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Can I Make A Bread Recipe That’s Been Translated 20 Times

– This is the hardest one we’ve ever done. And I think I’m gonna pee my pants. (laughing) – Hey guys, it’s Katie. And we are back with another
translation challenge, or as I like to call it,
let’s torture Jasmine. If you are just joining
us, we take a recipe, we put it into Google translate
and we go from Portuguese to Latin, to Hebrew, to Cantonese
and many, many, many more. And then we bring it back to English to give us a hilariously
translated recipe. Today’s recipe actually comes
from a very special guest. Let’s see who it is. – Hi, I’m Aria. And today I picked a very
special dish for Jasmine to make. It’s one that I ate a
lot growing up as a kid. So I’m excited to see her take on it. I can’t tell you guys
exactly what it is just yet. but I’ll pop in at the end
with my version of the dish and we’ll compare and see how she did. She doesn’t even know it’s me coming. And so it should be a
real fun treat of a time. Good luck. – Good luck, indeed. Let’s go give this recipe to Jasmine. Alright Jasmine are you ready? – I’m ready. – This one came from a special guest. – Who? – I can not telling you – Okay ready? – Yeah you ready? – Yeah. – Saltwater Pisces? I do love me a good Pisces. – And you know, I am one. You ready? – I’m ready. – Let’s do it. – Saltwater Pisces. What’s the symbol for Pisces? – [Katie] It’s a fish – Fish? – Yes. No, it’s not a clue. – Fish? Step number 1, in between pour
1 1/2 raw bread in warm water Leave until the fruit bears fruit. I think it’s getting crazy now that these translations
are slowly forming a new grammar rule in my head. – Like this made sense to you. – Well, no, but yeah. In between, in a hole, in a bowl Bowls! Raw bread, I think is flour. Alright what kind? Panko! Coconut flour. – Don’t look at Kelly she
gives it away with her Stop Morse coding with your eyes. – Alright I’m going
with…all purpose flour. Can never go wrong with all purpose flour. Oh, the bowls are here. Let’s do 1 1/2 cups of flour. I’m just going to slowly add
in water until a dough forms. Leave until the fruit bears fruit. I’m going to cover it and let it rise. There is, I’m scared. Okay I have a solid dough. I’m going to cover it with
a towel and let it rise. Step number 2, add 3
tablespoons of butter. Addition. Subtraction. Butter, butter, butter, butter, butter, butter, butter. We have butter. Are we making a pie crust? – Does that look like a pie crust? – No (Katie laughs) Grape seed oil. Avocado oil. Extra virgin olive oil. Let’s go with Grape seed oil I’m doing it. Well then we will go with 3
tablespoons of grape seed oil. I will mix-y mix-y. Addition. Alright I don’t know if this is right. In fact, I think it’s kind of a dry dough. Step number 3. In a garbage can, Combine 2 cups green bread and one and
a half teaspoon salt. Stir east dow stir. Sir east dow, stir. Let’s see what are our options? There’s so much greenery here. We got lettuce. Green onion and leak. I think leak. If it doesn’t say how to cut it, green bread is going to be
leaks. Having them lengthwise. And then I’m going to thinly slice. Can I have a hint please?
You know what, Katie? I’ll get a hint from you. Are leaks on the right track? Sometimes words just appear. No. Words just appear. – [Katie] Yes. – I think your hint told me
that the leaks are not correct. Well, dang it. So bread. Flour in another bowl. In a separate bowl. Alright. We’re just going to go AP flour. One and a half teaspoon salt. Is it actually salt though? I trust it. 1, 2, 3. Stir, east dow stir. Maybe that is whisk together. This looks lovely. Next step. Add the flour to the pan and fall to his on knees never again. (laughing) – [Katie] You fell to your knees – Oh, Oh. Add this flour to the dough and kneed. (laughing) I am so scared. I’m trying to figure out
what culture this is. what cuisine does this food come from? Also I just feel like
I might have messed up – [Kelly] Your face right now. – Next step. Letting it happen and olive oil. That’s how I feel. I just said I’m just
going to let it happen. Olive oil! Nooooo. I was going to use that earlier and then I used grape seed oil. Now I’m going to add breadcrumbs
and plastic. Big one hour. I am going to put it in a plastic. I’m not going to put it. Okay. So I think add breadcrumbs means add my dough to the bowl
and plastic and cover. And I’m going to let it rest for one hour. I’m a little scared, but we’ll be okay. It’s okay. Everything’s fine. Learn three pounds of onions. That’s a lot of onions. Pounds probably is not right. Well, this is really heavy. It’s not three pounds for sure. Cups. Cups. I don’t know in what way
I should cut the onions. Like should I cut them into little cubes or should I cut them into little squares or very thin slices or minced? Whom’s knows. So I’m going to go with three
cups of thinly sliced onions. Brb. I have my thinly sliced onions here. I’m going to use three cups of these. Next step. Melt two spoon beds paradise and two tablespoons of olive oil. There is a large pot on a hot plate. Hot plate. I need a large pot. Okay. Here’s a large pot. Melt two spoon beds. Tablespoons! Butter makes me feel like
it’s paradise, I will say. Two tablespoons paradise and
two tablespoons of olive oil. Alright, so. I am going to kinda just stick
to the recipe for this one. I think butter is paradise. So we’ll do two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of olive oil in my large pot on this hot plate. Add the laughter, two anchor, one and a half teaspoon this
time with a lot of salt. For some reason, I’m thinking sugar because
it’s so sweet and happy. Anchor. What is anchor? Olives? You are on a boat and you
drop anchor and you go fishing Two cans of fish. I think I need a hint. Am I on the right track
with the fish being anchor? – [Mimo] Yes. So I have solid white albacore tuna. Wild sardines and
anchovies. I pick anchovies. Add the laughter? Onions. (laughing) Add the laughter to anchor
one and a half teaspoon this time with a lot of
salt. Ah, yes, yes, yes. This time with a lot of salt. Step number nine. Usually the aroma is yellow. When sugar cane until it is weak. I am just going to cook these
until they’re weak and soft. Oh sugar cane. (banging on the table) I don’t have the tools
to use this correctly. So no more sugar cane. I am just cooking these
onions over medium high heat until they are soft. It’s been like seven days and
my onions are finally nice and weak and soft. So let’s move on to the next step. Step number 10. Fry a large sheet of salad. Fry, fry… Cook? A large sheet. Fry a large sheet. Prepare a large sheet of greens. I’m scared but I think I
need to use my final hint. – What do you use to fry? – Oil? Oh my god. Do I have to grease the pan? I just greased my baking sheet. I regret using that hint. So no salad? After adjusting the width
and height of the powder. Make sure to control it with your fingers. Oh my dough? My child. Is this like an onion bread? Control it with your fingers. Huh? I’m just spreading it with my fingers after adjusting the whole thing maybe. It feels like I’m making pizza or a bread of some sort
or flatbread perhaps. How thin do we want this? Oh my gosh. My biceps are throbbing. – It’s like an 80’s workout. – It is. Next step. Oh, paid and walk for 30 minutes. Walk 30 minutes? It’s already been resting. Bake? I think I’m gonna bake
this for 30 minutes. There’s no temperature. So maybe I’m not baking it for 30 minutes. My heart says bake it. 30 minutes at O paid. 350? I don’t know. Eight minutes? 12 minutes? 30 Minutes at 350. Alright. In you go. My, this is out of the oven. Let’s move on to the next step. – How do you feel about that? Katie, every time you asked
me how I feel about things, I have zero clue. I don’t know. Rinse the oven 400 (intense violin music) – So what do you think the first
line before that now meant? – Let it sit for 30 minutes. So now that I’ve read the next step, I assume rinse the oven means
preheat the oven to 400. and I was supposed to let this rest. Undo. Next steps. Sprinkle caramel sugar
on top of the flour. Caramelized onions. I’m just so I’m like
thinking about how wrong I am and I’m so sad. Well, this is what you guys
want for me to mess up. I’m just spreading it on here. Now I’m trying to just make it tasty. – We should audition new “oh yeses” – We should. Give me your best. – Oooh yes. (laughs) – Oh yes. – Oooh yaaas – Hey baby. – What? (laughs) Step 15: Add opinion in X format. Add olives and one and
a half teaspoons of tea. Add opinion. Opinion, opinion. What is this? More olives. I almost want to skip this step. I’m so confused. I think it’s onion bread of some sort. But even then with olives? My X format. My heart says cocktail onions. I think opinion is cocktail onions. – Do you wanna try one
before you commit to it? (laughs) I am artfully placing my
cocktail onions in an X format. I’m really hoping that
once this video goes up, I’m not embarrassed of this decision. This is beautiful. I’ve now
been initiated into X-Men. Add one and a half teaspoons of tea. Tea… Tea…time. Thyme. I think one and a half teaspoons
of tea is probably thyme. A little bit. You know, I’m just thinking about
how un-tasty this looks. I just, I don’t think olives are olives, So I’m going to add anchovies. Yeah. I’m going to
decorate it with anchovies. Next step. Add 20 minutes yellow salt is in the ear. Oh Bake it for 20 minutes. So I’m just going to skip that step cause I already baked it. So then these are supposed
to be cooked a little, huh? Hmm. I, I will just, I’ll
just leave it like this. Last step. Hold on, wear. Where did I go wrong? Rest. Enjoy. Now we shall enjoy. This is the Saltwater Pisces. It is something. I don’t know where I went wrong. I don’t even know where I went right. But I’m excited to see who the guest is and what the original dishes is! – Let’s find out – Knock, knock, knock. – Oh my god is it Aria? – Oh my god, what did you make? Hello! (screams) We haven’t seen each other in two years. – I can’t believe your here. Thank you for having me.
And what did you bring? I mean, it’s, it looks good. It’s something. So this is a Pissaladiere. French dish from the south
of France, from Provence So when you take a, I hope
when I take a bite of yours, I’m going to feel like
I’m on the French Riviera. – You will. I mean, it
looks pretty different but I say we give them a try. Let’s try this one first. – Bon appetite. – Bon appetite. – Hm. Wow. – That’s delightful. It’s very good. Okay, let’s try Saltwater Pisces. – Yours looks like it’s cutting better. – Well it’s cause it’s made incorrectly. Cheers
– Bon appetite. Okay. Pickled onion aside, it
doesn’t taste that bad. – [Katie] In the beginning. It was yeast. And you did flour. It was supposed to be yeast in warm water. – Oh. – Its not that bad,
it’s it’s it’s you know, I wouldn’t give it to a Frenchman. – Actually. I don’t mind the caramelized onions with
the pickle onions at all. – Me either, I like it. – Really yummy. You like the whole thing?
The bread is terrible. – Alright, Aria. Thank you so much for teaching me how to make Saltwater Pisces. It came out a little bit different. But keep sending Katie recipes, at old lady Katie on Instagram. And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye. – Au Revoir. – [Katie] Ooh, yes. – [Jasmine] Oh yes. – [Mimo] Oh yeah. – [Kelly] Hey baby. – [Jasmine] What? (upbeat music)
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