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Ballet Barre Workout

hey there Exeter’s welcome today we’re doing a bar routine and that means we are taking ballet away from the bar but we’re using the bar this is our bar today and we’re going to do an awesome routine that you can do from home without being a ballerina here we go alright so here we are we’re gonna get started with plie squats very fitting for being a bar routine bar inspired that is so wide stance toes are out these are open hands here with your medicine balls you have a medicine ball below or anything will do whatever has a little bit of weight we’re gonna bring it up into a calf raise just like this we’re going for 20 so jump on in tap up and open get up on those toes bring it in if you need to relax through the neck make sure your shoulders are drop back good work tight core no duck butt so you don’t want your butt to go straight out behind you drive it down towards the floor good job keep going up on the toes soft elbows almost through last you teased all the way up perfect all right stop that down right that was great great beginning but we have number two coming up some these little dumbbell to what we’re doing here same thing we a squats toes out music opens we’re going to start here bring it up and face the palms together back into a calf raise all right here we go for 20 bring it down all the way up high in the cord drive the butt towards the crown so in ballet again no duck that’s right but we’re not ballerinas we’re just taking some core fundamentals from ballet and incorporating it into a full body work all the way up together palms face each other up on the toes you’ve got halfway through get those shoulders get up on those calves on the toes tippy tippy tippy toes you want keep going one for good measure nice work supposing okay here we go for number three so you might want to make yourself some safe move dumbbells around this is our bar good for the day so you really don’t have to be on top of your fitness game you just make things up as you go okay so instead of having a bar here we have blocks okay here we are we’re going to start with front kicks to the front except we’re only coming down about halfway isometric movements are so painful and so amazing painful in a good way so let’s go for 20 so start here open up the hip chest up and open we go up to 20 just about halfway down point that toe you got it hence we go here wherever you want whatever is most comfortable alright well now that we’ve done the left leg we should probably do the right leg so let’s go ahead I’m going to switch over here to this side so you can see me and remember this is our bar so here we go let’s put our hands here this time give that a shot bring it up halfway down go for 20 really pull up through the core you’re going to feel that burn through the quads as well I reveal it I hope you guys do to point the toe slow and controlled you got it pull it up feel that oblique right here so you can move off the bar if you like if you don’t need stability you don’t need it alright this one we’re going to the back so you can have your hands rested here if you don’t want to and all we’re doing is pulling it up for 20 okay so bring it down about six inches off the floor I’ll stay on this way so you can see for a moment so you’re springing it up feel the top of the glute bring it back down perfect okay let’s give it a shot here we go for 20 point to toe here we go you might want to utilize your ears quote/unquote bar or back of a chair if you have one to put your weight forward on this once it’s really maximized isolation at the top of the glutenous I’m doing it keep going top of the glute will squeeze it will squeeze it real boys it really squeeze it all right once a good measure okay go ahead and switch here we go should feel that right at the top you got it soft me in the front stop scanning leg you got this keep going well I do metric movement should burn burn burn so what do you guys think of our new place here on exit you should leave a comment and note shake well here we are I’d say we’re about halfway through the first round we’re gonna do this all again so go ahead and let’s pick up a medicine ball if you want to use a dumbbell for this one it will totally work okay we’re moving a second position just bring it out like this hose out up on your tab this is gonna stay here the whole time pays for an activate the delts a little bit of biceps if you rotate your palm forward or up okay so here we go for 20 jump in Soph me so we’re in quite that resistance coming down just a little bit obviously we’re standing on the floor so we don’t have a giant range of motion here I promise it serves a purpose if you do it right to really squeeze at the top activate the core so every time you exhale squeeze those abs in the front remember you don’t have to have a visible 6-pack to have abs they’re under there okay it should always be thinking about all the way up you squeeze you’re going activate those core core is plural all of you watching I’m gonna meet your court give it up get more of these should feel this in adults subscribe oh let’s call that with it all right and the next one we’re gonna do using dumbbells again so go ahead and grab those I’m gonna drop slide this time and if you have lighter weight you want to use that that’s totally fine if you’re heavier do it so what we’re doing here is going to start with a little bit of a blood out pavement looks fun squat down just a bit bring it out when you pack it perfect – just like that that’s all we’re doing and one to the right one to the lessons gonna concentrate in one so we’re gonna go for twenty okay here we go so that’s one there you go keep that chest up and open squat down you got it nice tight core we’ll fly in here you got this keep going right through those elbows shoulders up let him hunch forward you got it keep going should be burning what nice weak shoulders you got to work out keep it up should burn if you need to just take a little rest squat into it there you go whoo it is burning over here how about you but maybe could have gone with Walker wait keep that heart rate going delts are on fire let’s call that good huh breathing okay that one got my heart rate up so let’s go ahead whoo get on the floor I would totally bust that one of our fancy mats or maybe some mustard but for now we’re just gonna start here and you guys are familiar with these donkey pick it up however and keep your toe pointed you’re gonna come all the way up so you built the copy of Lee okay here we go 20 on this side whoo jump in that’s how we bring it up all the way good job pull it up you got it open to that ceiling put the toe and the leg make sure your long gating all the way through maximize workout alright go ahead and switch other side 20 over here here we go jumping all the way up join the tour in the front okay so think about your abs not just attention to that little upper area think about the coil in the front like all the way up we gotta keep going exhales you bring that point out nice elongated a pretty you got it laughs okay here we go st. as they seem you can come up to little rest yo hi Maya – okay Paul a GU style right throwback Thursday okay elongate the legs and all we’re doing here keeping it straight keep pulling it up similar to what we just did okay folks go 420 number these isometric movements totally working to do them right here we go bring that leg out put the tail you got this straight legs and mine where your leg is okay so if your hips are rotated out anything you want to make sure you knock that all the other and I’ve just miss him every day all right other side switch right away we go oh but really like get up over here we’re in a room room not the old gym so let us know what you think and then let us know what you think about this giant mustard right sir keep going woo feel the burn alright call that good bring it down oh so we’re gonna get up round two but this time we’re only doing ten reps of everything instead of 20 so go ahead stand up and here we go arms here you got it so feel these shoulders working alright I’m here go for ten point the toes out drive the butt into the ground go a little lower today here you go keep going challenge your body chest up and open you got this keep going one boy all the way whoo all right perfect okay we need dumbbells again have these little guys here we go same thing but this time remember calf raise okay whoo down all the way bring it up calf raise perfect hey cor you got this all the way up keep going no no toes come on all the way perfect okay well I need to make some more space you might to just move the weight from out if you need to okay front kicks so out here let’s try to say again here we go for ten bring it up halfway down you got this don’t give up don’t press pause you can get through this come on alright let’s go to this side so you can see me same thing here we go for ten then get halfway down whoo heart rate should be up and if you feel like after this video you still want to work out tomorrow and just go ahead and find another exit video and do it no problem in that okay here we go for the rear kick all the way bring it up top of that glute down the way up perfect all right call it good quit stop me in that standing leg Waikato there we go whoo feeling it leave a comment let us know if you got through the hole you worked out don’t be a lot to be doing okay and all right here we go you’ll have this medicine ball again or a dumbbell if you like number chose to point it out and we’re going into calf raise holding the static motion just like this all right here here we go up on the toes squeeze the ABS you can bend ever so slightly at the waist doesn’t help stabilize you all the way up squeeze those tabs make it count to be super easy and effective or it could actually serve a purpose all right bring that down boom okay so I learned my lesson last time my deal to soar these guys little baby weight okay here we go remember one to the right one to the last shopkin account as one open up the chest don’t hunt the shoulders forward you got this keep going and a lot of times I see comments from you guys asking do we need to wear shoes stuff like that for this kind of routine no the more high impact intensity when then absolutely all right last one oh all right goes down nice work okay here we are going to go into your donkey kicks isometric movements here we go and on the side point the toe bring that leg all the way up it smell pretty honest other side understand the barb programs out there traffic you can go to your local gyms or whatever or if you like doing the stuff depressed normal try to keep up with you here on exit alright call that me good other one you know how to do this point that toe sweating out the legs we go for ten bring it up nice long lean leg like that tell if there’s any men doing this you gotta point your toes to itself just a girl go ahead Chris my favorite things trying to soothe yes they do the smaller I selected movement you guys killing me like that if you’ve never beaten ever alright you guys we finished thank you so much for doing this barrio to New Guinea on exit make sure you subscribe leave a comment let us know how you did what you saw if you want more and email subscription list make sure that you’re part of that queue great stuff coming your way follow me on twitter facebook at kelsey we calm
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