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Breakfast Lasagna – Epic Meal Time

20 bacon strip breakfast sandwiches 20 sausage patty breakfast sandwiches 20 pink disk breakfast sandwiches it’s egg and there’s a pink disc with it oh the ham and would you like a coffee with that here a large coffee and I say breakfast is the most important meal of the day I don’t know if they are but I agree which is why we bought you want to pick this breakfast out just one sausage patty breakfast sandwiches 20 bacon strip breakfast sound just flow – Browns and we plan on taking us on into the next level because that’s how we do it on Epic Meal Time welcome to the game [ __ ] we run you know we put that honey glazed ham in the kitchen also sausage patties bucks a pig team cuisine having a swig in the kitchen so many beans covered in maple syrup a whole bunch of maple bacon first time we make our law says bottle christop some Orange Crush and since none of deep right outside of even my mom’s coolest skinny a second Oh [Music] what we call this crush style facing up chunks of malicious bacon sweet bacon chunks laying down bacon strip out the bacon strip working with like 15 pounds of bacon you need a lot of bacon if you plan on taking breakfast to the next level follow our lead [ __ ] this is your weekly baking room relax appreciate things look like sob party is coffee or whatever the few like crystal and Jack Daniels Chris tag knows or bubble jack house and our sauce hot sauce and ourselves hot sauce in our songs there’s gonna be extra cream and extra cheesy sipping in the kitchen we super the future 20 pink disc breakfast sandwiches 20 bacon strip breakfast sandwiches 20 sausage patty breakfast sandwiches and right here is an emulsion of yolk and butter or if you’re a fancy mother hollandaise sauce hollandaise news it’s Dutch fork you throw down a whole bacon egg sandwich later squish that with our squishing the fights that you wish you at a sushi place bacon breakfast beans with bacon bits this makes a nice soil for our ham breakfast sandwiches let’s plant these [ __ ] plenty of ham and now we have to smother this we have to smother it we have to in all this heavy hollandaise that Fauss but we still got all these sausage breakfast sandwiches pick this big disks hashbrowns on top cheese throw that bad dish in the oven waning at 65 pounds the breakfast lasagna yes while you were sleeping we made a meal appropriate for astronauts war heroes and Olympians join the rock Johnson if you want is always invited on Epic Meal Time wake up Internet it’s time to take the day by the pace and give it a bar mitzva it’s really happy I Square next time we do not not heat up its antique serving tea and tea so eat it up and get it down here it’s him to serve it up it seems iike wiid it up and get it down [Music]
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