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Bowling With Rockets… Can We Get A Strike?

we invented someone’s gonna call us out on that be like no beer footage from 1983 that’s fine that’s fine I’ve never seen it but I I’m still excited like new sport guys in today’s video we are taking an idea from a previous video and changing it up can we go bowling with our liquid nitrogen rockets [Music] [Applause] in the past we’ve used liquid nitrogen and water bottles to make sort of rockets a few different times it’s pretty easy with a standard water bottle you add a little bit of liquid nitrogen to replace some of the water flip it upside down and the liquid nitrogen goes above the water expands rapidly the water flies out the bottom and it jets up into the air it’s a lot of fun you should take some safety precautions if you’re doing it we’ve actually scaled it up we did a video with Nikki us where we used like the five gallon jugs of it made some rockets that was pretty fun kind of scary because you have to sort of hug the giant water jug as it flies out of you you kind of get a shower which is why we’re wearing coats that and it’s cold so we want to try and go bowling we got this little kids plastic bowling set china brand apparently it’s just china printed right on the bowling ball there there’s finger divots it’s slightly deeper than those in a golf ball so it’s not made for grown-ups that’s alright we’re not gonna be using the bowling balls most of the time anyway we’re gonna be using water bottles and we are going to see if we can figure out how to get them to travel not up but sideways and then if we can aim them at our bowling pins here we’ve done this yes in the past they go up that’s easy but can we actually aim them we are pretty sure we’re gonna get sprayed with a lot of water because you are away from you the water is getting shot out the other direction when it’s up then you still get some but mostly it just goes like on the ground in front of you maybe it’s your arm this time if we’re trying to get to go away from us then all of that water is coming back at us so this might be a little more exciting than we originally thought yep that’s fine now you’ve also got these paper into place for a very good reason the pins that we’re using are very lightweight plastic and little and it’s a little bit breezy out here so when I tried setting them up without any tape they kept falling over so they just have one strip of tape on them and the idea is that a glancing hit will knock them over sideways and a direct hit might even just pop them off the tape or something like that so we admit this is not a perfect bowling alley but we’re not using perfect bowling any equipment so you don’t normally well I mean you could but I think it’s frowned upon to bring liquid nitrogen rockets into a bowling alley I’ve never asked but I bet you’re right yeah so let’s go experiment see if we can figure out how to get water balls to shoot sideways and then because even when they shoot straight up they don’t actually shoot straight up they go upwardly we will see how close we need to get to actually be able to hit any of our bowling pins I’ve poured out some of the water it’s down to about the bottom of the label here and I’m just going to add not a lot maybe a tablespoon or so of liquid nitrogen all right a little bit more and there goes the reason this works is when there’s water and then liquid nitrogen when you turn it upside down the nitrogen actually floats on the water so it goes up to the top above the water some of there’s a little bit of air some nitrogen and the water and it is starting to move but that nitrogen starts expanding very quickly it’s passing through the water which is heating it up it starts expanding and as it expands it pushes the water down and that pushes the water bottle up when we turn it sideways if we have vertical we turn sideways then the water I mean the legend might be on top of the water but it doesn’t have to push all of the water out of the way for those expanding nitrogen gases to get out so it can just sort of like blub a little bit and well let’s just try it let’s see what happens if we just turn one sideways rather than upside down okay I’m going to turn this bottle sideways that’s what happens if it’s sideways water gets sprayed out but not all of it and the path of exit is just it’s too easy and so some water sprays the bottle goes nowhere at all so the goal of course is to make it so that the water bottle will travel sideways and in theory if the bottle starts moving sideways you can see all the water there and we’re just going to move the sideways and all of the water ends up at the neck end of the bottle from momentum OOP so in theory it seems to me if the bottle is already moving sideways in direction then we should have more of the water at the back the expanding pressure from the liquid nitrogen should push it the same way having to get through all of the water and that should start moving it sideways which should just increase the effect the tricky part is how do you get it there’s throw like a dart oh boy that’s not how you throw darts but you’re not very good at darts are you just because I’m bad at sporting doesn’t mean the concept isn’t valid all right so I’m gonna try and throw it like a dart and like that’s not the end oh it’s raining went sideways I think I’d done some water on me so that sprayed my glasses a little bit where what path did that go to this travel sideways boom and hit me in the side of the face the bottle curved around it went towards the barn but it did travel mostly sideways mostly sideways mostly sighs hi if you get down on your knees I think you’re gonna be at the level of the bowling pins too much shot off like a rocket sideways pretty good yeah my aim is not great okay okay you’re gonna keep doing this very happy I’m wearing a parka in May thank you hey tore herself off the label hey yeah I got me two that was closer I have an idea I have a thought something yeah that was good that got close good I’m so glad I’m so glad I’m wearing my coat yeah I get it now that was nearly our camera guy just Segway sideways immediately all right I’m trying to get before you kill mark Mark’s great whoa that one didn’t tip it just slosh it one shot straight at the ground you broke the bottom look at it uh-huh that’s neat all right oh we did move a little bit closer because a lot closer we have terrible aim it turns out with liquid nitrogen Rockets it does anybody have good aim with these I don’t know let’s try all right I’m just gonna hit it this time was I even close I think it bounced like under-the-table dang it all right your turn go go go okay go again Oh right underneath it dang it okay we only have a few more shots left we gotta hit it ready and whew that was a really good launch though I mean a missed but it was a really good launch thank you still get some points GoPro go go except for one I need to pick up a spare we made a mess we will pick it up really [Applause] [Music] we have used up most of our water bottles and of course we can get more water and refill them for need but this is the last bottle we have and I knocked over a few with the first shot so I gotta try and get the spare I am a little closer than you would be for a regulation bowling but that’s fine but they are a little smaller than regulation pins yeah yeah also hollow and plastic all right ha ha I mean I just miss shredder spare you got a spare you got it brave I’ve go sports oh there it goes yeah blasted right through that goes quick yeah it does Oh and then you can see the shower of water coming down afterward nice guys that was a ton of fun but you know we’ve always got more free to see if you like this kind of content remember to hit that button at the bottom to subscribe so you never miss out on the fun we’ll see in the next one talk to you then a little chilly on the hair [Applause]
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