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Booty Blaster Challenge – Killer 5 Minute Thigh Toning, Butt Lifting Workout

this is fitness blenders 5-minute booty blasts challenge in this workout routine exercises for one minute each with no rest in between the only rest you get is moving from one exercise to the next now this routine doesn’t use any equipment so you’re not going to need anything other than optional exercise mat and we have it included to warm up or cool down so you’ll want to add one in let’s go ahead and start with our first exercise the leg lifts we’re going to doing one minute on that right leg first now you can do this either from your elbows like we’re doing here or from your hands just whichever is more comfortable your elbows give you just a little bit more range of motion but both of them focus on that but just as well now make sure that you’re tucking that knee underneath you every single time just a little bit of a crunch with those abdominal muscles using that hip flexor just a tiny bit give that but a tiny bit of a rest and then press that leg right back up again going to a full extension as you get up to the top of that range of motion just keep going back and forth it’s just the same leg you’re feeling that left hip cramp up on you a little bit then you need to lean a little bit more of your weight into your right elbow that should take care of it just keep that motion going nice and smooth under control tight squeeze the top every single time now as you’re doing this motion make sure you’re concentrating on your core muscles as well pulling that belly button in nice and tight contraction those abdominal muscles as well as those obliques and then lower back you want to make sure everything is nice and tight now we’re almost done we’ve got just about five seconds left until we switch to a right side pulse so use that same exact leg you just going to keep it up really nice and high and go and switch that short pulse you’ll at the very top that range of motion just a few inches at the top that range of motion get a tight squeeze every single time you want to really burn that butt muscle out now I know that butts probably got a good burn going on it about now but keep pushing through it make sure every single pulse is really nice and solid I’ve only got a few seconds left until we switch over to that left leg keep it going nice tight pulse and we go ahead let it relax bring that left leg up same exact motion as you did on the other side bending that knee underneath your body and then extending it out completely straight as you get up to the top of that range of motion tight squeeze in that butt every single time now you’re probably feeling that right glute that right butt muscle cramping up on you quite a bit so remember just lean more weight into your left elbow get your weight forward and off to the left and it should let that muscle relax just a little bit now keep focusing on that left leg get a nice tight squeeze every single time and keep checking those core muscles make for that Donnell muscles pulled in really nice and tight those obliques and that lower back everything through that core should be completely solid make sure that leg that you’re kneeling down on that right leg that thigh that hamstring are also contracted as well as getting that nice tight squeeze on that left leg now we are almost done is about five seconds left we’re going to switch off that pulse here in just a second keep that motion going nice and fluid tight squeeze at the top there’s the last one frees up the top short pulses there were just a couple of inches the very top that range of motion squeezing as hard as you can to the top every single time just keep it going burn that muscle out just a little bit more you and we’ve got just about five seconds left keep that motion squeezing that butt muscle nice and tight every single time now go ahead and stand up you’ve got squats coming up next just a traditional squat nothing fancy just take a second to let those legs relax a little bit like that burn kind of subside and start up again nice low squats every single time you want to focus on getting as much range of motion as possible because you’re not using any weight over those shoulders you don’t have to worry about keeping a back pressure E flat but it’s always a good idea to practice perfect form you’re doing these squats so nice flat back weight back in your heels make sure you’re getting nice and low try to get those hips all the way down to that knee level so that Phi’s parallel to the ground just keep that motion going nice slow controlled motion make sure you go down nice and slow and up nice and slow your body’s gonna have a tendency to want to make you move up really really quickly to get to that rest spot at the top to try to make sure you don’t lock your knees at the top you always want to have those legs contracted you and we’re almost done with these squats next we have a static squat so you’re going to drop down to the very bottom of that range of motion hold it it’s got a few more your last one drop it down and hold nice low squat remember try to keep those thighs parallel to the ground if you can you can’t get quite that low just go as low as you can control hold it nice and low try to keep everything nice and solid contracting those core muscles abdominal muscles obliques and lower back always nice and solid burn a few extra calories also make sure you can track those arm muscles that chest in that back get those few extra calories burnt from that as well now I’ve got just five seconds left two last exercise and of course just to kill those legs a little bit more we’re going to be doing jump squats get ready shake those legs out and start it up now nice deep squat every single time try to get as much range of motion you can and jump as hard as possible I know those legs are screaming at you that they don’t want to do this but force them through it just keep working through the burn of those legs you want to try to get as much out of this as you possibly can just remember while you’re doing this in the first place you want that nice high tight round butt and this is going to give it to you if you keep it moving just make sure you keep going you’re almost done just a few more seconds three two one and let it relax very good now shake those legs out because this workout is complete you just finished Fitness blenders 5 minute booty blast challenge
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