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BBQ Burgers | Buddy Oliver | #CookingBuddies

[Music] hi i’m buddy and today i’m going to make some burgers on the barbecue now we’re going to take some mint and shape our burgers it’s good quality beef mince i’m just shaping the burgers into the right size mushing the meat down so it all sticks together i’m making some small ones for river and petal do you think people ask which one’s older petal or me they probably thought petal was older and she is i’m just mumbling petal and river will probably just like cheese and maybe lettuce or that sort of stuff but i like pickles as you can see pickles cheese stuff i like pickles my favorite that’s what it should look like now we’re gonna wash our hands today we’ve got some red cabbage got some cheddar cheese some lettuce and cucumber chopped up and we’ve got some pickles and we’re gonna cut them with our crinkle cutter the good thing about crinkle cutters is that they’re not that sharp but you should always have an add-on around do one more there we go and we can just pop these over here for later when we do our toppings we’ve also got some buns so they’ve been sliced in half and we’re going to toast them later there we go so i’ve washed my hands and now i’m going to have a little tidy up and just take these away put them over here now we’re ready to cook the burgers now we’re going to barbecue our burgers make sure there’s always an island around i like the scissors always work from the cold side to the hot side and try not to put them all on the hot side at one time so those are our burners just going to put this down and we’re going to watch them because we’re going to flip it we’re going to use this make sure it has a long handle now i’m going to move the ones that are on the cold side to the hot side and they smell quite good smell like a barbecue hi camera i’m waiting for the burgers to cook and i’m carving a stick i have no idea why but it’s kind of fun i’ve just flipped my burgers now i’m gonna add some cheese i’m gonna add one on each burger i’m gonna shut the barbecue so the cheese melts but if you’re using a pan you can always put a lid on top the cheese is melting so i’m gonna put my buns in there just for a quick toast i’m going to put them on the cold side i’m going to leave the buns in there for about another 30 seconds now we’re going to take the buns off the heat gonna get a plate and put the bun there charmander i chose you and now we’re just going to put the toppings on my one so we’re going to put some of this red cabbage on the side turn that around and then i’m going to get some of these gherkins pickles whatever you want to call them and just put them around here there we go i’m going to get some cucumber and lettuce i think yeah put some inside on top some ketchup here and put some on the side so i can dip my burger in this is what i’m gonna add but you can add whatever you like on yours put the burger on top and now my favorite part you get to eat it so there you go guys that’s my burger i hope you guys give it a go you can add any toppings you like hope you enjoy sending your videos to the hashtag here and we’ll check them bye okay guys thank you for sending myself something nervous they have to talk to me okay
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