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Billionaire Russian Superyachts Caught By Police

Russian super Yachts worth 5.5 billion dollars are on the run from International police all over the world sanctions were imposed on Russia over its war on Ukraine by the U.S UK and EU and super Yachts owned by billionaires in President Putin’s Inner Circle are among the big assets being targeted we’re coming for you ill begotten games but these aren’t just beautiful floating Giants many of them are armed with military level security some have managed a narrow Escape but others haven’t been as lucky this is the story of the five most expensive Russian super yachts and where they are now welcome to explained number five sailing yacht A the 578 million dollar super yacht owned by Andre melichenko was captured by the Italian police at the Port of Trieste on March 12th sailing at a was photographed cruising off the coast of Venice on March 5th but is now in Italy’s custody and to prevent any kind of Escape Plan the authorities place it in a special Dry Dock and emptied it super yacht sails under the flag of Bermuda a quick side note if a Ship Sails under a red and signed flag from Bermuda the Cayman Islands or any British overseas territory it comes under British maritime law and protection and many Russian super Yachts have tried using it to escape police custody sailing at a is 143 meters long and is the world’s largest sailing yacht she has three carbon masts with the main Mast measuring 100 meters above the water line that’s taller than the Big Ben in London the super yacht is powered by a hybrid diesel electric propulsion system and has a top speed of 21 knots she has eight decks with a large pool in the center and an underwater observation pot and get this it’s rumored that the owner’s suite and several other secret rooms are only accessible via fingerprint number four the Crescent the Crescent usually spends most of her time cruising between Spain Italy France and Montenegro in November 2021 it docked at the taragona marina in Spain on March 4th its Captain made a requested apart but she never set sail the super yacht was seized by Spanish police who suspect that its owner is Russia’s Darth Vader Igor Sachin the Crescent is worth 600 million dollars and is registered in the Cayman Islands it’s 135 meters long and has a top speed of 18 knots she features a retractable helicopter hanger and a huge glass-bottom pool for now the Spanish transport Ministry is holding the yacht until its real ownership is confirmed now this is where super Yachts turn into undercover Mean Machines starting with number three on our list the dilbar this is the largest motor yacht in the world by gross tonnage and is owned by Alisha usmanov it’s valued between 600 and 735 million dollars and flagged in the Cayman Islands the dilbar docked in Hamburg for graffiti in late October 2021 but on March 2nd 2022 German authorities arrived and ordered for all work to stop and its crew was dismissed while this may not be the most dramatic super yacht capture the vessel itself is straight out of a James Bond film The dilbar is 156 meters long that’s one and a half football fields in length or as long as a World War One Dreadnought it has a sound on spot two helipads and a 25 meter long pool that’s long enough to accommodate a whole other yacht and if that impressed you then get this the dilbar reportedly has an anti-aircraft missile detection system but its Builder Larson says it’s just a rumor number two is an absolute Beast here’s a Solaris the 610 million dollar mega yacht is owned by Putin’s long-term Ally Roman Abramovich and is registered in Bermuda it was off the coast of Sicily when its calm Cruise turned into a dash for survival just two days before that it was docked in Barcelona undergoing repairs and luckily left before sanctions were announced after a quick getaway across the Mediterranean The yatsat Refuge at tivat in Montenegro on March 13th and a week later it was filmed at a Holiday Resort in buderim Turkey where it was greeted by not so happy Ukrainian protesters the Solaris is 140 meters long and has 48 cabins across eight decks it has a top speed of 18 knots and outdoor beach themed club fancy State rooms 20 high-speed jet skis and a helipad among other cool things but we’ve only scratched surface level Beauty here she’s also one of the safest yachts in the world with state-of-the-art security like a radar-controlled missile detection system bulletproof windows and armored protection finally it’s the number one super yacht on our list the eclipse this super yacht is worth between 700 million to 1.5 billion dollars and is also registered in Bermuda it’s set sail East from Saint Martin towards international waters soon after its owner Roman Abramovich was put on the sanctions list after Office later it was tracked west of the Canary Islands and then north of Algeria where the real test began the yacht managed to escape after sailing around the Greek Islands and finally docking at a resort in marmaris Turkey so what makes the Eclipse worth a billion dollars for starters she’s 163 meters long and 22 meters wide making her the second largest super yacht in the world she has nine decks with two swimming pools two helipads on the surface and the third in the storage Hangar below the four deck and at anchor stabilizers that keep it comfortable for guests when it’s stationary when it comes to security this super yacht is built like a battleship it has a top speed of 25 knots and for a quick Escape it has three launch boats and a mini submarine capable of diving 50 meters the eclipse has motion detectors bulletproof glass and an anti-ballistic missile defense system she also has an anti-paparazzi system that blurs photographs being taken any other super Yachts owned by Russia’s ridges oligarchs have escaped authorities by anchoring off countries that don’t have extradition treaties with U.S a couple have been spotted in the Middle East and Montenegro while five others have been seen cruising around the Maldives this includes the Nirvana owned by Vladimir putanen the Titan owned by Alexander abramov ocean Victory owned by Victor rajnikov and the Clio owned by Oleg deripaska do you think the lover get caught let us know what you think in the comments don’t forget to like And subscribe [Music]
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