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Being Vegan Is Easy ♥ Homemade Protein Balls

hey guys so we wanted to do a quick little blog for your today about balls balls were doing a blog about balls what was that thing you and your band used to do? were going to do a blog today about balls vegan balls protein balls we’re doing a whole video about balls just because they’re so amazing they’re completely raw Array oh my god you just ate it chew first and then talk this is a wonderful snack for a few reasons they’re really easy to make they’re raw packed with lots of energy minimal ingerdients and they’re cheap do you like my price is right you’re like the real alana white alright so heres how you make these protein balls we start with nuts we used almonds and cashews some seeds the seeds we like to use are pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds chop it up extra fine and then after that you wanna add your cacao powder the tiny bit of maca Array powder add your dash of salt and vanilla extract make it into fine ground sandy texture then for us we processed the dates separately but if you have a decent food processor then you can add the dates right in so we did the dates seperately 3 tablespoons of water this is a binding agent so so if its with all the nuts already you’re already one step further grind down all the dates add the nuts the whole nut cacao mixture keep going grind them all up add more water if its too dry so its almost like plato misxture you don’t want it to be too watery otherwise you won’t be able to mold it into a ball so you wanna make sure its think enough thats pretty much the bulk of it honestly for now at this point you get to really play with it take the mixture and roll it into balls or whatever shape you want have fun with it make a snowman or a bar whatever this is where we add the toping so we use shredded coconut and cacoa powder to roll the ball in so if you’re using the cacao powder you literally make these little truffles which are my favourite i love the little truffle guys but then you can also take the shredded coconut and you roll the ball in that and it basically for you canadians looks like a timbit then you pop them in the freezer for about 30 min or more depending on how frozen you want the balls to be we actually store them in the freezer so there you have it we’ve included the whole recipe in the description below so go ahead and check it out and let us know if you like the balls there are tons of other ways of making these protein snacks we experiment a lot with this so if you like these let us know and we;ll make more ball videos we’ll make more ball videos for you anyways thank you guys for watching i hope you like this videos and we’ll see you soon!
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