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Binging With Babish: Brisket From Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

perfect next time genius Locker you won’t be sorry see hey what’s up guys welcome back to binging with babish where this week it’s Passover so just in time for the seder we’re taking a crack at midge Maysles marvelous brisket I think that’s what the show is called for this application we want a first cut or flat cut piece of brisket which lives up to its name by being relatively flat which is gonna help it cook more evenly during its braise to begin we are placing the brisket fat cap down in a cold stainless steel roasting pan Y cold you ask well two reasons really first off it’s gonna help more of the fat render out of the fat plus starting it in a cold pan along with the weight of a stainless steel skillet is gonna make the fat stick while it Browns so it’s going to brown more evenly we’re blasting this guy over medium-high heat for about four to five minutes so we’re until evenly browned at which point we’re gonna remove the skillet to give her a flip and set it down to brown on the beefy side during which time we need to perform some minimal prep on some vegetables first for medium carrots our peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks the same with four or five stalks of celery for medium onions our peeled and sliced thick on a mandolin for medium cloves of garlic are crushed and peeled and a few sprigs of thyme are gently jostled back over on the burner our brisket has become beautifully browned on the bottom and it’s ready to be set aside while we prep our vegetables and prepare the braising liquid so go ahead and set that on plate and depending on how fatty your brisket is you might have accrued a great deal of fat in the bottom of the roaster all but about two tablespoons of which we’re gonna pour off adding our onions to the pan and slowly beginning to caramelize them over the course of about 10 minutes over medium heat then both to help deepen flavour and assist in caramelization we’re gonna add a quarter cup of light brown sugar one of the first of many sweet elements in this sweet and sour Ashkenazi brisket go ahead and cook those onions for about 8 to 10 minutes over medium heat or until they pick up some dazzling gold color at this point we’re gonna add two things that have been present in every Passover brisket I’ve ever had chopped celery and carrot which we’re gonna saute for another 1 to 2 minutes just until they pick up a little bit of color then we are crushing in our four-ish cloves of saying that for about 30 seconds or until fragrant and then we’re adding one to two tablespoons of tomato paste which we’re also gonna cook for 30 seconds to a minute now before we deglaze all that beautiful flan off the bottom of the pot we need to add a thickener you can use two tablespoons of flour or if you want to keep it kosher use two tablespoons of potato flour we’re letting that toast for about one minute until the raw flour smell dissipates cranking the heat up to medium-high and deglazing with about a cup and a half of dry red wine use this opportunity as we always do to scrape up all that beautiful stuff off the bottom of the pot and then we need to continue building our braising Basin starting with a cup and a half of beef broth not quite enough liquid in the pan here so I’m adding another half cup of red wine and now we continue layering the sweet and sour first about a 1/2 cup of ketchup and 1 cup of crushed tomatoes you can substitute the ketchup with a cup of coca-cola if you’re feeling really 1950s but this brisket was pretty hard to come by so I’m not taking any chances now to bring a little bit more acidity to the sauce I’m adding a quarter cup of white wine vinegar 3 or 4 dried bay leaves and a few sprigs of fresh thyme to help enhance the savory then spicing things up with about a tablespoon of paprika and an optional teaspoon of cayenne pepper if you want things a little spicy or if your chef John and then one last hit of sweet and sour with about two tablespoons each of honey and Dijon mustard you can see why this style brisket is often referred to as kosher barbecue give it a taste for seasoning and it with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper as necessary and nestled the brisket into the braising liquid and then it’s time for this braise to live up to its name by being braised that is covering tightly with aluminum foil and placing in a 300 degree fahrenheit oven for 4 hours or until your house smells amazing the braising liquid has thickened and the brisket feels like it’s not even there when you stat it with a fork now if you’re making this brisket same day then you’re just gonna de fat the sauce slice and serve as is but if you’ve got the time you ideally want to let this guy cool off for about an hour separate the brisket from the sauce remove the spent time sprigs and bay leaves and fridge everything overnight I’m keeping the brisket in my intended reheating and serving vessel and pouring the braising liquid into a more manageable container fridging overnight is gonna accomplish a few things first it’s gonna help our flavors deepen and melt second it’s gonna make all the fat in the sauce solidify in an easy to scrape off layer this is an important step otherwise you’re gonna end up with a really greasy sauce third it’s gonna give us the ability to do some good old-fashioned finger tasting and fourth it’s gonna make the brisket exceptionally easy to carve into very very thin slices now for an exceptionally tender brisket that straight-up melts in your mouth we want to carve across the grain this way we’re making the meat fibers as short as possible so the knife is doing all the work instead of your mandible once the meat is sliced into thin slices we’re pouring half of the braising liquid into our intended heating and serving casserole nestling the brisket in overtop trying to fan it out a little bit so they all get exposure to the sauce and pouring the rest of the sauce over top the whole affair letting it up tight and placing it into a preheated 375 degree fahrenheit oven for about 45 minutes until vigorously bubbling and heated through and ready to be devoured Passover style I do not have any of the usual Seder of Kouta Moss I’m gonna go ahead and serve this with a light spinach salad something light and fresh to cut through all the richness serve up a generous pile of slices make sure to hit it with some extra sauce and it’s time to dig into one of my favorite examples of what slow and low cooking can do this brisket is sweet and sour and savory and tender and rich and median it makes the perfect bribe to help your shady husband’s stand-up career if you have an extremely fatty brisket like this one you might want to trim off some of that before cooking but that’s not going to stop me from entering this not only into the clean plate club but the coveted second helpings club [Music] [Music]
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