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Can These People Guess The Tasty Ice Cream Flavors?

raspberry I feel like I haven’t been more wrong about anything in my life [Music] to me ice cream is like a very good boyfriend there when I’m sad they weren’t happy there when I’m angry you’re happy you’re sad like I screwed up I actually didn’t like ice cream for most of my life as of recently I like discovered ice cream it’s almost like dangerous for me now I feel like tasty ice cream would be like all the flavor names are probably so cute you just imagine like s’mores ice cream space-themed galaxy twist triple cookie dough ice cream scream creamsicle dream that’s a good name honestly let’s try that I’m so ready that’s a fudge I like wow that is so rich so there’s like a client today there’s also like a saltiness this is like here’s a peanut let me ask the crunch there’s something else in here [Music] it’s pretzel I think this might be called triple chocolate tornado space chocolate pretzel double fudge pretzel crunch yeah that’s that’s pretty Oh chocolate caramel pretzel growl oh wow you got it where’s this peanut butter flavor coming from yeah how did you know pretzel you’re like a pretzel connoisseur over there like I feel like I haven’t been more wrong about anything in my life you nailed it Oh back title next one oh my gosh lots of colors that’s strawberry this is like blackberry cobbler just by looking at it I feel like it’s like strawberry mango but I’m probably off judging by what I did last time blackberry crimson likelier pie there’s speckles of yellow and red which makes me think that there is raspberry girl I would bet money this is library I feel like raspberry texture that it genuinely does feel peckish oh maybe it’s cake it could be a blackberry cheese some are raspberry shortcake blackberry cobbler blast it’s white chocolate raspberry lava cake Oh raspberry raspberry you would imagine this flavor a to be really sweet but it’s actually not like I can keep eating this and I want to keep eating this like entire thing I like it looks next okay before I’ve invited it looks like there’s caramel in there wait is this like is this created immediately I can smell peanut butter marshmallow wow you’re really good I taste marshmallows you don’t know about our chocolate peanut butter cup and marshmallow you can taste so much in one little thing and I’m like yeah it’s pretty good oh there’s like a little white chunk in there oh my god what do you think this is called is this like peanut butter s’mores peanut butter campfire swirl Oh more smash you were spot-on I was wishing for that s’mores like ice cream and the universe hard me and it gave it to me I think because I don’t eat them at sugar I’m getting a little bit of like I should sugar high right now I knew there was a spring oh my god there’s a sprinkle so colorful unicorn party it’s like a crayon truck in a nice cool truck crashed into each other there’s like little star bits in here in the star what are the star bits of maple it tastes like a pancake birthday cake a maple leaf I think this one is either birthday party or unicorn space swirl unicorn party +12 that Wow no vanilla Gallic I knew it galaxy in there yeah you did Elise our unicorn in the title so it’s much more like festive galaxy this isn’t like the mysterious galaxy that nobody knows about you know past the Milky Way my favorite one is gonna be the chocolate caramel pretzel crunch chocolate caramel pretzel crunch chocolate caramel this would get me through sometimes peanut butter s’more smash for someone who’s like Heike obsessed with peanut butter and this is this is the one my favorite is the white chocolate raspberry lava cake this is I got the fact that I thought it was blackberry I’m tying these two because I love salted caramel and I love peanut butter overall these were really they were really good y’all know how to combine flavors that are unexpected I like how well thought out there and make them make sense I would definitely sit out home with this one and a glass of wine I’m gonna take this oh yes [Music]
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