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Cake Rescue From Failed It To Nailed It! | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

[Music] welcome to how to cook that i’m ann ridden and in this episode we’re doing cake rescue where we take cake fails and i’ll show you how to transform them into something that looks amazing let’s start with this cake that a cbc reporter made for her daughter’s 14th it looks like somehow they’ve ended up with a dish of cake chunks who knows what went wrong maybe they overfilled their cake tin like these people did i’m gonna fill mine right up way too full you’re of course supposed to leave room for the cake to expand otherwise it’s going to overflow in the oven and make a mess now while the outside of this tin is covered the actual cake turned out pretty good so i’m going to have to break it into chunks to recreate the cake fail and add a little bit of frosting on top and then sprinkle on some raspberries that looks about what they had now to rescue it print out the number 14 or whatever age birthday you need and position it on a cake board or a thick piece of cardboard and trace over the number pressing really hard so you make an indent in your board grab some chocolate and cut it into strips of two squares of chocolate high if you saw it with your knife it’s less likely to crack then cut those pieces to the length they need to match the shape that you drew on your board and then use some melted compound chocolate to glue them upright once they’re all in place use a sharp knife to neaten up the top edges add some whipped cream you could use frosting but i think whipped cream will be nicer here and then add in your chunks of cake as long as your cake tastes good you can make it look good by doing this add more cream now this isn’t just to make it look neat but it also creates a barrier to stop the cake from drying out now sprinkle on those raspberries raspberries were a good idea i like cake with cream and fresh fruit it works well together and you could leave it there but i’m gonna pile on some strawberries and some red lollies just give it a bit of a red theme there and now that failed cake is a yummy remake happy birthday zoe moving on to this lockdown birthday cake now at first i thought maybe this had been made by young kids in which case it is totally passable [Music] finally for the ingredients we’re gonna put in a dryer now blend but then i saw that it was for a 50th so the kids might be a little bit older they might not be but they probably are i’m gonna bake my cake without greasing or lining the tin and i’m expecting that it’s gonna stick and we’ll get something a bit like this which might explain how you could get a cake that looked like that it is stuck so i’ll give it a shake why is it so hard to get a cake fail the whole cake came out as one perfect cake i’m just gonna have to pull it apart a bit so i can recreate the cake fail roughly add some frosting and then pipe mum on top oh wait a minute it’s mom how do you say it in america we say mum who else says mum and who says mom let me know in the comments where you’re from and what you say and how you spell it add on some m ms now i really don’t think m ms do much to fix this presentation let’s fix it up properly get a round container and pour in some melted compound chocolate now you could use real chocolate that contains cocoa butter if you know how to temper it but i’m trying to make it as easy as possible to fix a cake fail by using compound chocolate which has vegetable oil in the ingredients tip the container around so that all your sides are covered and there are no holes and then tip it up over some baking paper and let any excess run out and then you just want to leave your container upside down to set and you can put that in the fridge or freezer to speed that up once it is set cut the top layer of your cake in half and add it down the bottom to one side and then add the other half it’s just easier to get it in when it’s in the house rather than putting it in whole now you can leave that plain but i’m gonna mix up some expresso coffee milk with some masala and spoon some of that over for extra flavor next i’m adding some mascarpone cheese again you could just use frosting but this is what you use in tiramisu it’s thicker than whipped cream but not as thick as cream cheese just adds a nice creamy flavor to it and then add in the rest of your cake squash it in there and level off the base with more mascarpone put a cake board or plate on top and then you just flip that over and then just pull the container off the top neaten up the chocolate around the base i have a bit on each side where the container handles were that i need to take off and then take some more melted chocolate and pipe some around the top edge now if you just stay in one spot and pipe some extra you’ll get a nice drip going down let me show you that from the side so you can see what’s going on add some going across and then stop in one spot and pipe some extra chocolate and let it drip down move along pipe a bit more in one spot and you can decide how many drips you want going around the cake to decorate the top dip some strawberries in chocolate and then add them around the top edge that just adds a bit of color and makes the cake look special and your cake fail is looking ready to unveil now if you’re wondering how you would cut this sort of cake just use a really hot knife and you’ll make it through the chocolate outer layer it doesn’t look perfect on the inside of course but it does taste good happy 50th jennifer next is a problem that a lot of people have encountered a leaning cake the trend at the moment is to have cakes taller and taller so instead of being just two cakes stacked up they’re often three or four cakes high it just took me so long to get it to not look like the leaning tower of pizza because it’s so high so i’m sandwiching these ones together just using cream and as you can see it’s already starting to lean let’s quickly add those oreos on top and then chop some more oreos and press them into the cream around the bottom edge of the cake now i think that’s pretty accurate theirs might have a little bit more of a lean so let’s give it a hand here there you go nailed the fail and how to fix it use a spatula or a knife to lift off those top two cakes just place them to one side and then grab a cereal box and cut out four circles that are slightly smaller than the round shape of your cake and then staple that together to make a nice strong board and wrap it in foil you could use a round cake board here if you have one but i’m assuming that you might not then put three cake pop sticks of the same height into your cake you can use wooden skewers if you don’t have cake pop sticks and then add your homemade cake board on top and the cake on top of that so this just gives the cake support so the weight of the top two layers don’t squash the bottom cakes which then means that it tips and tilts just like when you’re building a big tall building you’re going to need more structural support than you would if you were building a single layered house use whipped cream to fill in any gaps and the cake is no longer leaning i’m often asked how do you cut a cake that has cardboard in it well it actually makes it easier you just cut down until you hit the board and take out your slice and when you’ve cut the slices from the whole top layer you take off the board you take out your cake pop sticks and you start cutting the next level of cake subscribe to how to cook that and hit that notification bell if you want to know when there’s new ones and you can of course binge watch all the old episodes that you missed here with thanks to my wonderful patrons for your ongoing support make it a great week and i’ll see you on friday [Music]
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