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Calorie Burning Cardio Warm Up – Total Body Warm Up Workout

everyone this is Daniel forfeit so we’re doing each one of these exercises for about 25 seconds each so let’s go ahead and get started but time we’re going here the first one we start out with is just a regular high knee mark so just nice and slow draw those knees up as high as you can slowly back down just all tank back and forth those lungs open start working in a relatively small range of motion or whatever you can whatever is comfortable and then start pushing that range of motion more and more so we really start trying to drive that range of motions you start getting towards the end of this got about five seconds left next we’re doing a lateral steps an arm swing so those arms cross in front as you step to the side on same thing off the air shock just all take back and forth so try to get a relatively decent sidestep you can warm up those hips as well as those shoulders all the rest of those muscles should be relatively contracted you don’t want to just let them relax and don’t toe touch circles next up feet shoulder-width apart straight down come up to the side pause and center and then back down all around this time pause and Center back down again nice and slow all taking every single time keeping those lungs open trying to get a nice stretch warm up those hips again as well as that back in torso all right we do a leg swing so starting with that right leg or sorry – left leg first kick in front reach down towards that toe start with a relatively limited range of motion if you want to bend that knee a little bit that’s fine try to start straightening that leg out as much as you can if you can’t touch your toe perfectly fine it’s more about just getting that hip joint warmed up a little bit so reach again with that opposite hand from foot and same thing on the other side switch legs and hands so again opposite hand from foot start off with a relatively slow swing work into that range of motion try to exaggerate it as much as you can warm up that torso and that hip and what that we relaxed this next one you’re going to drive your knee up same times twisting so twist try to get that knee up toward that elbow we’re trying to bring that elbow down so you’re just rotating your torso back and forth bring your knee up as high as you can get it so those arms would stay relatively parallel to the ground nice slow controlled motion twisting back and forth let’s go ahead and pick it up a little bit we’re going to a box of shuffle get on the ball of that foot nice quick bouncing motion start warm with those calves and that ankle complex a little bit more again just keep those lungs open breathing as normally as you can our next one is going to be up and Alice’s going to move a little bit faster five seconds left and start it up so I was up an ounce one leg at a time now like that high knee March except we go faster and getting that leg to open up to the side so again working on waking up that hip joint those ones open nice and quick we should have a range of motion as much as you can each time all right we’re gonna go into a nice deep squat so drop it down the Loews is comfortable right back up again keep that back perfectly flat nice and slow down right back up again try to get as close as comfortable without letting that form suffer so even though you’re not using any weight above those shoulders you still want to make sure that you’re doing nice proper form all right last one jumping jacks get those arms and legs going keep those elbows almost completely straight legs like then don’t want to see any jumping jacks like this one I have a nice full extension on those arms especially with the warmup make those arms have to work for it so all those muscles should be contracted to your body and let it relax alright that is the end of this warmup so go find yourself a nice new workout to do see you guys next time
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