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Beginners Yoga Workout (15 Min Core Strength) Day 5 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

– You are about to practice
15-minute workout for beginners. Gonna focus on core strength. This class, we will do
some different postures that will create strength
in the core muscles, especially around the
belly and in the back. And just so you know, some of these will be
a little challenging, so please do what you can, and take a break whenever
you need to take a break, and remember, it takes
time to build strength, it takes time to build flexibility, so do your best, and don’t worry about the
results that you’re getting, because you’ve only just begun. And the winner today of
the free Jade Yoga mat is Lisa Teetly. Congratulations, Lisa. Now if you wanna win a free
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yoga mats, am I right? Begin sitting nice and
tall, close your eyes, take a few long ujjayi breaths, grounding through the sitting bones, lengthening up through the spine. Bring your hands together
in front of your heart. May your practice help to
connect you into your strength, and not just your physical body strength, the strength in your mind,
the strength in your heart, the strength you can use to find peace. And then roll yourself forward
onto your hands and knees with wrists under shoulders
and knees under hips. Spread your fingers. Inhale, and bring your chest forward, lift the chin and tailbone up. As you exhale, round your
back, chin toward chest. And again, inhale. Chest moves forward, look up gently. Exhale, press away from the floor. Pull your belly in and up. Inhale. Chest forward, lifting chin and tailbone. And exhale, rounding the back, chin toward chest, belly in and up. Come to neutral. Keep your belly pulling in and up here. Extend your right leg back,
tucking the toes under, resting them on the floor. Keep the belly lifted as you inhale and lift that right leg up. Now stretch the left arm forward. You might need extra padding
under your knees for this. If you do, just push pause, and get a pillow or a blanket. Otherwise, if you’re good, keep stretching through
the arm and the leg. Drop the outer right hip
down so your hips stay level. It helps to point the toes straight down. Release back to Table. As you take your next inhale,
extend the left leg back, the toes tuck under, belly
still lifted in and up. Reach the right arm forward
and when you’re ready, lift your left leg up off the floor. If it’s too much to keep the leg lifted, you can keep the foot on the floor and you can work on this one
some more, and it will come. Drop the outer hip down. So keep the belly lifted. Your lower back wants to arch, and your left hip wants to lift, so try to keep that from happening. And release back to Table, and then take your hips back
to your heels in Child’s Pose. So again, Child’s Pose,
if it doesn’t feel good to take your hips way back to the heels, then keep ’em up in the air. Take care of your body, for sure. Inhale again, come back up
onto your hands and knees and walk your hands under
your shoulders again. Make sure wrists, hips are still under, the knees are still under the hips, sorry. Right leg back, lift it
up from the inner thigh, left arm forward. Pull your ribs and belly in and up, drop your outer right hip down. Now exhale, bring your elbow
and knee to the center. Inhale, extend through the arm and leg, drop the outer right hip. As you exhale, slowly
bring it down the center, pulling the belly in and up, really engaging those core muscles. Inhale, slowly extend out. Drop the hip. Exhale, keep the belly pulled in, draw elbow and knee to center. Inhale, reach out, extend, and then exhale, release
it back down to Table. So if that’s too
difficult, do what you can. Extending the left leg back, and then reach the right arm forward, pull the ribs and belly in, lift the left leg up from the inner thigh, dropping the outer hip down. We wanna keep the belly in
to protect the lower back. Stretching through the
arm and leg, exhale. Slowly draw them in toward
center, rounding the back. Inhale, reach out through the arm and leg. Exhale, pull them in, rounding the back, belly pulls in and up. Inhale, slowly extend. Drop that outer left hip down. Exhale, pull it in to center,
pressing away from the floor. Inhale, extend out, point
the toes straight down, and then release back to Table, good work. I know that one can be tough. Walk your hands about hand print
in front of your shoulders, turn your inner elbows forward, spread the fingers, tuck your toes under, and just hover your knees
away from the floor. So this is core work as well. The knees are just a few
inches off the floor. Hold it if you can. If it’s too much, release it. Let’s all release it now anyway. Make sure to spread the fingers. Remember, pressing into
the base of the fingers lifting the forearms away
will protect the wrists. Lift again your knees. Just hover them off the floor. Pull the ribs and belly in, press the back up toward the ceiling, and now start to take your
chest back toward your thighs, still bent knees, and then straighten the right
leg, keep the left knee bent, bend both knees, stretch out your back, and now straighten the
left leg, right knee bends. Both knees bent, butt up, straighten the right leg, bend both knees, stretch the back, and straighten both legs
as much as they will. Feet hips’ width apart,
arms shoulders’ distance. Inhale to Plank Pose, top of a pushup. Take your knees down to the floor, or you can practice keeping the knees up. Building core strength here. If your knees are up, lift the
knees up toward the ceiling. Let’s take the knees down now. Shift the shoulders forward,
lower slowly to your belly, hands by low ribs,
inhale, peel the chest up, lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees, press all 10 toenails down. Lower down, exhale. Keep your belly pulled
away from the floor, again, for Cobra. Maybe a little higher Cobra, or not. Look over your right shoulder. You can stay with Low
Cobra, head to center. Exhale, look over left shoulder. Keep the belly pulled in. Come to center and lower. If coming into a higher
Cobra hurts your back, then stick with Low Cobra. Press up onto your knees, and now down onto your forearms. Interlace your fingers,
and make sure your elbows do not go wider than your shoulders. So press the elbows down
and the forearms down, lift the knees up off the floor. It’s just like Down Dog, except you’re on your forearms
instead of on your hands. It’s actually a good modification if your wrists ever bother you. Take the knees down and
take a rest in Child’s Pose. Remember you can always rest
your head on your hands. Connect in with your breath again. Connect in with your inner strength. Interlace your fingers again, make sure the elbows are
no wider than shoulders. Tuck in the toes, again
lifting up and back. This one is usually called Dolphin Pose. So you’re still pressing
the weight up to the hips and then down toward the heels. Now take a step toward
the back of your mat, and bring your chest forward
as your hips drop down into the same line as your shoulders. This is intense. You can take your knees down at any time. Building strength,
knees can be up or down. If the knees are up, keep
lifting knees toward the ceiling. And then slowly lower yourself all the way down to your belly. Let your forehead rest on your hands, or you can take one ear down to rest. Now coming back onto the
forearms, interlacing the fingers, we’ll tuck the toes, knees down, and possibly lift the knees off the floor. Bring your chest and the crown
of your head moving forward as your heels press back. Lengthen sitting bones
toward backs of knees, and try to have your hips and shoulders about in the same line. Keep your breath steady. If your breath is moving
too fast, then take a break. Keep the legs firm, and then
slowly set them back down and rest on your belly. Forehead resting, or take
the other ear down to rest. Now we’ll come back onto the forearms. This time we won’t interlace, but make sure the elbows
are no wider than shoulders. You’re gonna bring your
shoulders up toward your ears and then draw them back and down. Pull your belly in a lot and lengthen your sitting
bones toward the heels. This is Sphinx Pose,
it’s a little back bend. If it’s too intense, do Cobra again. Release down, hands by low ribs, elbows up, toes are tucked under, press up onto the knees all in one piece, that’s using core work for sure, and then take your hips off to one side so you can slide your
legs in front of you, and help yourself down
onto your back slowly. Take your feet as wide as your mat, drop your knees over to your left, and then look over the right
shoulder for a little twist. It should feel good to do a little twist. If you want a deeper twist, you can rest your left heel on your right knee. That’ll intensify it. If it’s too intense, don’t do it. Inhale, knees to center. Take your hips to the left a
little, knees to the right, look over your left shoulder. And again, if you want to intensify it, right heel rests just above left knee. A little twist, stretching out the belly
muscles we just worked. Head to center, and then draw
your knees into your chest, and gently rock yourself
from side to side, giving your low back
a nice little massage. Release your feet to the floor, lengthen your sitting bones
toward the backs of your knees, draw your shoulders away from your ears, and then extend the legs
out, let your feet flop open, your arms by your sides
with your palms facing up. Always remember, if your
lower back has any discomfort, then bend the knees and keep
the feet on the floor instead. Come to natural breathing. Quiet mind, quiet body, Shavasana. As you’re getting into your rest, our quote today comes from the Sufi poet named Hafez of Persia. “I have come into this world to see this: “the sword drop from men’s hands “even at the height of their arc of rage “because we have finally realized “there is just one flesh
that we can wound.” Take your rest, I’ll be back in a moment. Begin to deepen your breath as you make movements in
your hands and your feet. Take a nice long stretch overhead. Now bend your knees, roll
off onto your right side, and thank yourself for showing up, taking your practice and
building your strength. Come on up to a comfortable
seat with the hands together. Bring your hands to your
forehead to remind you to have clear and loving thoughts, your hands to the heart center, reminding you to have clear
and loving intentions, and your hands to the mouth, reminding you to have clear
and loving communication, sending positive energy and
peace to all beings everywhere. Namaste. Great job today, so glad you’re here, I look forward to seeing your tomorrow, and our secret word for the day, if you’re still here at
the very end, is devotion. Devotion. So if you’re here to the
end, you got the secret word, write devotion in the comments, and I will know you are
with me all the way through. Have a wonderful day. See you tomorrow, bye.
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