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Best Morning Yoga For Beginners — 15 Min Full Body Yoga Flow

hi everyone it’s kinder here welcome to this morning yoga practice let’s get started in a comfortable seated position bring your hands in prayer position long deep breath in [Music] as you exhale rest your hands down to any comfortable position and begin deep yoga breathing softly open the eyes long deep breath in long deep breaths out resonate your breath as it travels up and down the spine long deep breath in long deep breath out one more long deep breath in [Music] long deep breath out keeping the depth and the fluidity of the breath helps calm your nervous system and energize the body let’s come over onto your hands and knees hands shoulder width apart knees hips width apart keep that deep yogic breathing as we enter tabletop position long deep breath in long deep breath out draw the navel a little bit in keep the shoulder blades moving away from each other and draw the knees together exhale come on down to child’s pose reach your hands out in front relax the shoulders keep the mind nice and calm steady breathing now let’s prepare for downward facing dog keep the hands shoulder-width apart knees above hips width apart feet also hips width apart curl your toes under and then in now let’s send the hips back and up for downward facing dog take a moment here and if you need to pedal your feet out or bend the knees a little bit so you can release the spine straighten the legs as much as possible keep the shoulder blades rolling away from each other and push back and up through the hips five breaths one two deep steady breaths three nice and easy four almost there five let’s walk slowly your feet closer to the hands soft bending the knees layer your arms over each other and we’re gonna hang through the forward bend slowly inhale as you straighten the legs sending the hips back and up and just relax and release the body and drawing the navel in leaning a little forward leave keep it nice and easy steady breathing no fight no force keep your mind in a quiet space aligned with your highest path feel your breath and your body moving into harmony moving into peace nice and easy bend the knees now you’re going to enter lock the fingers around your big toes wrap them around the big toes straighten the legs of the arms this is padding exhale forward fold relax the head down deep steady breathing helps bring a sense of calm to the nervous system tap into a space where all is well feel good energy good vibrations coming from your heart coming from your spirit moving through the body changing the whole vibration that you are deep breath in deep breath out very good inhale straighten the arms walk your hands forward come on to your fingertips walk the feet in until the bases of the big toes are nearby each other then bend the knees sink back into the hips this is our chair pose so sink the hips back and then inhale raise the arms very good hold for five one deep breathing two stay with your breath three stay at the deep breathing four almost there five take your hands down step that left leg back putting the left heel on the ground warrior one squaring the pelvis forward draw the navel in and then inhale raise the arms up you can gaze straight ahead we’ll stay five breaths here one really lift and feel two long deep breath in let your breath illuminate that spirit that is your true self three strong legs rooting into the ground strong pelvic floor feel your body and mind coming into alignment good job take the hands down straighten the right leg pivot around take a moment really press that right heel into the ground left knee sends itself forward and find your foundation squaring the pelvis over the left side inhale raise the arms long steady breaths one nice foundation through the legs two lifting breathing three stay with a deep steady breath four almost there five exhale take your hands on the ground spin that right foot forward inhale back to plank pose let’s hold plank pose for five breaths one pitch your shoulders a little forward that’s good two and draw the navel in three don’t overdo it nice and easy four and five sink your knees down exhale push-up position inhale upward facing roll the shoulders back lift the chest up exhale push it on back to downward facing from downward facing let’s sleep the knees down cross your feet come on succeed it we’re going to try this posture called asama so good to release the hips bring the heels towards each other and close to the pubic bone then lift the spine up out of the pelvis and chin down we’ll stay here for five breaths you can gently roll your body a little from side to side so that you can kind of encourage the hips to release now don’t worry if your knees are really elevated it’s okay no problem you’re going to keep practicing and 20 years later don’t worry your hips will be a little more open stay with your breath and now we try to bend just a little bit forward don’t overdo it just gently lean forward keep the mind nice and calm steady breaths one leave with the chest and pivot from the pubic bone two keep leaning leaning more and more forward go as far forward this is comfortable for you it doesn’t have to be very far really fun what works for you four almost there five good job inhale slowly come up keeping the navel gently in exhale there now spread your feet open for the posture called upavish stay here with your hands on the ground and slowly begins to bend forward as you exhale slowly fold maybe you can take the elbows on the ground or maybe you find that just resting the hands down that’s enough we’ll stay here for five breaths flex your feet one steady breathing don’t overdo it you can go as far down as it’s comfortable for you but please don’t force or hit it too hard just breathe and be steady breaths nice and easy long deep breath in long deep breath out really good keep working long deep breath in long deep breaths out very good let’s take one more long deep breath in long deep breath out good job inhale as you slowly come up exhale there hold underneath your knees bring them in give yourself a little hug as you roll the body gently from side to side then we’re going to roll the spine gently down so rolling the spine gently down place your sacrum on the ground knees together constructive rest pose so you can really feel that your spine releases and relax towards the ground recognize you don’t need to do hours and hours of yoga to make a positive impact in your state of mind and your state of beings just experience that here and now long deep breath in long deep breath out draw both knees into your chest giving yourself a little squeeze squeeze squeeze open the knees a little bit and roll from side to side releasing any tight muscles in the back straighten the legs for vikrita karani pointing the toes up and this relaxing posture helps bring balance and harmony to the body and mind stay here for a few more moments breathing feeling long deep breath in long deep breath out no force no fights breathe and feel long steady breaths nice and easy feel the blood and circulation bringing healing to the body let your body rest here and receive a powerful flow of energy to fill you up for the whole day for your heart center opening mind is quiet and calm then let’s bend the knees lightly and exhale bring both knees over to the left side and then inhale lift the right arm up and exhale easy spinal twist release the muscles of the chest release relax move yourself into a heart-centered space where you love honor and appreciate yourself tuning in to those good vibrations within and nice and easy inhale come on back into the center holding the thighs up into the body exhale as you easy twist on over to the side then inhale lift the left arm up and exhale easy over rest your body wherever it’s comfortable releasing the neck releasing through the chest [Music] nice and easy turn into a place where you feel good where that natural state of happiness just shines forth from you and inhale roll it on back into the center hugging the knees into your chest with a deep squeeze exhale extend the arms and legs rocking the head from side to side relax release the body nice and easy tune into the space of meta may i be happy may i be peaceful may be filled with love in your heart center feel the presence of someone whom you love dearly a friend a family member even a cherished pet may you dear one be happy be peaceful be filled with love open your heart to all beings may all beings be happy may all beings be peaceful may all beings be filled with love fill yourself renewed restored recharge stepping into alignment with your highest path long deep breath in as you exhale to move fingers toes hands and feet bending the knees and the elbows a little squeeze in roll around to your side in gratitude and humility for the gift of yoga come on back up to a comfortable seated position eyes closed attention at the heart space hands come into prayer position feel the presence of love harmony and peace [Music] thank you so much for joining me on the practice today maybe happy maybe peaceful maybe filled with love today and every day namaste
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