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– Oh, that’s a thumb. (laughing) Didn’t know, that’s not what
you’re talking about, right? Okay. (air whooshes) Welcome, Brad Mondo, to the channel. We’re going to be reviewing my hairstyles and not like the normal
adult doctor thing, that I have going on now. What I used to do before
I was a profession. – Mm-hmm. – But then he’s gonna
give me some guidance on what I should be doing
now or what I’m doing wrong. We’re actually gonna go into my bathroom and explore my products that I’m using. And we may or may not
discuss potential color stuff (Brad inhales deeply) but
I’m leaving that for later, I don’t wanna discuss that yet. – Don’t get me excited. I
wanna color your hair so bad. (air whooshing) – Let’s see this. – [Mike] (laughs) It’s gonna be so nice, ’cause I’m like a little- – Wait this, this even to look like you? – But I didn’t take
random children’s pictures and start passing them on. Imagine am posting random babies photos. – Well, your sister’s
looking like a supermodel at the age of like (camera
shuttering) what, seven. – But you think that
that puffiness is cool? – I love her hair, – Really? – Yes.
– I judge her for that. – Your hair.
– I didn’t have a choice. – Well, it wasn’t working for your face- – I know, I’ve always had this
like weird in between thing where if it got like moisture in the air, I turned into like a sheep. – Yeah.
– They called me sheep boy (sheep bleats) actually sometimes. – You look very frightened also. – I was always frightened. I
had a fear of public every day. – You can tell it here. – Yeah, look at that,
(laughs) look at that frown. – (air whooshes) First day
of school, I’m in America, first grade, I’m gonna
rock out like a boy scout. What do you think about that? – Oh my God, (mike laughs) this is the cutest thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. – I had a comb-over at age five. – It’s so charming though. Okay, listen, it was parted too far
into the sky.(Mike laughs) This though- – The key chain?
– The key who is that go to? – That’s in case, actually,
why do I have a key? (Brad laughs) When I could
have walked home from school, when I was in first grade,
that was straight for shows. – That was straight vibing
right there with that key chain, how do you wear it?
– I was stealing all the babes – You smarter.
– In first grade, I was like, you wanna come
to my spot? (air whooshes) I know your instinct is gonna go to 12 on the judgment meter.
– mm If you can keep it at nine,
my soul will appreciate it. Enjoy that one. – (signs) Holy shh. I have a lot of questions to talk about, what the happened? – I wonder if you’ll pick
up on my various specific – I wasn’t expecting you to
have like a fun like this, for some reason. – This is fun. – Yeah, like, I mean, no,
it’s absolutely outrageous but it’s like wild? What did you use to do this look? – Cement. – Okay.
– It’s a very specific one that was kind of moist, but
if you did your hair down and you use gravity and you like kept doing
it for like an hour, it would ultimately
freeze in that position. – Uh- huh, did you did it every morning? – Every morning, one hour. – Wow.
– And I would just sit there like this and in class, I
would sit there like this. – There’s something-
– Just sculpting it. – That’s wild. – My head actually got
good at this one actually. – Wow, Was this like
multiple years of your life? – Yeah, it was a phase. – I’m really shaken by this, like shooken and shaken and rattle, the Armani (laughs) exclude shirt But I also did this before at school. – Tshirt at school- – And the one part, I
don’t know if you see here I shaved my widows- – I was just gonna ask
you, I was just gonna- – [Mike] Look at that you
can see it is glowing. – I was like, why does it look like you shaved your forehead? And then I was like, he didn’t do that, – I shaved my forehead.
– There’s no way he did that I always thought that I
had wild hair growing up, but this tops, anything I’ve ever- – If this person came
across your path today, would you look at them and say, that’s gonna be a person who’s gonna bring reliable medical
information to this world? – No.(air whooshes) – Okay, the next one,
if you make fun of it, you’re gonna feel bad. – Mm-hmm.
– So – Why?
– I warn you ahead of time. – What the fuck,(Mike laughing)
you look like a thumb, like-
– (Mike laughs) Did you say a thumb
– It’s a little thumby, like one of those, like
one from the front of that movie, “Spy Kids” – I didn’t watch that movie. – Oh, that’s a thumb,(Brad
laughs) didn’t know, that’s not what you’re
talking about, right, okay. (laughing) – [Cameraman] Thumb’s Great. (laughs) – (Brad laughs) I try to do
something good for humanity- – It was your thumbs
– And that’s what I get. I posted that on Instagram
thinking like, Oh, I can pull off like the
“America’s Next Top Model” thing, and here you’re telling
me I look like a thump. – No, am actually just pick
on you, you look kind of good, I’m not gonna lie. – The reason I was like this was because- – Ooh.
– I participated in Saint Baldrick’s
where a child with cancer who lost their hair naturally
because of the cancer, shaves your head so you
stand in solidarity with him. I said, if I raised X number of dollars, I would shave my head
and people raised money. – So, you set me up. I’m so sorry everybody,
don’t come from me. (air whooshing) (upbeat music) – This is not bad. – Who is that?
– It’s a vibe. – Who is that? – It’s like a young Mike,
Circa 2013, pre-med school. – (pops) But good though, (pops) you look good in this.
– Its not bad, right. – Oh my God.
– Like I kind of want that jawline back, that’s hairstyle. – Oh, wow, and very large
dude, you really like- – I was two 220 pounds,
I was 20 pounds heavier with less body fat, so
I would like that back. This is the most important question I’m gonna ask you on this video. – (zips) what, what? – Do you think I have a little head? (Brad laughing) No, no,
this is a very important- – [Cameraman] Damian never likes that. – The audience needs
to know this question. – Do people say that
you have a little head. – Yes. – Like in comments? – In more places than that. – If you in this picture had
the same head as you do now. – But I, I, I Photoshop’s. – Yeah, I would think
that you would have a, your head would look small.(honks) – Yes, so?
– So maybe you do have a small head? – I knew it – I would rather have a small head. – No you don’t. – I like Would love to see you try this, but what you have now, does add width to your head and I think it does look good
because of your small head. – By the way, college people, like Mike, you own this small
head, yeah,(Brad laughs) professional, little head. – Call him little head from now on. – Oh no,(Brad laughs)
Doctor Little Head… That’s not appealing. The reason I put this next picture is because I have very wavy hair- – mm-hmm
– And it’s frizzy. And then I was dating someone and she took me to her hairstyles and they were like, oh, we
can process it with this. The one that trains it
or relaxes it, like- – That’s a relaxer? – A relaxer yes.
– Yeah. – So they were like, you need
to relax, and I was like, I’m kind of stressed, and maybe a relaxer would work.
– They did relax – And I didn’t realize what it meant but it made my hair very long. – Oh my god – [Mike] It was very relaxed. – First of all, (Mike
laughs) don’t get a relaxer. It’s so strong, it breaks
the bonds in your hair and reforms them into straight. You also have like great, like texture, and they just like
screwed you over so bad. (air whooshing) – [Mike] Probably the
finest my hair’s ever been but we’ll never be again, ’cause
now I’m getting older and- – Oh, oh your hair does
look really good there. – Right, I like this one and
I wish I can go back to this. But like, I just, I’ve lost the fullness, I’ve grazed now like- – Did you do this hair? – Yeah. – Two little hair stylists, okay. – You think so?
– I love that like the little bit of body you gave it- – That’s the body, that’s
what I wish I can get – There’s a little bit of texture and like the business going on. – You know what’s funny
in one of my videos, I said, if you get it to 200, I’m not gonna say the video, ’cause savagers are gonna
go to it and click it. But in one of my videos, if
you get it to 200,000 likes, I’ll dye my hair blonde. Good luck going through 300
videos and finding that one. – What are you gonna do If it hits it? – I don’t know, are you up? – You’re gonna go blonde,
blonde reflects light better. So it might bring more
attention to your head, which might make it look bigger. – You’re convincing me, 300,000 likes, and I will dye my hair
a color Brad’s choosing, – [Mike] (Brad inhales) Oh my
God, It’s so frizzy and weird. I just like change a lot, so maybe that’s why I like the hair. – Do I have to dye my facial hair? – No, it’s like cool,
it’s like dark and light. – Can I see other colors? – [Brad] We can go pink. – [Damian] Pink looks good,
pink matches my fleshy tone. I don’t, (laughs) it’s weird,
I don’t mind the purple. – [Brad] The purple-
– [Brad] The blonde so far has been my, I like blue. – [Brad] The blue looks really cool. – Can you make the shirt normal, I feel like that’s confusing for me. – The blue really good. – The blue’s not bad. – Yeah, and the thing with blue, you could not bleach your hair and do it. – Ooh, it’s semi-permanent
when that washes out. (signs)Imagine I keep it for life, that’s the impact Brad had on my life. – You ended up not being as nervous like the blue haired-guy. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Tell me first that you
approve of this setup here. – [Brad] You need the like
professional nozzle on this. – [Mike Oh, is this not the professional? – [Brad] No, this one’s
way too wide for you. – [Mike] What does that mean? – [Brad] It’s just more
concentrated when it’s- – [Mike] Is this the right size brush? – This looks perfect for
you, you know how these work? – No – Ceramic.- So it would just heat up. – What does that really mean. So it kind of works with the curling iron- – Oh
– Because it does get really hot, it’ll actually curl your hair and hold that curl in place. – Oh,
– that’s why you got that nice body in there. – Oh, so I should aim this at this. – So you can actually heat
this up before you use it. – Oh (claps) that’s what I’m gonna do. – Once you technique like this. – Yeah (hairdryer whooshing) (clapping)
– [Brad] What do you think? – And then to set it, I
press the cool button. (clapping) – Not bad, right. – I really impressed. – That’s not bad, right? Moving further, after the shower- – Bougie bougie. – I go either the thickening spray or the super shine moisturizing cream. – I used to work with Warby and I love that they can even spray. I love super shiny is one the best, you can try the light one, do you like. – Mm-hmm, well-
– It’s super shiny like? – I don’t know, is it better? – No, I don’t know if you ever feel like your hair is breaking up? – Way down, oh, it does.
– Yeah. You use the light one. – Have you ever had a dent? – No.
– Like fringe kind of thing. – Actually yeah. – Like imagine your
curly pieces going down, what, looks so good. – I feel like I look five years older. But I liked when I’m messy,
but then I like the twist. I was like filming and then
Dan comes in and he’s like, “Mike, your hair is really
messy, you want to go shower?” And I’m like, I did shower. – So it’s you. (water sizzling) (dog licking) (hairdryer whooshing) – Do you think I will mess
you, probably I brush you down. – No, I don’t know how to do that. – See i just coil it like a twist – Because that’s my natural hair. That’s what it looks like. – I love your natural
hair thou. (upbeat music) – Its very young, it’s like a Spiderman, who was used to curl like
a Superman, you know. – Oh, Clark Kent. – Yes, It’s very Clark Kent vibes, I don’t know why, is that not true? – I really do like it. I want the audience to touch. Do you prefer this honestly
or what I had before? All right, well thank you. – [Brad] You’re welcome. – I appreciate you validating
my hair experience. – [Brad] Yes. – We hope you enjoy coming with us. I highly highly recommend
that you go to Brad’s channel to see the amazing work we did there, talking everything you need
to know about scalp health. – Yes, it was very interesting. I found it very interesting
and I would do a lot. – Please, he has his
honorary treatment plan. – (Brad giggles) He validated
my hair experience here, I validated his medical treatment. He’s about to be Doctor Brad. – New channel, Doctor Brad,
I don’t know. (laughs) – All right, as always stay
happy and healthy guys.
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