i put way too much water in feels like it shouldn’t be so aggressively like rocking or like a gentle steam it also feels like it’s getting wet like the water is like leaping up and wetting the crepe which sounds disgusting you remember how a few minutes ago i was like this is my crepe redemption i don’t know if that’s true my confidence is wavering we’re like still at a five oh oh abort abort oh no it’s so floppy look you can see it bouncing it is literally like a wet floppy pancake it looks like a fungus i need to reframe i need to take a minute maybe i should test it [Music] no oh wow so bad this is certainly not great redemption this is disgusting this is so gross but you know i think i can fix it i’m gonna doctor up the batter i’m gonna get this water out we’re gonna reframe so i know i was like shaming these little funny things before i don’t know what they’re called little egg holders but i think this is actually gonna help hold this up so it’s stabilized and not like rocking on the water also i don’t need to pour all of the water in so i’m going to do a really thin layer butter okay this is looking so much better now the hat perfect you can kind of look it slide in like that look it doesn’t look great i know this you know this but okay but look how thin that is look at that i know this sounds weird but i just wanna like i just the wet pancake thing is like really gross this looks good this looks really pretty good but if you roll it up that is so pretty oh my god thank god this works it’s not the best script i’ve ever had but it’s totally passable and with sugar on top it’s gonna be great this is for sure now a great redemption this is like significantly better i think i’m actually gonna make three of these because it’s just gonna look prettier what if i should put the berries around first and then some powdered sugar i don’t know this is kind of like as good as it’s gonna get i feel i feel good about it moving on before i move on to the appetizer i’m gonna marinate my salmon it’s gonna be like a really simple miso ginger soy situation i i love miso so much there’s like a salt bomb i’m going to use like a tiny little bit of brown sugar a bit of soy sauce and some vinegar this is like really all about balancing the flavors a little bit of sesame oil sesame oil goes a really long way so you’ll need to use a little bit gonna add a little ginger oh it smells so good let’s just pour it over yum looks great okay beautiful i’m gonna wash my hands pop this in the fridge and move on to the dumplings vegetable dumplings i’ve made dumplings in a few months but it’s pretty easy to do so i’m going to use some shredded carrots i’ve got some really beautiful shiitake mushrooms some napa cabbage it’s like as big as my head trying to keep everything about the same size so pretty some scallions i’m gonna do tofu and you can just kind of like crumble it i’m gonna add a little cilantro too it smells amazing sesame oil yum that looks so good i’m just rinse my hands off and then it’s dumpling making time so i’ve got these like really cute little wrappers first step is to get a spoon you know obviously if this is like tight together you can only add like a little bit so you can add like a teaspoon of filling wow even that maybe i should have chopped it smaller and then take your finger and some water and just go all the way around that i like to do like a little pleat there are people that are so much better than me at this so you can check out this amazing video inga did making dumplings from scratch much cooler than this you know since i have two of these little i was gonna call them steamers little egg cookers i think i’m gonna do like three at a time also i feel certain this is gonna work you know if the crepes worked there’s no reason why they shouldn’t it’s so cute i think for this purpose six is enough a little layer of water look how cute that is wow i imagine this is going to take a few minutes i’m going to make a little dipping sauce in the meantime a little soy sauce some rice vinegar smidge of sesame oil and i’m going to add some like thinly sliced ginger and i’m gonna just see what they’re like oh this is so cool they’re like done i think they’re done shut up they’re done oh my god they’re so perfect they’re so perfect oh wow wow is it weird i feel like you never have cilantro over but some green feels pretty okay dumplings done confidence is a 10. i’ve already got my fish marinated just gonna blot the marinade off should have taken this off and i think this guy’s going to fit in same method as before i feel like i was pretty negative about the egg cooker and i just want to apologize to everyone who loves them because i think they’re very cool okay so for my bok choy hmm this is quite small so maybe i’ll start with this little one just like nestle it all together and i imagine the bok choy is going to cook pretty fast going to slice some scallions to go on top so i just wait this seems very chill okay it’s already it’s it’s already cooking it’s already cooking bok choy has no ways to go that’s okay oh maybe it’s done oh it might be overcooked it feels quite firm i don’t know why i grabbed a spatula it was a panic it was a panic move i would say that’s the downside of this whole thing but things keep getting really wet perfect bok choy beautiful whoops this is like a very healthy meal salmon and bok choy he’s gonna put a little soy over the bok choy and some sesame seeds and some scallions can go over you know my plating is not my strong point today but i think this is great i think this is great i think this is gonna be really good and the fact that it was cooked in an egg cooker is like crazy i’m not as impressed with myself as it was with the dumplings but i’m gonna give this a solid 8.5 we’ll see how it tastes you guys it looks amazing it’s beautiful i’m honestly like so proud of myself so first up the dumplings they’re just the cutest they’re so cute [Music] i mean it’s crazy that that was done at cougar they’re delicious they’re lovely i’m gonna give these a time moment of truth with the salmon oh shut up look at that who can see this who can see this this might be pink for some people this is perfect for me [Music] hmm it’s fresh it feels really clean i guess that’s why people steam salmon okay bok choy i mean steamboat delicious another 10. that’s great it’s really great okay this i’ve gotta be honest it’s not gonna be a dead they’re fine they’re like a little weird if someone else made these for me i’d be like you know oh yikes but i think for an egg cooker they’re like a solid six overall i feel like this is like a really good meal and i feel really proud of myself let me know in the comments what you would make in an egg cooker i’ll see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music] you
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