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Can Questlove Guess Which Celebrities Made These Dishes?

greetings earthlings this is quest love noted foodie former captain crunch addict and i’m here to play who made that [Music] first up we’re gonna deal with the office potluck that’s when you bring a dish to your workspace it’s probably best just to be considerate and stay in the middle lane something very simple probably the easiest thing that you can bring to an office potluck a bag of ice round one for our office potluck is oh dude a couple days i’m in love with this the texture is great just enough paprika i assume this is chives on top either zoe deschanel or khloe kardashian or oprah made this i thought that maybe zoey was a vegetarian so i’m kind of taking her out i’m not underestimating the power of chloe in the in the kitchen but i’m going to take a a hail mary pass i’m going to tell you why i’m a pick oprah i don’t think she has enough time in the day i feel as though something this simple or something that she mastered long ago oprah might be a one-trick culinary pony and this might be the one that she knows how to master in the case of friendsgiving if you’re going to play it safe canned cranberry is the best thing about the meal and especially the day after thanksgiving when you’re making the sammich m-m-i-c-h sandwich let’s see mac and cheese wow we either have that girl riri philadelphia’s first lady of culinary finest pat labelle or we have the sexiest man alive 2019 john legend okay so there’s a story on the internet about how it took me 15 years to finally get a meal out of patti labelle she invited me over for thanksgiving and she threw down when uh cooking mac and cheese there’s this certain level of burnt that it has to be patti labelle’s mac and cheese it’s less cassaroli and more like a hard square and perfectly burnt with all types of cheese in it seeing this burnt texture here lets me know that this authentically came from a black chef i don’t know about rihanna’s power in the kitchen john knows how to throw down in the kitchen so this is 2019’s sexiest mac and cheese john legend this is for the boozy potluck oh okay if you’re like i am uh really not knowledgeable on how to pair and match your drinks i just buy all the cabernet i can’t you can’t lose with it i feel like this is an iced tea sweet i know there’s alcohol element in here but threw me for a loop i know gabby goes hardcore she wouldn’t create something that’s this dainty dab is out a lot of my interaction with george clooney was like my pre-fallen days i don’t know where he falls on the the drinking scale of thing i do know that martha can get turnt i’m going with martha stewart cheers it’s the moment of truth so let’s go to round one office potluck between khloe kardashian oprah winfrey and zoe de chanel we had a very tasty deviled egg yes i knew it i knew that she had some culinary skills but i figured that you know it was an arrested development because she’s out here saving the world so yes option number two the friendsgiving mac and cheese between bad girl ribri patti labelle and john legend what wow i’m shocked it was kind of hard to judge who this truly was our final round is slosh giving the office uh booze party our choices were george clooney martha stewart and gabrielle union in my book mixtape potluck i commissioned gabrielle union to make this dish so i don’t even have to look and of course it was gabrielle gab i’m sorry i failed you forgive me okay so that concludes another who made that episode with uh the quest love edition i’m one in three i hope i’m still in the food mafia i still know a good dish when i taste it oprah you did well paddle a bell maybe i’m gonna have to come over to your house a few more times gabrielle do not disown me and let me remind you fine people in closing you can buy a mixtape potluck and stores everywhere great gift great stocking stuffer this quest love thank you very much for having me oh yes [Music] you
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