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Booty Workout: 8 Minutes To A Firm Butt

Hey Exeter’s you and I have a workout with our glutes I know you have no idea what I just pointed that but I was pointing at my you know back there so we are gonna get a butt workout on you and me let’s get started so you and I are going to get started on our mats and we’re going to do some donkey kicks first I know you’re so excited all right here we go bring all the way up press through the heel one g of these and then we’re going to do and I hydrant all right let’s do it all the way here we go and I hope you’re counting because I’m coaching which means I’m not counting worst-case scenario for a one-on-one session how did you keep going press through the heel all right one more and fire hydrant it out there you go all the way up the side keep going nice paper in the front don’t want to have your back crazy art and good other side all the way up move it through these pretty quickly you got this pass through that heel if your core is activated your stabilizer and you’re bringing that knee in just a little bit of oblique now the battery pack falling out over here which you probably can’t see all right 10 over here you know what to do a little bit of burn if you’re going on you got this all right and okay so stay where you’re at elongate the leg and play the toe and we are going to do circles so economically your body’s gonna have to move a little bit those knees are probably gonna be a little soft not bent not locked out okay other way activate that glute pull it up through the top I know these are totally funny if it works last one I’m doing it in other leg activate the top of the blue other direction make sure that you’re feeling that in the top of the glue if not use your mind muscle connection and all right so you guessed it we’re not taking a nap we are doing glute raises though so one leg up and jump in 20 on each side feel that through the hamstring this muscles are shortening contracting bringing that booty off the floor moving should be feeling it by now keep going you more boom okay and go ahead and switch other side using those hamstrings and those glutes all the way up don’t let that button hit the floor that would be like a little rest here and we don’t want that the muscles engaged for the whole workout exercise I should say we are taking more breaks here and there aren’t we can’t go and call it good we’re moving around this way and don’t lend my battery pack moving around as well okay here we go 20 of these boom bring it up hit the top of that glute and for those who are like what what do you mean by glute you keep single ooh talk about your butt get moving straight leg pull it all the way out there the light symmetric movements they work all right and switch it over other side put the toe pull it all the way up good job to date that foot muscle hey you click here keep going all the way up exhale when you exert the most energy anymore all right and we are going to finish so get on up and grab a medicine ball if you don’t have a medicine ball just grab nothing or look at gallon of water is something that weighs a little bit okay I almost forgot what you’re doing we are doing lunges data quantities in place plenty and here we go you got it drop that back knee down that’s all you’re doing with that front knee go over that ankle it’s really not your toes you got this keep moving and switch it over other side all right back knee goes down here we go exhale as you come up notice I’m not locking out either of my knees as I come up just off me Oh feel the burn here don’t quit last one whoo all right okay now we are doing those squats so can they go little wide stance here we go toes out slow and controlled pull this back Oh moving over here heart rate should be going up you guys should be feeling warm core temperature should rise oh good work keep moving you more almost there well that one’s done alright just collect that over cuz we’re doing pulses partial here we go Oh plenty of these little baby splat that core activated note much over movin over something hurts take a break anymore and there you go we are done with this all right wall sits are about to ensue I hope you’re super excited cuz I am here we go find a wall and go sit there you are in wall sit timeout do Chicka Boom Bang shake group thing yeah yeah you guys sing it’s so much better have a rockstar party while you’re working out and you’re gonna be like dang my workouts over yeah I’m kind of weird at Circle keep going just keep going it’s totally funny you see that don’t know if the cameras catching that but little weird weird hey tighten up that core in the front shove it back into the wall your sign to be flush against the wall okay so now part lower lumbar got the shoulders back ones not up here do this and if you are that’s on you yep few more seconds quads are burning hamstrings are stabilizing and glutes are activated and guess what you’re done and I’m just gonna hang out here and I bet you cook too thank you so much for working out with me today here on exit getting our glute workout on make sure you subscribe to our channel get involved with our email newsletter leave a comment and of course find me on Twitter and Facebook at Kelsey lucam
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