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you listen up cuz we got something to talk about we’re talking about tacos big [ __ ] tacos that are so big can’t just hold it with one hand and Instagram it at the same time big ass taco a big two and your taco boy cuz no one cares about your lunch unless your lunch is just taco that we’re making right now big boy team the main ingredient has arrived ladies and gentlemen Taco Bell has entered the building we got fifty hard shell tacos from Taco Bell and we’re gonna stuff it in a taco making it a taco taco bell hard shell taco we take a soft core TI using a mirror’s method of constructing a bigger self-made tortilla and then you make the construction in the oven that you could hang it upside down to let it’ll crisp up so now it’s up hard taco [ __ ] and our research tells us that no one has ever stepped up the taco game to a point where the taco has been super-sized on such a level that it’s a masterpiece and it stands up on its own so that’s the kicker know which taco stands up on their own everyone makes these big tacos and they flip this way and flop that way like some flip-flop [ __ ] boy your dad’s a [ __ ] all right so we’re constructing three variations of tacos but to stay true to the original whole we’re gonna make one original tall with ground beef so right here in front of us we got over 10 pounds of ground beef it’s missing one key ingredient gotta add our taco seasoning yes I just burped in my mouth cuz this is big boy this is big boys this is not dollar store cooking son that’s not what this is we’ve been doing it since 2010 thought we are taking this taco right here we blow down barriers bro we are everywhere we are in the atmosphere you’re breathing us in we’re inside your lungs right now they look like we’re scraping off their old crusty weed you got on the inside of your lungs we’re twisting it up ourselves we’re gonna smoke it recycle boy because that’s what we do we do tonight go what’s that smell that’s us inside your nose like a freshman bunk wake up wake up with that fresh bump inside your nostril god that’s cooking son that’s cocaine cooking boy I thought I’ve told you I thought I told you this is the future of the game always been the future of the game we are inside your nose we’re inside your butt we’re inside your body we’re gonna give birth to us you know what that means I don’t know where I’m at I’m just saying this big ass tacos in the kitchen I smell it wait let me give it a taste what [Music] at the end of the day the best filling for a taco is just more taco so let’s talk about it being a fan of Taco Bell making Pachelbel tacos a dream come true it’s time to eat this I’m already high off Taco Bell so it was ready for the summer blockbuster report card x-men don’t go see Godzilla terrible movie actually not that bad if you’re a fan of godzilla and his franchise in his films you’ve probably really enjoy the film also you won’t but fair warning to heed all of the advice admir gives you over social media because he doesn’t understand ranking system so he said Aladdin was a good movie and then gave it a 5 on paying yeah that’s good and when I asked him exactly when I asked him why he gave it a 5 on 10 after saying it was bad he said 5 on that it’s like 50/50 like half good have that it’s know how it works 5 on 10 is a failure no 5 is good for is awful is terrible 5 on 10 means 50% mean that’s a failing grade no that’s not how they taught me my mom always said Amir you failed that’s good [Applause] [Music]
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