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Black Forest Frozen Cheesecake | Jamie Oliver

hi guys okay we’re gonna make an incredible dessert we’re gonna go cheesecake guys we’re gonna go black forest frozen cheesecake like you’ve never seen before this is one of my favorites this is serious serious indulgent treat you can be as creative as you want with your cheesecake they can be super simple and they can be amazing any time of the year with mine you want that gorgeous biscuity base then we want lovely sort of airy creamy cheesecake mixture and of course black forest we’re going chocolate and cherries it’s going to be really really good so first job we’re going to do the base okay so get your food processor out you want 300 grams of biscuits now the classic was a regular digestive biscuit but i want the chocolate one okay i like the chocolate one that’s going in we’re gonna whiz that up with some melted butter so i’ve got 70 grams here of unsalted butter just pop it in a pan and just melt it and it will take no time at all i’ll whip this up and literally just pour it into there beautiful and that’s done we’re going to go over to a classic nine inch non-stick cheesecake mould i’ve rubbed this with a little butter already next up let’s get the biscuit base in here then just shake it pad it into all the corners apply a little bit of pressure and it’s going to look like that that goes in the oven at 180 degrees celsius which is 350 degrees fahrenheit put it in about 10 minutes okay and take it out let it cool down now next up we’re going to do the cherry jam now i’ve got two tins of gorgeous dark cherries look at that and what i want to do is add the two tins to a pan so 150 grams of sugar goes in i like to flavor it sort of spike it you know i’ve got lovely clementines now you could use one orange and i’m just gonna lightly zest squeeze the juice in once it comes to a boil just turn it down to a simmer for about 20 minutes so this is reduced down by half it’s deep it’s dark and it’s delicious and then the biscuit base that’s cooling down now looking lovely so we’re gonna use free range eggs here six of these little bad boys but we need to separate them using your little fingers your little claws get the yolk like that and just plop it over so the other 150 grams of sugar goes into the yolks then a little pinch of salt goes in with the egg whites and that just helps the egg whites go really stiff and hold the air then you need an amazing cream cheese and it’s the cream cheese that gives it that classic cheesecake flavor so in a bowl we’re going to go in with two tubs which is 560 grams and the nice thing here is it’s really creamy fresh and it’s really important because it doesn’t really taste like cheesecake unless you’ve got this in then i’m going to put two generous teaspoons of vanilla extract or vanilla paste and then 400 milliliters of regular double cream mix this together and you can see it thicken up straight away then we’re going to go in with the egg whites and just whisk it up these egg whites are really important because this is going to make it so light and fluffy last but not least the egg yolks and the sugar it doesn’t need hardly any time but just enough to really dissolve that sugar and the egg yolks will go really light and pale go in with the egg yolks and the sugar go in with the egg whites so look you can see i’m using that folding action and i want to keep those beautiful bubbles of air in it’s going to be super creamy once that biscuit base has cooled down which this one has we’re going to just pour it in and add in that lovely cherry mixture and just move it around it’s going to be so good you want to freeze it for at least six hours okay so do it in the morning for the night but even better the point of this dessert is that you do it in advance freeze that and then an hour before you need it take it out and then i’ll show you what to do next so i’ve got 200 grams of quality chocolate over some simmering water put 50 grams of butter in there as well what this is going to do is just stop it from resetting and then just a little swig of milk or cream might sound a little bit odd a little tiny pinch of salt really gets chocolate tasting incredible so just mix that in just leave that off the heat the thing about cakes is they do bring a little bit of joy into people’s lives yeah baby really beautiful use your knife and just run it around the edge like that just to clean it up so we have our chocolate sauce but i’m still not done we’ve got gold leaf because we are going super fly shave chocolate you decorate it in any way you like just have some fun all the way down ah yes let’s get it going on properly properly naughty silky smooth really really fresh really creamy and the crunch at the bottom is outrageous and if that did not put cheesecakes back on the menu i don’t know what we’ll do guys if you want the recipe click the link below if you liked it give us a little thumbs up and of course if you’ve got ideas about what you would do with this cheesecake then let us know in the comments box below until next time take care guys bye
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