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it’s Friday it’s time for a big night in hopefully you’ve already got your ingredients because this week we’re going to cook up the most amazing cows only you have ever seen why is it amazing a hero because got all choked and spinach and mushroom and egg all inside of a beautiful pizza dough Wow that oh wow now I like what I’m seeing I’m taking straw I just go straight inning oh this is good cheese here’s is this dough is fluffy but other peaks of consistency it’s golden brown and crispy on the outside and then doughy on the inside I haven’t even got to the crimping did crimpy bits are awesome there we go cows only the decent dough and this is a very decent dough grab your strong flour or double-0 past a pizza pouch put it into a bowl along with warm water at body temperature that you’ve dissolved the dried yeast into and then season it with dried oregano garlic powder salt and sugar and if you needle the weights and measurements they’re available in the link down below give it a good knead until it’s soft and elastic and basically until you got something that’s like a pillow and when you pull it it kind of pings back and it’s the kind of thing you just want to keep putting and then leave it in a bowl for an hour covered with the t-tail at room temperature until you how something looks like this puffed up and that is a proven dough so roll out your dough divide it in two so you make two cows only and get it nice and thin on a floured surface and then you’re going to cut out a circle about a little bit bigger than a dinner plate essentially what we’re making is a pizza envelopes you want each layer to be super finished amazing presuppose forever now we’ve got some nice fresh tomato salad but there’s also obviously tomato inside is a standard tomato sauce we diced and then we sweated off to schlotz and two cloves of garlic in some olive oil then we added in some smarter pureed chopped tomatoes from a can and then we let it with juice simmer down and then we added some seasoning because if you seasoned it too early and then reduce it it’s the same amount of salt for the water evaporates and it becomes a very salty sauce do you want a salty sauce so far I found spinach and well what says okay that means one thing if you’re on Tina Pizza near enough now every good pizza stroke calzone it also needs a very good piece of straw house or any topping stroke filling am i right you’re very right we’re going to go for a couple of cheeses mozzarella of the buff variety okay brilliant some parmesan so you’ve got kind of creamy and salty and then whatever feelings you want we’re going for Arthur chokes mushrooms spinach and egg only rule to consider whatever you’re putting it and try and keep the moisture content down so we’re actually going to saute off the stage and squeeze it of excess liquid first and we’re going to fry out mushrooms to get rid of all the water content that is in mushrooms for this printing shenanigans how’d you do it it’s all part of making it intense beats you basically you don’t fold it over and then you can see this like almost perfect crimp where’s the almost perfect yeah any almost a bit let’s see the thing about crimping as long as you seal it in so that it’s an in cased envelope and everything inside cooks quickly and its own steam doesn’t have to be perfect it can be a little bit rustic like ours and then transfer it onto a baking tray and you’re going to bake it in a preheated oven at 220 degrees Celsius brush it with egg wash first we get a nice golden color and I’ve need about 30 minutes in the oven so what was the toughest bit don’t put your tomato sauce on the raw dough when it is still really hot because what it will do is will make the dough all soggy and it’ll make it stick no I mean that you can’t get the cows owning up and you have to throw it away and make a new one so you them so basically right I’ve got a question though we have it coming in from Margot van Gil if you could live anywhere in the world where would you live right stray off the bat one place that I fell in love with not just for the place where it is but everywhere that surrounds it so yeah same I’ll cover you you’re not a git now well why don’t what me my wife my daughter and you yeah why not right no wha Cisco’s a big place you could probably do that and never see each other what’s the point of that right best friend okay I’ll hang out with you guys we should probably move on to win what’s gonna live with banner I would live where would I live I feel like I would like to live the surfer lifestyle in Australia I can see you figure never surfed never been to Australia last second barbecue stuff now see I thought I was always a boring answer because for me always go back down to food but I love the food of Southeast Asia so I’m not going to narrow it down to a country but I would like to live in Southeast Asia and then I would move around a little bit and try all fantastic bit over there because I like a little bit but I need to know more you’re going to live the life of an 18 year old traveling I’m happy to put a backpack on and I’m happy to slim it occasionally I’ve had a great time it a good time I had a lovely time have you a good time if you have then come back next Friday for another big night in NGO website now get degrees and cook along with us you
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