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Cake Rescue #2 From Failed To Nailed It | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

welcome to how to cook that i’m ann ridden and after many requests i’m doing another cake rescue video for you all taking cake fails from instagram and attempting to recreate them and then rescue them let’s start with this one rebecca’s mum made her this cake for her 40th birthday i actually love the colors in this cake so the question is where did it all go wrong for any cake with multiple layers like this you actually need support between those layers there are three layers of cake here and no support let me try and recreate what’s going on here with green cake then a vanilla cake then more green cake and then lots of pink frosting all over the top i think we’ve nailed that and now to rescue it i’ve covered a piece of mdf board in foil now you could use a tray or whatever you have handy for this then i’m just going to disassemble the cake and put it onto my board keeping the top section a bit higher and kind of round and then making a long triangle section in a single layer at the other end now believe me i know that this looks like a mess give it a chance it is a cake rescue don’t just write it off yet put some compound white chocolate into a bowl and add a couple of squares of dark chocolate to color that and melt it in the microwave you could use real chocolate here but i’ve used compound to make it simpler for you so you don’t have to temper it put some baking paper under one side of the cake and spread some of that melted chocolate in a thin layer over the top let it firm up a little bit and then wrap it around the triangle part of the cake put that whole thing in the fridge for about five minutes so you could leave it on the bench for about 10 and then peel off the baking paper now you want to repeat that on the other side shaping it just how you want it to sit and then peel that off once it’s set and you can see how the chocolate has taken on the shape of the paper here add a ribbon and a bow you could make these out of fondant if you want them to be edible but if not a normal ribbon is fine you can just take it off before you cut up the cake now you can get these cool things from cake decorating stores or florists they’re basically just a little container that holds water so you can push flowers into them and the flowers stay fresh but if you don’t have those you can just wrap the stems of flowers in foil which is what i’m doing here and then it will last a couple of hours in the fridge before the flowers will start to not look so fresh anymore how’s that for a quick bunch of flowers cake rescue we’ve gone from this to this and you just wouldn’t know that it was ever the other way next we have these cakes by matt now can i just point out that with this one he put the failed stamp on it this cake looks just fine to me they’re just a little on the skinny side when you’re making a cake they will rise but they need a decent amount in the tin typically it will double in volume so this amount will definitely not fill this tin so what do you do if you’ve ended up with two skinny cakes to make it look great what we’re going to do is level off the tops first if you need to then line the base and sides of a container with baking paper then add one of your cakes right down the bottom grab a tub of ice cream and choose one of the flavors out of it to put in for this layer then to give it a bit of crunch and extra flavor i’m going to chop up some jam cookies you can use whatever cookies or chocolate bars you like for this just go down the aisle and pick the flavors you think will be good sprinkle them over that layer and flatten it out so you don’t have any big gaps of air you want a nice even layer of ice cream then add your next flat cake and push that down choose your next flavor of ice cream and add that on top like we did the first time and then chop some cookies of your choice again these ones are white chocolate and coconut i thought that would go well with the vanilla sprinkle them over the top and then press it down like we did before smooth out the top as much as you can and then put the whole thing back in the freezer for at least one hour tip it on its side and start to pull on the baking paper turn it and pull the next bit keep turning and pulling until it comes out then you just need to pick that up and pop it onto a plate peel off the baking paper and pile up some fresh fruit on top and serve it up yum number three jacquiel has tagged her cake as a fail it looks to me like she has used sprinkles on top obviously and lots and lots of cream with a chocolate cake cream does taste good with cakes and it works well between the layers of really light cakes like a sponge especially when you add something a bit more supportive like strawberries in with it so it holds up the weight of the cake things like a mud cake though are a bit too heavy to use with just cream and nothing else to support it to make it look like the picture i’m going to have to add a lot of cream on top and i mean a lot and spread it out a little bit and let it just fall off the edges now to add some sprinkles on top what do you think that looks about right i think now how are we going to rescue this one let’s start by scraping all the cream off the top and the outside of the cake we are going to use this it’s not going to be wasted because there’s a lot of cream there pop some gelatin sheets into some water to soften and take some chocolate and pour over some hot milk over the top now i am putting recipe quantities for all of this on website for you if you need to rescue a cake all the details will be there for you leave that to sit for a couple of minutes and then give it a stir pour a small amount of that into a smaller bowl and squeeze out the water from the gelatin and add it in then pop that smaller bowl into the microwave for about 10 seconds to heat it up and make sure that gelatin is melted pour that in with the rest of the chocolate and let it cool down to room temperature you don’t want to add the cream when it’s still warm line a cake tin with acetate or any food safe plastic that you may have then grab the top layer of the cake and gently drop it down to the bottom add the cream and the sprinkles that we scraped off the cake into the chocolate mixture and fold them together to make a nice easy chocolate mousse pour some of the mousse on top of the cake and then add the next layer more mousse and then the final layer of cake and then the rest of the mousse on top of that then that needs to go into the fridge to set or into the freezer if you’re in a hurry once it is set peel off the acetate add a small amount of whipped cream on top not too much because you know what happens if you do that and because this is a birthday cake why not add some chocolate on top too as always you can eat a cake fail just as it is but if you’re in tears and you wanted it to look pretty then try one of these rescues or one of the other ones in the first cake rescue video that i did subscribe to how to cook that for more videos with thanks to my patrons for all of your wonderful support i couldn’t do it without you click here to watch more of my videos make it a great week and i’ll see you on friday [Music]
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