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Calming An Overly Excitable Dog | Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog

[suspenseful music] [knock at door] Hi, Cesar! Hi, guys. How are you? Good morning! I have a surprise for
your final challenge. NARRATOR: For the past month,
Cesar has worked closely with the Calderones, a
family of first responders with a red-zone pit
bull named Bella. After two attacks– Bella! Bella! [aggressive barking] NARRATOR: –the family may
need to surrender Bella if they can’t control her excitement. CESAR: The last time I came
here to work with Bella it was because she escaped
out of the front door to attack another dog. I need to know that we worked
through her dog aggression. To put Bella and
Jennifer to a final test, I’m going to have my son Andre
walk a dog by the front door to see if Jennifer
can keep Bella in a calm surrender state. All right, Andre. [bella growling] Tsch! Tsch! I could see Bella
switching into attack mode. Her body was getting tense. Her eyes were getting
fixated on the husky. I just need to do a proper
correction to remind Jennifer how to keep Bella calm. Tsch! There you go. This is more calm surrender. Yeah. Andre, do it again. Tsch! There you go. That’s the one. So whatever you did and whatever
that is, that’s the intensity. So you don’t have to,
like, do it three times. JENNIFER: This is huge
for her because she normally would’ve been– CESAR: Yeah. And this is her true nature,
her happy go-lucky self that we all love. There you go. This is more calm surrender. Bella and Jennifer are
doing great so far. So now I’m going to push
their limits a little and see how they react when
confronted with another dog. Andre! ANDRE: Yes, sir. CESAR: I have my son Andre move
in slowly with the other dog to prevent Bella from
feeling threatened. I want to see how Bella
chooses to react to a dog entering her space calmly. Tsch! Tsch! [dogs whining, panting] So now we have two
calm surrender. Can you see it? JENNIFER: Mm-hmm. So that’s why
it’s so important to assess and evaluate how
they feel, not what they did, what they’re doing right now. JENNIFER: Right. Yawning is good. A yawn equals relaxation. It means calm surrender. Bella has a troubled past,
but you can see that that’s not going to define her future. When I do walk
her, I usually put the weighted vest
and her goggles on just to help decrease. I want to see the whole thing. OK. I’m so proud of all the
work Jennifer has put in. She’s even using tools like
weighted vest to burn energy. She looks– oh my! They have pink? JENNIFER: Yeah! CESAR: Oh, my lord! JENNIFER: [chuckles] CESAR: I love it even more! JENNIFER: Yeah. When we put it on her,
she’s much calmer. CESAR: And goggles, they’ll
work like blinders on a horse. Together, it’s all about
controlling Bella’s excitement. We’re ready. NARRATOR: Showing great
success remaining calm when faced with old
triggers, Cesar takes this once red-zone pit bull
for a final neighborhood walk. Yeah. When I first met Jennifer,
she was getting dragged down the streets by a dog
ready to fight anyone that stepped in their path. These dogs never got
exercise because it wasn’t safe to walk them. So now I want to see
how Jennifer handles a walk with all the
tools and knowledge she’s gained throughout
Bella’s rehabilitation. Don’t forget distance also. Look, turn this way. There you go. Distance is respect. We were so concerned
that we would have to find Bella a new place to live. Then, working with Cesar,
learning all the tools, and see that she’s
happy go-lucky, and she’s not really responding
as much to other dogs, it made me feel better. And giving her a second chance– it’s all thanks to Cesar. [inhales deeply] Much better, right? Yeah, this was great. Yeah, this is it. Uh-huh. Normally, she would have already
been barking by now at them. CESAR: She’s actually in a
super happy, go-lucky feeling right now, so enjoy this point. Just like you– Yeah, this is good. Yeah, exactly. So let’s focus on
those little moments where it’s just awesome. ANDRE: Seeing the
progress has actually fueled my fire to keep on
progressing with all the dogs. Cesar, I just
wanted to thank you. And there’s nothing I could
say that would repay what you’ve done for our family. It was awesome to be a
first responder for once. [laughs] Well,
you definitely were. Appreciate you very much. You did amazing. [music playing]
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