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– [Mike] We are “Sorted,” a
group of mates from London exploring the newest and
best in the world of food whilst trying to have a
few laughs along the way. (laughing)
We’ve got chefs. We’ve got normals.
(beep) And a whole world of
stuff for you to explore, but everything we do starts with you. (energetic rock music) – Well, hello. Welcome to our fridge. This is Mike, and I’m Ben. – And you lovelies, shall we see if one of us can beat the chef? – So, following our last
flavor-pairing video, there was a lot of conversation
about how we’d like to cook with some of
those new combinations. And that’s what today’s
about, a mystery box with some interesting
flavor pairs underneath. – Surely we can invest in a box. – At the end, Mike is
going to be the person to blind judge both dishes and work out which one is his favorite and then try and work out who cooked which dish. – Lift the tea towel, and I think this one you’re going to enjoy. – Very well organized. That’s got Evers written all over it. We’ve got some beautiful
citrus and lemongrass, honey, coffee, tomatoes, eggs. – We have a lovely crusty loaf of bread. Parmesan, classic. A white fish. Interesting. – Something creamy.
(smacking) Cream cheesy. (jar rattles)
– What’s this? – What the hell is that? What’s that? What is that? – What?
– You can keep asking, but we’re not going to tell you what it is.
– It’s ground almonds. No, it’s not. – James, I think in your haste, as you pulled off the tea towel, you might’ve flipped one or so important flavor ingredients somewhere. (laughing) – And a vanilla pod. – You’ve got three
minutes to have a think. We can gather you any other ingredients. You’re allowed to use
fresh herbs, some spices, some seeds and nuts,
maybe, maybe a little bit dairy from the fridge, but basically, base your dish around what’s on the tray. – Oh! (mumbles)
– Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh my God, what do I do? – So my thinking straight away is, oh no, I think I
know what I want to do. Think that I’ll made a sandwich. – Well, I really wanted to
go sweet, and I don’t think Parmesan is gonna work sweet, or does it? – Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a
minute. Wait a minute. (clunking)
– [Jamie] You can wait one minute, but you can’t wait two. – Oh, crap. Okay!
(laughing) – What am I gonna make this into? I’m thinking, like, a mayo-y thing. I’m thinking fresh tomatoes
and some less fresh tomatoes. And I’m thinking, like,
a crumb of some sort. – Mike was a big fan of
fish fingers and custard, so I’m thinking I could
make a fish finger sarnie with a custard tartar sauce. – In that case, your time starts now. (bell rings) – Okay, what I’m doing right now is filling time while
I think about the dish by making a mayonnaise. How am I gonna cook the fish? Look, that mayo came
together quick, didn’t it? – [Jamie] That was really quick. – Right, let’s get a
panning station ready. Take out breadcrumbs, flour. And then going to get my custard. I’ll be going for my custard. I think I need to get my egg mix together and whisked up with the vanilla. And I need to warm up some milk. Then I pour the warm
stuff in the cold stuff. – So you’re playing off the fish finger – Of all the ones.
– and custard. So the vanilla and the fish flavor. – [Barry] Yeah.
– That was fictional. – So, I’m gonna blitz the
bread into breadcrumbs. (whirring) I’m gonna fry that off in butter. Maybe with a half of the vanilla pod. And the other half of the vanilla pod, I’m gonna do with the tomatoes. (energetic rock music) – I hate separating eggs under pressure. For some reason, I lose, I lose everything when I separate eggs under pressure.
– [Ben] I can’t crack a normal egg suddenly. – Let me get a bit done,
and I’ll try and justify what the hell I’m thinking in a second. – So tartar sauce would
typically be a mayonnaise with herbs and something
tangy, maybe some lemon. Either some gherkin or some caper. And that works wonderfully with fish. You’re putting that into a custard, which is typically sweet and vanilla-like, and that’s the flavor pairing you’re playing with off of fish. – I’m just not gonna make this
as sweet as a normal custard. The main flavor in my custard
is gonna be the vanilla. – [Ben] You’re just making a sandwich. – I’m just making a sandwich. Let’s season the flour. (energetic rock music) – Oh, then. How long are fish’s fingers? That’s what you’re asking, isn’t it? – It’s a fish hand. – So, I’m in water ’cause I
want to peel the tomatoes. – [Jamie] You’re gonna peel the tomatoes? – It kind of sounds a
bit silly, doesn’t it? And I might roast some of them as well. – Do you think that’s
gonna give the game away that this is a James dish? – Yeah, I’ve kind of just
committed to the dish. (laughing)
It’s going in the oven for as long as possible.
(door opening) – You have 20 minutes left. Have you decided how to cook the fish yet? – I was thinking of poaching it in milk with a bit of vanilla
extract in there again. The inspiration was fish
fingers and custard. I’m not gonna deep fry it
because that would be obvious. That’s– that’s not chef-y, is it? – I already like the sound of this.
– I’m not here to do what Barry would do.
(pan rattling) I kind of want hints of vanilla. Fish goes in. (energetic rock music) – Here, I’m mainly playing off texture. I want a really crisp,
beautiful fish finger. So I’m going to double panning. – [Ben] Oh, a double panning. – [Barry] Because, well, custard
is notoriously quite wet. – I think, yeah. Historically. – How hot is this oil? That is good to go. We’re gonna guess about
five minutes in the oil. – So your custard is on,
your fish is in the pan, and you have 19 minutes left. Always flip away from you.
It doesn’t splash you. It splashes a cameraman.
– Look what I just did. (energetic rock music) – James, you’ve half past your time. You are 15 minutes through,
and you have 15 minutes left. (energetic rock music) – I’ve decided to do something
that might be really silly. – [Jamie] Oh. Oh, no, no. What
are you doing? What’s that? – It’s like a brine, so it’s
like, salt, sugar, water. And then just leave it with, like, a herb in it, or like chili. This time it’s basil and vanilla. And ’cause they’re peeled, like, they’re just gonna absorb it all. – [Jamie] Wow.
– Let’s make custard! ♪ Don’t know what I’m doing ♪ ♪ Just pouring milk in my eggs ♪ ♪ Hopefully when scrambled ♪ ♪ Do a bit at a time ♪ To stabilize the eggs. – How much milk do you go
for with your three eggs? – Oh! That your measurements! (laughing) Measurements!
– [Ben] As opposed to just pouring out of a bottle, I mean. What were you going for? – Barry, you are halfway through. Those two hobs are on.
(pans clattering) Are they all right?
– Yep. Shut up! How much corn flour do you add? – [Ben] How do you pour flour? – Just don’t know.
(gasps) – Oh, I’m sorry. Sorry, Evers.
(laughing) – I think it’s fair to say that panic has well and truly set in. – Custard. Why am I making custard? What a stupid idea, Barry!
That’s not gonna thicken up. (container clatters)
Just put some more right in there.
(laughing) – Classically, egg yolk, sugar, vanilla, and then add your flour in at that stage. Then warm up your infused milk. The vanilla can be in either or both. Then add hot milk into egg yolk, then back into a pan to slowly thicken as it comes up to temperature,
stirring continuously. Best to add the corn flour
in earlier rather than later. – Thank you! – Well in the news, we
have 10 minutes to go. Ten minutes remaining! (energetic rock music) Bread’s looking good. (energetic rock music) – [Ben] Tell you what, Baz. – That’s gonna be nice and smooth. – So 10 minutes, yeah? Parmesan crisps. I got to get that.
– [Jamie] No, it was 10 minutes 10 minutes ago. – Cool. Wicked. Damn. I’ll be happy with that. It is flaky, still a
little bit translucent. I think that’s perfectly done. So, I am going to make some
Parmesan, a couple of crisps. And see if they work. (energetic rock music) So, into an oven. In my
panic, I turned that off. – I was gonna say I had already
preheated the oven for you. – Well, let’s see if I
have, that they work. Fennel. I think it could work, fennel. – (laughs) Five minutes left, Baz. – Thanks, mate. Fennel custard. – I wouldn’t call it fennel custard unless you’re putting
fennel in it, though. – Dill, that’s dill. Dill custard. – [Ben] Also delicious. (knife clatters) – Do you want to go run that under water? I’m gonna pull us a timer ’cause there’s no cooking going on at the moment. (knife clatters)
– Where’s the nail gone? – [Jamie] Oh, no! – There it is.
(whooshing) – Nurse Spafford and
Nurse April to the rescue. A proper wipedown of boards and knives. Four minutes back on the clock. Your time restarts. Intrigued that you are plating two different versions here. – I just want to know which
– ‘Cause you’re just not sure which one you’re happy with.
– one looks nice. (energetic rock music) – [Ben] Claw action. – [Jamie] Straight back on
the boards. I like that. – [Ben] Two and a half minutes. – [Jamie] I think you got this, mate. – Flavors in.
– [Jamie] (gasps) That’s in! One minute left! (energetic rock music) Oh, no! Barry, that’s not a sandwich. That’s not a sandwich. – Hello, sorry?
– Twenty seconds. – What am I doing? Why
am I still plating two? (utensil clatters) – [Jamie] Ten. Nine. Eight.
– Crap. Crap. – [Jamie] Seven.
(scraping) Six (laughing). Five. Four. Three!
– Doesn’t matter! – Two! One! – Well done, James.
(applauding) – [Jamie] Oh no, did
the crisps not make it? – They didn’t come off the plate. I should have put a silicone mat down. – I’m so sorry. – I’m happy at those. I’m happy at that.
– [Jamie] It looks great. (intense hip-hop music) – Mike, in front of
you, you have two dishes cooked by one chef and one normal using flavor pairings from our previous flavor pairings videos. – Gotcha! – Which one are you gonna go with first? – I’m gonna go on the left, your right. Ooh, “Cod with buttery breadcrumbs, “vanilla mayo, and cherry tomatoes.” It’s pretentious enough to be a James dish but also pretentious enough
for Barry to aim for that. (giggling) This one? Hello! (laughing) It’s got a whole dolphin panned. (laughing) – Contrary to your initial impressions, I did not make that. – “Fish finger sandwich,
vanilla custard tartar.” I mean, this looks fantastic. (driving rock music) Cod’s really nicely cooked. I love the crunch of the breadcrumbs. That’s amazing. (driving rock music) Vanilla mayo is really good. Really weird but really
good because you expect it to go sweet and it never does. That’s brand new for me.
(utensil clatters) That is a very, very, very good dish. Oh, this is so delicately poised. (laughs) (plate clatters)
I mean, it claims to be a sandwich, so, it needs to
be eaten handheld, right? – [Jamie] Hope you don’t choke. (laughing) – I feel like I got stuff on my face. (laughing) These are, like, size 10 feet. And it’s absolutely delicious. I want to try the vanilla
custard in isolation. I’m getting the creaminess
and the custardiness from it. I’m definitely getting vanilla. I can’t work out whether
it’s sweet or not. And I don’t think that matters because as a combination,
it all works really well. Bloody hell, guys. This is so hard. Like, these are, probably, two
of the best things I’ve eaten for a long, long time. What a great job! I’m looking at you
(laughs) because you’ve pulled this out of the bag ’cause I don’t know which one you made! Okay (clapping), I’ve made my decision. – First of all, which
dish are you crowning Food Pairing Beat-the-Chef Champion? – I would genuinely say that out of 10, I would give one a nine and one an 8.8. Okay, that’s how close
I found this, really. I’m gonna give my winner to (suspenseful rock music) this dish here.
(applause) – Congratulations to that dish. – This was stunning,
exactly what you’d want from a fish finger sandwich. You didn’t lose any of the flavors, but I just don’t think you tasted as many of them as I did in this dish. And so, I’d say James made this? He did.
(applause) Great, James. – Well done. I’m so, I’m amazed we went for the same thing with the same pairings. – Holy crap, we’re learning stuff! – I know.
– I mean, you guys are learning stuff.
– I’m scared. – These are always judged by a normal, but it’s great to hear who you think should have won out of
those same ingredients. Comment down below. – If you have not checked out our podcast, why have you not? I’ll tell you why you should. Because you got three normals, and you got two chefs, and they all have differing opinions on the food. And we pick some really
contentious topics, and then we argue about
it, and it is amazing. So, if you haven’t, sorry. Do you want to say something? – No, I was just inhaling. I was just getting short of breath. – So, if you want to check it out, then all the links are down below. You can sign up for the club, and you can get it every single week. (enthusiastic band flourish) – I bought my brother a
fridge for his birthday. ‘Can’t wait to see his face
light up when he opens it. – Ha, ha, ha, ha. Nice, nice, nice. (door closing) As we mentioned, we don’t
just make top-quality YouTube videos. Nope. We’ve built the Sorted Club,
where we use the best things we’ve learned to create stuff
that’s hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested. Thank you for watching, and
we’ll see you in a few days. (beep) – Oh, I got scared halfway through it. I got scared halfway through it.
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