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Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With Hair Tools? • Tasty

oh no this could actually work whoops gonna be a long day this looks kind of crazy this is very strange it’s a great idea see something new every day huh i think this is one of the best things i’ve ever made [Music] welcome back to chef out of water i’m alexis the chef who’s always up for a challenge i’ve taken to you internet to see what appliance i should make a three course meal with i’ll be tasting everything myself so i hope it goes well let’s see what you’ve chosen [Music] i’ve had nightmares about this moment i’ve like had this fear i’ve known this in my heart that this was coming but this is gonna be hard look at this surface area i’ll figure it out i’ll figure it out my confidence level is a three [Music] first off i’m wondering how hot all of these tools get you know but a hair dryer i can’t imagine it gets very hot [Music] 140 degrees there’s not much you can do with that curling iron gets between 200 and 300 degrees usually that feels a little more promising okay what about a hair straightener hair straighteners up to 450. i mean 450 we can do something with that right my confidence level’s actually rising i think i’d put myself at maybe a six at this point ideas are starting to flow i’m still feeling pretty nervous but i actually have a plan i’m gonna start backwards like i usually do with dessert i’m gonna make chocolate covered strawberries with a magic shell sounds pretty simple but i’m using hair tools so we’ll see how that works out i had an idea that if i put some chocolate in a bowl and then put it over the hair straightener and also use the hair dryer the chocolate might melt oh god [Music] shoot i’m gonna see if just the hair dryer works it’s gonna be a long day yes this is gonna work this is gonna work starting to melt thank you i’m gonna add a little bit of coconut oil that’s how it gets that magic shell this is looking so beautiful okay i’m gonna grab some strawberries and dip them see what happens luckily these are very small strawberries so wow i’m shocked impressed proud i mean this might like this could actually work at this point my confidence has really shot up i feel like i’m an eight right now let’s not get too crazy but i’m feeling good and it dries so fast that’s the joy of a magic shell i assume the same thing is going to work with white chocolate i don’t know why it shouldn’t i think i’m just going to do some like little decorations so i need less chocolate [Music] i think it should work polka dotted chocolate covered strawberries made with a hair dryer gonna pop these in the fridge move on to my next course for my appetizer course i’m gonna make blini through like little russian pancakes that get creme fresh and smoked salmon sometimes caviar if you’re really fancy and they’re usually really small so i think that’ll help me here but i’m gonna try to make them on the hair straightener we’ll see what happens got buckwheat flour and all purpose flour pinch of salt a little bit of baking powder and just whisk this together for the wet ingredients i need this butter to be melted so i thought i could just use the hair dryer again i’m gonna make the executive decision that that’s enough butter it’s like a slip and slide over here and a little bit of milk now wet to the dry okay well that was pretty easy and i wonder if i should cover this in tin foil this looks kind of crazy it’s not super secure but it’s okay and i’ve got this little cookie cutter which is actually like kind of the size that you would want blainey to be anyway and it barely fits on top so you just spray this cookie cutter down and then i’m just gonna pour the batter ah i wonder if i hold this will be like kind of steam it this is very strange i don’t know what the cook time on a strainer is if i was doing this on the stove a minute or two and then you flip them which i haven’t quite gone there yet it’s bubbling it’s cooking so crazy and and you can hear it kind of sizzling oh god oh god okay okay i think with this little plate if i just have four of these that’s like the perfect appetizer for one i think i need to wrap the hair straightener more securely in the foil first and i’m gonna use butter instead of the canola oil batter hopefully it’s fine it smells delicious okay perfect so i’m just going to do like a little bit of creme fraiche smoked salmon and then any sprig of dill these are gorgeous i honestly don’t think anyone would know they were made with a hair strainer my confidence is back up to an 8.5 i’m gonna clean this up and move on to my last course for my last course i’m going to make a sandwich which sounds kind of basic but this sandwich is going to have steak and grilled onions and blue cheese pretty classic combination and i’m gonna try to use all three hair tools see how it works first i’m gonna start with my onion drizzle with some olive oil my idea was that i could just put the onions like right in between [Music] you can hear it already onions and a curling iron see something new every day huh it smells pretty good while the onions are going i’m gonna move on to my steak they’re definitely getting color on them it’s not quite even i think letting some of it hang off i thought i could kind of like smush it back under but i think it all needs to be under the kind of like clamp of the curling iron nice okay onions they’re going just gonna season the steak with salt and pepper wow okay look at that color it’s perfect softened golden brown five tiny onions straightener is ready put some olive oil on it try with this one the meat is changing color which is great looks a little gray these are going to be mini sandwiches oh there is a tiny tiny bit of color [Music] that is some pretty good color might be a little overdone but i wish i could taste it i don’t know how this is going to turn out [Music] they look kind of gray and sad right now but at least i’ll be disguising them in a sandwich okay my onions and my sake are done i’m gonna clean this up before i move on to the bread so i was thinking that i could cut the crust off and i’m gonna butter it on both sides so that hopefully the bread will get like extra golden brown a little bit of blue cheese a few onions the steak i think it’s gonna work like the way i’ve envisioned this it’s like golden brown beautiful maybe the blue cheese gets a tiny bit melty oh no oh no no no no it just fits oh my god it’s definitely flattening like a panini there’s no color yet it just looks like it’s drenched in butter [Music] i spoke too soon it’s a great idea okay it’s certainly not what i envisioned but it smells amazing i think the flavor is gonna be insane but it just looks like bad my confidence level flavor wise 10. my confidence level aesthetically is like a one i’ll try the other one with a little bit higher heat wow i was right i mean honestly i don’t think it’s gonna get better than this i wish you could smell it though it smells amazing i think after all of this i deserve to eat this food it’s taste test time okay so here’s the thing these two look the prettiest but i’m most excited about eating this disaster but like aesthetically wow first up my little blini with smoked salmon you would literally never know they’re amazing wow honestly 10 out of 10. that is so good now for this the bread was the wrong choice aesthetically but flavor-wise this is so good i think this is one of the best things i’ve ever made on this show no why 11 out of 10. i kid you not chocolate-covered strawberries oh my god i mean they look adorable i mean you can’t really go wrong a great day honestly i exceeded my expectations today this was amazing this was such a great day i feel like it was unexpected it was weird but turned out really well let me know in the comments which one of these dishes you would want to eat and let me know if you try making it yourself i’ll see you next time [Music] [Applause] you
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