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we would like to give a special thanks to boxy girls for providing us with these toys today on unbox daily we are taking a look at boxy girls unbox online shopping fun I gotta say I am a total fan of getting dolls in the mail and I pretty much screamed when this box showed up at my house these dolls were released back in May and I have been searching all of my local Walmart’s but I can’t find them anywhere in my area so this is really exciting for me because I finally have one what’s inside unbox makeup shoes bags clothes and more this is too much fun when I first open the box it says hello gorgeous good things come in brown boxes we hope you’ll enjoy your box see girls experience have a blast unboxing tons of fashion surprises xox Oh foxy girls loving this already we have some tissue paper wrapped boxes here I guess we’ll just go ahead and empty everything out of the box look at how pretty the box is on the inside and I’m still looking at the shipping box here they’ve pulled out all the stops we have tissue paper I think this is the doll this is Riley this doll has a suggested retail price of 14.99 for ages 6 and up on box 12 fashion surprises includes 4 packages on box makeup shoes bags and more on the side of the box it says handle with care keep try this way up and on the back we get to learn a little about Riley Riley hearts everything music and NYC you’ll always find her shopping Fifth Avenue’s busy streets rocking to her favorite tunes and it definitely looks like she’s been doing a lot of online shopping on the other side of the box there is a shipping label from the boxy girl store in New York to Riley in Nashville Tennessee these little details are really cute let’s get her out of the box for a closer look [Music] out of the box the doll stands a little over eight inches tall she has black and dark blue hair where’s cat ear headphones a white and purple top that velcro’s in the back with a red and purple asymmetrical overall skirt and she finishes her look with a pair of purple boots they have large boxy eyes the head can move from side to side there’s rotation at the shoulder and wrist there is rotation at the hip and the leg can bend at the knee and if I remove the shoe you can see that they are standing on the ball of their feet but it’s still pretty easy to balance them on a flat surface Wow I see you got some stuff in the mail anything for me I love how each little box looks just like a shipping box right down to the shipping label inside of our very first box we have what is what is this stickers oh there’s something wrapped in paper let’s try that this is oh it’s a pair of earrings and a necklace so it’s jewelry and there is a note from boxy girls the dolls come with pierced ears so it’s easy to put on the earrings the necklace is really flexible to fit the doll in box number two here’s our note oh we have what kinds a little confetti and this one and shoes it’s a pair of purple heels and a sticker box number three I love how the inside of the box is different here is a sticker that says shop t drop we have the box e note some confetti and what’s that oh it’s a purse in box number four we have another sticker this one says more shoes please here is the note and this thing we have tissue paper inside the tissue paper is that a hair extension it’s on a barrette so you can clip it into the doll’s hair for 9.99 there is a fashion pack it says unbox 20 fashion surprises include six packages where you can get makeup shoes bags and more we have five small boxes in one large box let’s start with the smaller ones I gotta say opening the boxes is a lot of fun I am a big fan of blind boxes here we have a sticker the note some confetti and a pair of boots wait a minute we have these boots these are the same boots that came standard with the Riley doll in our second box from this fashion pack we have another sticker and a note the tissue paper has clothes wow we have some fashion I think this is an oversized peasant top shirt actually I think it’s a dress these dolls have a pretty short torso I hope this time we get another purse alright so far we have stickers ohh 2 packs I mean 2 stickers and confetti and shoes oh these are little ankle boots on the back of the box they have all of these cute little handbags so I’m still hoping for one of those is this the purse inside we have it’s a book bag and two stickers the book bag is cute but you know I guess it technically can be used as a purse I use a book bag as a purse but I really want one of those little cute purses sorry lost my cool for a moment there but blind boxes make me crazy here we have a sticker a notes tissue paper could this be a purse no it’s not it’s more hair and lipstick we have a bracelet giant lipstick and a hair extension we are down to our very last box and this is the big box here’s some tissue paper and a sticker so we have a sticker and a note inside the tissue paper we have headphones I think that the boxes are really cute I love all the tissue paper and opening them is a lot of fun so did you find anything for me sorry Sophie I don’t think a lot of these will fit except maybe the purses I’ll take it wait I didn’t say you can have it thank you for joining us while we took a look at boxy girls look for them at Walmart and boxy girls calm like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff and the Frog blog and we will see you next time for another unbox daily and that’s our collection for now [Music] [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhRVxNmlvL4

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