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Burning Through Obstacles (Samskaras) In Ashtanga Yoga With Kino MacGregor

the yoga practice is based on this idea that we have an accumulated stock of old habitual patterns the Sanskrit word for this is often samskaara and the analogy that were most often given for the samskaras is like that there almonds and these almonds are sort of implanted in the field of our consciousness and when they’re given the fertile ground you know of attachments and diversion and all the other obstacles that come up they start to put roots down and sprout up and eventually they begin to flourish and the fruit that’s born off of this samskara trees the fruit of suffering and the whole idea with the practice of yoga is to search out through the field of our consciousness all of the almonds the deeply buried ones and in that process begin to sort of excavate them and then we collect all the almonds and we you know the samskaara almonds and we put them in the frying pan of the fire of purification that’s the Agni this fire purification also known as top us when it’s internal fire that purifies the almonds and then they start to fry all right and we want to get them so cooked so they no longer have the potential to sprout and bear their fruit suffering long term the sad thing about this though is that the almonds that have already sort of you know borne their fruit or the samskaras that are really deeply rooted aren’t familiar to us they’re like old friends they lead to suffering but it’s somehow all we know about life you know if we have a habitual pattern that we know so well so it defines our whole existence we can think of it like we’re addicted to these things like for example people get addicted to emotions you know and get addicted to anger we get addicted to pleasure we get addicted to particular states some people are addicted to substances or activities in these sort of things some scara’s are like addictions and the yoga practice is a little bit you know like working a 12-step program a little bit like going through slowly finding the roots of the suffering and working through making amends with all of the ways that this particular samskaara has worked it’s negativity in our lives and in the lives of others as well one of the things that begins to be really clear when when you’re practicing yoga when when you see clearly want to be some star as one of these negative behavioral patterns that’s really worked its groove deeply and is born it’s fruit throughout the field of your consciousness you see how your particular behavioral pattern your negative samskaara has created suffering not just for you but in the lives of all of those around you how you have then begun to be the messenger of suffering your heart breaks at that moment you know and it’s motivation for you to go and make amends in the past and also to be a better person in the future to change the negative samskaara that would bear the fruits of suffering into the positive samskaras that lead you towards doing a spiritual practice towards healing the planet and making good interpersonal relations with the world the best yoga practitioner is one who will leave the world a better place and when they when I first entered the best yoga practitioner is the one who when they realize that they’ve created suffering in the lives of their family members and the lives of their friends and their closest relations will go back and make amends and create a new path forward into into healing and friendliness we’re giving these two words that are really useful for this my 3 which means friendliness and Cottonelle just compassion these are really good tools to have in our boxes yoga practitioner so we can you know leave the seeds of suffering seeds of negative some scars behind and plant the seeds of the positive samskaras might say a friendliness Karuna like compassion in our lives and we can then begin to be a true force of healing in the world you
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