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– Hey guys, Cassey here, now
today, I am introducing you to a new way of working out. Over the past year,
maybe even over a year, I’ve been developing a very
special program for you. And today I’m gonna give
you a taste of that. It’s called PIIT, P-I-I-T, for Pilates Intense Interval Training. Now I have experimented my
body in all types of workouts and the two that seemed
to always stick with me, always end back up at pop pilates and as much as I love to
hate it and hate to love it, HIIT, High Intensity Interval
Training, it just works. And so when I decided to test it out and marry the two together,
I got amazing results and I feel super strong. You know what, you don’t need equipment for either of those workouts, so you don’t need any equipment for PIIT So today is your very first Pilates Intense Interval Training. These are pilates inspired
moves along with your favorite HIIT movements, and you will be sweating. Now if you’re following the calendar, you’re just gonna do this workout once but if you’re not following the calendar, and this is the only work
that you’re doing today, then do it four times through. Your workout will be under
30 minutes and you my friend will be sweating. Now today I have my blogilates app open. I have typed in all our movements, and we’re going 45 seconds
on, 15 seconds off, and I just need your commitment. Alright, let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, I’ve set my timer we are
ready to go and counting down and starting in 10. I’m gonna put this right
here so you know what moves are next, then ah! good
luck to both of us, for your booty pop tips. Narrow squat circles. I’m gonna squat down
super low, hands behind. And I want you to draw
a big circle like this. Draw it out, bring it in,
draw it out, bring it in. As you can see, we’re working our booty. We’re working our legs like crazy, and I really mean to drop big
circle, extend that leg out. It keeps that chest up, shoulders
back, away from the ears. Okay, this balancing act is
starting to burn, my quads. Okay, you got 15 seconds. You can do this. You can do this. Remember in the next round, then you just turn on
the other side, okay. Breath, just a few more
seconds, extend that leg. (timer counting) Okay, well, that is a burner. Okay, our next one is hop hop squat. So your legs are hip width
apart, every single gonna hop, hop, and then squat down. That’s it, okay. (timer counting) Let’s go. Hop, hop, squat. Hop, hop, squat. That’s it, and I want
you to get super low. Bring your booty down,
almost past your knees. Good stuff, hop, hop, squat. Hop, hop, squat. Its Good. We’re almost out there. Hop, hop, squat. Get down super low. Yes, good work. Keep going, you got 15 seconds left. Always seem to look at the
clock at the same time. My legs are burning, come on, keep going. Five seconds. (timer counting) – Boom, okay, your next
one is backward lunges. It’s super easy. You’re just going to lunge back and forth. Here, back and forth. Okay, take your breather, inhale
through your nose, exhale. Here we go, back, boom. Lunge, really feeling that booty working. Oh, yes, down and up. keep your gaze forward, your hands together as you come down, you don’t have to but helps me. Good stuff, breath now. Get low, get super low. Make sure you’re making a 90
degree angle with front knee every time you go down. Do you see seconds, like
a did in the morning like my mind knows when
30 seconds has passed by super weird. Down and up, lower and lift. Can you breathe in? (timer counting) One more Okay, very good. Our next move is plie jumps, okay. Heart rate is going up,
is what PIIT is all about. Check it out. Big, big, wide plie, hands together. (timer counting) Here we go. Lift, lift and we land
softly back in that plie. Now when you lift up,
arms go straight out. Okay, we point out our toes as we lift. Yes, feel the fire is burning? Do you? If not, get down lower. Okay, come up. Up, up, 15 more seconds. Come on, you got this. Don’t get tired, not
now it’s just round one if you’re doing this workout today. Oh, and lift oh yes. Come on thighs, give me what you got. Okay, excellent work. Our next movement, squatted leg lift. This one’s hard, okay. Come down to two squat. We need to lift that leg up. Arms outs. (timer counting) And lift, and lift. Now that’s all you’re doing. When you look forward, at one place so that you don’t fall all over the place. Straighten your leg, make
sure this knee is bent. So you really working your
booty right here, okay, very good, arms out,
look forward, nice work. Try to strain that leg now if you need to hold
on to the wall or a chair, go ahead and do that. Otherwise, work on your balance. It all emanates from the
core, case strong core means strong body. Look how tough this workout
is, without any weights, just your body weight. (timer counting) That leg. Okay, we going back into our cardio move. This is called the dancing doll because it kind of looks like
a dancing doll when you do it. Okay, what you do is go like this. I’ll give you a quick
break, and here we go. So you’re just going to
simply bring the toes forward, arms coming overhead, just like so. So, its almost like a
really pretty jumping jack. Good, love it. And, I don’t know if you guys
ever put your hair in a braid, but my braid is slapping
me in the back right now. You see that? Just slapping me. Okay we really got 45 seconds. So I can get this soon, its
slapping on my back, it’s fine. Come on 15 seconds, I did it again. My internal clock is quite good. Come on, I’m sorry, legs point here. (timer counting) Okay, finally we end
with our leg swing combo. Okay, arms are gonna be out. Check it out. Flex the foot,
swing it out, swinging back. Here we go. Out and back and thighs and butt. Who’s heart is racing right now? Mine. Okay, now listen up. Even if you’re not gonna
do this workout four times, please at least do two times
so you can get the other side, please, I don’t want you to have one like, super big (indistinct) and one that’s like kind of halfway, so please do this workout at
least twice, lift up that leg. Press the back of that like straight. Those hips forward, keep
those hips more as you press that like that. Good stuff. You’re almost done. You’re almost done, five seconds. (timer counting) Shake those legs out O-M-G
I’m almost out of breath and that was only round one. If you’re doing this
as your entire workout, please do it four times. And if you’re not, then
at least do it twice that you can get the other side because that will be really unfortunate
if one butt was bigger than the other. All right, also, guys,
I need you to practice your Pilates Intense Interval Training because come next month. Oh, you wait. You’re gonna want to have
built up your strength this whole month. Okay, it’s fast, it’s effective. And no one has time to
work out anymore, right? So I’ve developed something
really cool for you so practice your pets and also,
I wasn’t sure if you notice, wait, do you like me? The new outfit, it’s for my new collection from Pop Flex Active,
go to to check out the whole line. It’s all designed by me and also, I think you’re gonna really
like the price quite. So this one is for you. I love you guys so much and
I’ll see you next time, bye. (upbeat)
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