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got a good memory what if there was a way to use a little magic to push the limits on what your brain can remember what if I’d have a better memory oh hi I’m Erik I’m Julia nice to meet you Julia pleasure Julia would you say you have a good memory hi it’s there it’s a it’s fair um I’m about to show you I’m I have actually have a superhuman memory II don’t mean to brag so I’m actually going to memorize this entire deck of cards shuffled by you go ahead in less than three seconds okay so go ahead and give the cards a nice shuffle don’t worry everybody’s watching you shuffle we’re not judging it very nice event okay you showed me Julia so that’s a shuffle deck you want to cut it or shuffle it again it’s totally up to you yeah okay complete the cut that’s perfect great I’m about to memorize this entire deck in less than three seconds are you ready here we go none I’m done sorry it’s early I didn’t eat your Baba we’re gonna do a Julia we’re gonna spread the cards out on the table go ahead let’s give them a good spread everywhere yeah make sure they get everywhere perfect great and here’s what we’re gonna do um you’re gonna point to some cards and I’m gonna tell you exactly what they are go ahead point to any cards that’s the queen of clubs point to another card anyone is fine that’s the five of diamonds and now it’s my turn that is this is this is the three of spades I didn’t tell you supposed to memorize these oh did you memorize queen of clubs three of speed three of spades and five of diamonds five of diamonds I memorized the entire deck of cards in less than three seconds do you want to I did it I do yes I really want to know we do all you got to do is study memory books for 14 to 20 years and I hear his up trick works up all you need is if I scared you there for a second right so all you need to do for this is you need a deck of cards any deck of cards will do you ask your spectator to shuffle the deck as they shuffle the deck just like so the only car you care about is this top card right here on the top of the deck I’m gonna look at it by going like this you see that and then letting all the other cards go on top of it and pretending like I’m memorizing like like this you see this is it no no raising face okay so yeah good yeah okay so all I care about is this nine of spades on top I don’t tell them this obviously then I’m gonna start spreading the cards myself as I ask for help so I say look go ahead Julia help me spread the card now I’m keeping my thumb on this eight of space – ha ha ha ha all right so we’re spreading the cards like go ahead help me spread now all I’m doing is I’m not visually keeping track of this card on the night of space now here’s the cool part you’re probably wondering high note get to other ones here’s a little ruse it’s called the one ahead principle look I want you to point to any card I’ll tell you what it is go ahead now oh that’s the 9 of spades as I pick it up I’m gonna look at it ah I see it’s the three of hearts I don’t show them this where I say oh that’s the nine of Spades go ahead and point to any other one that one’s B three of Hearts and as I take it I’m looking at it I see it’s the six of clubs now I say it’s my turn cuz I got to get this one in here so I saw just all the six of clubs and I say and this one that’s the six of clubs and I take it as I take them I just give them a little shuffle a little shuffle like this and then I ask the person to reiterate what cards we pick so they’re going to say nine of Spades three over and the six of clubs and you just gave your spectator the impression that you just memorize an entire deck of cards in less than three seconds impressive are you gonna try it at home for real you try it on to your friends and husband yeah yeah boyfriend okay can we get somebody do we have anybody else cool trick right now what’s up to you to go out and show your friends your new superhuman memory good luck
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