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Barbie Accessories Haul – 4K

foreign box daily we are taking a look at Barbie accessory packs we found these at Toys R Us for 7.99 and 2.99. I search for these packs because for like 2.99 you get all these little things and you know how we love the little things at the top of the pack there is a size chart for original petite curvy and Tall so does that mean that soon we will be able to find fashion for the different body types so excited the packaging is pretty simple it’s a large piece of paper board with the outfits and accessories on the front and then some information on the back Fashions fit dolls indicated on the front panel fashion shoes fit dolls with flat feet for ages 3 and up and plastic bags can be dangerous so don’t play with the plastic bag oh yeah that’s enough talking now let me see my new clothes [Music] in this set you get a dress a belt a kimono cardigan we made something similar in a previous video sandals shorts a tank top and a purse okay great can I try them on now yes Sophie you can yay Sophie has a made to move body which is similar to an original and I really like the print on this dress well of course you do I make everything look fabulous the shorts are printed to look like jeans with printed details and Fringe at the bottom and they velcro in the back the tank top has a flower lace print and looks great with the kimono cardigan and Grecian sandals you can add the belt or use it as a headband and finish it off with a purse this totally looks like an outfit that people would actually wear in fact I think I saw these sandals at Target like yesterday let’s open up the other packs this pack looks like it’s for a day at the beach we have a Malibu beach bag sunblock or suntan lotion headphones which are perfect for our doll video game room a camera star bracelet now necklace with a seahorse and star water bottle and metallic sunglasses these are so cool you can see my reflections hi this one looks like it’s for the doll who likes to accessorize it’s all in bright colors except for the cell phone there’s a belt a purse sunglasses a headband a necklace bracelet watch and the cell phone what’s pretty cool about the cell phone is that there is a handle on the back so it can attach to the doll’s hand so she can hold it yeah absolutely are you ordering pizza because I am so hungry and check out my new Apple watch it’s not really an Apple Watch but I’m going to pretend like it is wait did you just say this wasn’t a real apple and the last pack that we found is like a get dressed up and go to the movies kind of pack we have a pink clutch a black and gold purse and I like all the details on that one this is a little thing of nail polish a hairbrush lipstick a metallic gold necklace a bracelet and popcorn and I’m pretty certain that we can customize some of these pieces like paint the top of the nail polish yeah why don’t you go and do that why I help myself to some popcorn I am a big fan of these accessory packs because you can get really cool stuff for like three dollars and you can use them for other doll lines there’s a line where the sky meets the sea and it calls me get it the sea is calling Moana come on Sophie it was punny no well I liked it and we’ll see you tomorrow for another unbox daily and I’m going to go and look for some more of these so we can have a fathom giveaway on Instagram at my froggystuffed and that’s our collection for now
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fWDbQkKqHY

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