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Can I Make A Disney Ride Into A Cream Puff Tower?

hey guys it’s me jasmine katie and i were recently at disneyland eating a bunch of food thinking about food as we do and then she turned to me and was like what if the rice were food and i laughed because it was silly and funny but then i thought let’s do it she’s always challenging me and so i’m gonna challenge her let’s do this i’m so scared i’m never talking to you about anything ever again jasmine how do we get into this how does this happen to me i am going to make the matterhorn into a dessert the matterhorn is a ride based off the actual mountain that’s in the alps you’re on a bobsled ride where you’re going through the dark a crazy yeti is trying to kill you it’s super fun and it’s the only roller coaster i don’t throw up on i am going to make a croquembouche that looks like a matterhorn and if you don’t know what a crookedbush is it’s a french dessert that is like a cream puff tower i’ve never made croquetboosh before it needs to have a waterfall cause there’s one at the disney ride there’s not gonna be a ride going around or a yeti inside no yeti inside no yeti inside no yeti inside stop making me say the yeti is so important to matterhorn first thing i have to do is actually make the custard that’s gonna fill inside the cream puffs just get into it i’m gonna heat up some whole milk we need a ton of filling because we have a ton of cream puffs that are gonna go on this we’re gonna bring this up to just a slight boil just as soon as it boils we’re gonna turn it off i’m just gonna add some vanilla bean paste about two teaspoons so i have 18 egg yolks and we’re gonna add in sugar whip this till it’s fluffy and pale and it’s gonna take about two minutes i chose the matterhorn because it’s my favorite right at this time and i actually do get kind of scared because it gets so dark when you go inside the mountain also he’s loud the roar you know what i mean the the one that’s not gonna be in the one that’s not gonna be in my my dessert now we’re gonna add in some cornstarch our eggs are ready our milk is ready i’m gonna turn the heat off and we are gonna slowly add the milk in so we don’t cook our eggs which is called tempering otherwise you’re gonna have some scrambled eggs in your custard this is just gonna bring the eggs and sugar up to the same temperature as the milk but gradually now we’ll put this back into the pot we’ll turn our heat back up and we’re gonna whisk this constantly you gotta do it for about seven to ten minutes it is really cool how all of a sudden it’s super liquidy and then it’s just this yellow thick yummy goodness you definitely start to feel some resistance as you are pulling the whisk through we got bubbles we are good to turn the heat off i’m gonna remove it from the heat and at the end we’re just gonna add butter stir that in finally we’re just gonna put this through a strainer to make sure we have super super smooth custard once all of that is in we’re just gonna put some plastic wrap right over so we’re just gonna put it all the way down on top of the custard so we don’t get a skin over it this guy’s done we’re gonna chill him for about two hours in the fridge so now we’re gonna make our choux pastry which is just our cream puffs i’m gonna combine some water butter lots of butter sugar and some salt we’re gonna melt our butter and bring this up to a boil our water butter mixture is boiling so i’m gonna add in my flour and turn off the heat with a wooden spoon i’m gonna quickly mix this up once your mixture is thickened up and pulling away from the bottom of the pan we’re gonna put it in a stand mixer and then we’ll slowly one egg at a time incorporate our eggs i’ll let it cool slightly then transfer to a piping bag and pipe some cream puffs so i’ve greased a pan and i’ve put some parchment down this is just to keep the parchment in place we’re gonna do about one inch cream puffs so we have these little pointed tops do not worry about them we’re just gonna dip our finger in some water and then pat down last so they get nice and golden brown and shiny we’re gonna add some egg wash i’m gonna put these in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes then i’m gonna reduce the temperature to 350 for another 15 minutes do not whatever you do open the oven if you do this at home because it will deflate your cream puffs you want cream puffs not cream flats our cream puffs are out of the oven now we’ll fill our cream puffs we’re gonna take it put the piping tip inside and then just gently squeeze your filling try not to overfill them and we’ll just keep repeating that process like a million times if you’re having trouble putting your piping dip into your cream puff you can always poke holes ahead of time with like a steak you can take a skewer and make holes ahead of time so i’m just gonna fill the rest of my cream puffs until they’re all done and then next comes the tricky part so now i’m going to make a waterfall out of sugar i’ve definitely worked with sugar before but i have never worked with it to like manipulate it to curve so we’re going to see what happens first i’m going to combine sugar water and some corn syrup you want to stir it while it’s heating up because otherwise it’ll crystallize and you’ll have these like big clumps but at the beginning just so that everything gets incorporated i like to stir it i’m gonna let this keep going until it gets up to 300 310 that’s at the heart crack phase and then i will add in sky blue food coloring to get that water that blue waterfall so you’re telling me you’re gonna make a waterfall but no yeti sugar is scary because it burns jasmine i am gonna turn this off remove this from the heat so to make the waterfall i got a silicone mat and i’m going to try to run it down just do a little at first oh that looks that looks cool set this off to the side so right now i’m taking the sugar and i’m doing what they call spinning sugar and i’m just throwing it i’m making a mess kill he’s like yeah that’s right that’s right it’s very like cobwebby okay i think we’re good let’s move on to like assembling this whole bad boy together it is time to make this croquembouche i am definitely not going to be able to do the traditional way which is you build up these cream puffs using sugar and there’s no no structure that they’re built on they just build up on themselves so i found this cone at a craft store i’ve wrapped it in parchment paper and instead of using sugar to adhere the cream puffs i’m gonna use melted white chocolate so i’m gonna take a cream puff and i’ll just dip it in the chocolate and apply it to the base i’m gonna keep doing this the things i do for you jasmine thank you i’m feeling good i’m starting to feel nervous as it’s all getting compacted like just a little bit but i think my chocolate’s setting a little faster which is making me feel a little better do you think you have enough cream puffs i i think so it’s a lot of cream puffs i chose the matterhorn because it’s really one of my favorite rides you know what i like if you go on that ride when it’s nighttime like nine o’clock when they’re just about to do the fireworks and the fireworks will be happening all around it and like you sometimes pop out of the mountain and they’ll just be like that’s the theme to jurassic park sometimes tinkerbell used to come down from the top of the matterhorn and one time i was on the matterhorn and it was so much i was like firework and then tinkerbell was just like dude and i was like it was like it was the happiest place on earth this is not an ad for disney they did not sponsor this i’m gonna put the top on and then maybe do some around it oh my goodness to finish this guy off we’re not done i’m gonna add some more cream puffs to build out the sides and get more of a mountain shape then i’m gonna add shredded coconut that i’ve dyed with different shades of green food coloring i’m gonna make little croquembouche trees with a rosemary to add the snow just like they have on the matterhorn i’m going to dust some powdered sugar all over the top and finally i’ll place the waterfall onto the croquembouche oh gosh oh my gosh it worked i cannot believe that i did this i think i nailed it i’m glad i did the chocolate hack i love the dusting of snow and the rosemary smells so fresh and it really reminds me of real trees the waterfall has so much movement i love the coconut grass i also think my sponge sugar just gives that waterfall even more motion i’m so proud of this i didn’t think i was gonna be able to do this i hope they think it looks like the matterhorn let’s see what they think of it and also let’s see if it tastes any good you’re ready to try coming in you didn’t make a yeti so i am yeti you look like lilo instead it’s beautiful katie this is incredible it’s like what you would find in like a gourmet pastry shop and i know you were joking about it when we were at disneyland but you did it air cheers so good this is so good i did it yes thanks guys thank you guys for watching i am definitely not going to do this again because it was super stressful unless you asked her in the comments uh let us know and jasmine this is fun but like nope [Laughter] we are all adults [Music] you
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