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BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE, How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
and you guys have been asking me for ages to do the Bean Boozled challenge. SO I am finally going to do it, but I don’t
like to eat gross things alone so I’ve got some other youtubers in with me. SO let me introduce you to who we’ve got. We have Jennifer from sealemon, some of you
might already know her channel because she made me a beautiful leather bound recipe journal
which I have filled up and made my own using your tutorial. But do you want to for those who haven’t met
you before do you want to just give a quick run down on what your channel is about. I have a channel called sealemon. It is sealemon DIY on youtube, I make a lot
of fun DIY projects and arts and crafts projects. SO make sure you check her out I’ll link to
everyone at the end so you can go check out all of their channels, we also have Karen
and her youtube channel is Karven Kavat, so tell everyone what you do on your channel. Oh I do DIY’s as well and I also do graphic
design and vlogging and halls and all kids of things. Lots of fun stuff so check that one out. And some of you might already know Gemma from
bigger bolder baking so Gemma fill them in if they haven’t met you before hat do you
do. I’m Gemma from Gemma’s bigger bolder baking
and I do over the top easy recipes hopefully with big and bold great results. So you can check out all those channels at
the end and I’ll link to them. But we are going to get into eating these. So what we are going to do usually you get
one point if you get a nice one I think that’s pretty good. But if you get a bad one if you eat the bad
one, if you actual;y swallow it then you are going to get 2 points. Ohhhh. First we are going to go for this one which
could be either rotten egg or buttered popcorn. Oh no. So if you get rotten egg and you actually
eat it then you get 2 points. So are you ready? Do they smell any different. No they don’t they smell the same. When I was a kid we used to have chickens. Who else did you say you have chickens. Mm hm Did you ever have rotten eggs? No. We had one chicken that would go and hide
where it was laying its eggs and then we’d find its nest and if you just slightly touched
then they would explode and they stunk. Oh No. I am so nervous. Ok ready, 1, 2, 3 oh for real, oh no. uh oh,
I got rotten egg, how many pints do you get? 2 I got rotten egg and I’ve swallowed it so
that is 2 points to me. OK I’m going to swallow mine too. It’s like a sweet rotten egg, I’m trying to
think mine might of been popcorn. Mine was not popcorn, it tastes like cooked
rotten egg is what it tastes like. I think I got popcorn then. The first taste was bad but the aftertaste
was fine. Just for your information Karen has never
had jelly beans before so this is your introduction to jelly beans. That still tastes bad the water is not helping
I think we needed something stronger. oh gosh. Lets move straight onto the next one OK lawn
clippings or lime is these ones here. Oh lawn doesn’t sound too bad, I like the
smell. I got lime. I guess it’s lime, I think it’s lime. It’s a bit hard to tell after. It’s not bad. Over in the corner can you guess what these
ones are. Oh I think those are the worst ones. I’d say vomit or something. That’s right they are either peach or vomit
for this one. Oh peach.. Now I want to know I’ve got a question for
you before you eat this one. Some comments on your youtube channel I think
are peachy encouraging and make you feel good and some are a bit more like vomity and stinky
and they make you feel bad and they stay around for ages. Have you got and example of either a peachy
or a vomity comment that you’ve got on your channel? Um I’ve gotten some really nice comments um
that people are saying that they are going to art school and studying graphic design
because of my videos. And they are inspired by you to do that, that’s
awesome. I guess I don’t like it when they start attacking
the other commenters like not so much me but like, and then I feel like I have to jump
in and defend them. Get along, be nice, be lovely. Yes we get that too. OK lets eat this one and see. You ready, set go. Oh good I got peach. Peach, oh thank God. I didn’t get peach. I can’t tell. I’m so bad at this game. This is not good. That’s like really salty but gross. OK I think I got peach then. I don’t really like ti but its not. How come I got the bad one. Oh that is not good. I’m so bad at identifying flavours. I think we should quickly eat another one
so I can get rid of that flavour. what if I get bad on bad? That is not good. Why did you guys ask us to do this. Ok lets go for white. That is either baby wipes of coconut. Baby wipes. Baby wipes at least smell nice. We are just going to have to eat it straight
away I need to get rid of the other flavour. 3-2-1 go. I got baby wipes, I got baby wipes but that
tastes nice compared to the other one. Yeah it kind of does. I got coconut. It’s like eating perfume. Hmm Yeah it is like a bar of soap. mm yeah, it’s like musk sticks that we get
in Australia which I really like, I like that one. How do they get those flavours in there? They are really bizarre. and now we have either chocolate pudding or
dog food. Do you have a dog? I do his name is waffles. And he would eat either. He’s been on some of your videos. And did you say you’ve just got a dog? yeah what sort of dog did you get? An Australian kelpie. All the way from Australia? Yes, No. Ok let’s hope we don’t get the dog food. are you ready 3-2-1 I think I’ve got dog food
already. Yeah I got dog food, I got dog food, I go
t chocolate pudding. Mmmm Mines good. No that doesn’t taste so bad. It’s weird. It’s weird. It’s like a savoury piece of candy. It does its weird yeah. It’s like a vaguely vague meat type of flavour. Is that what dog food tastes like? No my dog food doesn’t taste this good. Have you tasted your dog food. I can smell it. He seems to really enjoy it and that ll that
matters. Juicy pear or booger. Oh Booger. Pear. Is it strong pear? Oh it is yeah, Mhmm. What did yours taste like? I don’t know its umm kind of salty. Did you finally get a bad one? mhmm. Toothpaste or berry blue. I got toothpaste, berry, I got berry. OK we’ve got one more and that is stinky socks
or tuitty fruity. Oh I got tuitty Fruity. Tuitty Fruitty. What does tuitty fruitty taste like? Chewing gum. It’s like moth balls. That what you got socks. I think it might be the socks. But I’m not entirely sure may be I should
get half a point. Maybe you should have another, I think you
should have more just to make sure. Well we have tallied up all the scores and
unbelievably I think that I have one because I got more bad things. But nobody spat anything out and it was very
very close . Because you were only one point behind and I think you’re two points behind
so I think that everyone should win and you can all eat the left over jelly beans. Or some of your ice cream that you bought
for us. That will be much nicer. So thank you so much for watching let me know
in the comments if you have any other suggestions of things you would like me to do and people
you’d like me to rope in to do that with me. And make sure you click on Jennifer to go
and watch sea lemon, click on Karen to watch her channel and click on Gemma to go and check
out her baking channel. Have a great week and I’ll see you all on
Friday. [the boat song by used
with permission.]
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