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Baking The First ULTRA Stuffed Oreo

in today’s video we’re making a giant oreo [Music] wow we have our work cut out for us um we have done a lot of work we have a huge shout out to nate for making the oreo mold for us this is killer he did a fantastic job we took silicone and by we i mean kevin poured his heart and soul into pouring silicone over the mold nate constructed for us and here we are with our giant oreo mold i mean look at this we’re going from this to this it’s backwards because it’s the mold so what it says here is tko rio correo decorvio here’s the basic idea we’re going to use the cream and cookies from 1 000 oreos to make our gigantic oreo cookie this is the biggest oreo cookie that we can make in the kitchen because we’re limited by the size of our oven we’ll put it on here hangs over just a little bit and that’s how we’re going to cook our cookies so we’ve experimented a lot we have gone through rounds and days of prototyping and testing out this cookie eating so many of our creations what i was finding everywhere is that people that make giant oreo cookies they’re cake-like like the cookie itself doesn’t crunch it doesn’t have that snap and i a real oreo cookie that’s giant not something that just looks like an oreo cookie but that breaks cracks and sounds and still tastes like an oreo cookie which is why we came to the grand conclusion that we needed a thousand oreos so our cookie will be 16 inches in diameter and three inches thick so i have to make two crusts or two cookies and then we have our cream here and what we learned from doing our what to do with cream of thousand oreos video we heat it up a little bit and that was our favorite taste was heating up the oreo cream it helps it adhere together better so we can take all the cream heat it up a little bit and then spread it out and we’ll have our 16 inch wide one inch thick cream to get there though we have to blend up we have a long look at these oreos long road ahead of us but we will get there [Music] we got all of the oreos processed ground up and it’s left up with two didn’t take that long nah it was like 20 minutes those four bowls have left us with two bowls of oreo powder which is crazy now we’ve got a coconut oil here i don’t have an exact ratio what we did during prototyping is we did measure it in the beginning but then we were kind of just going by like look enough coconut oil for it to stick together not too much where it’s like runny but enough that it actually like holds a little bit of a shape so we’re going to mix it and then grace is going to be pushing it in to our little hearts into our letters to all the little ridges that are on the outside we’re definitely going to need some more so if you take a look at this it’s not really sticking together too much yeah if i push it together so just have grace pour [Music] we got the first cookie full we gotta all press in with the details and then push it in on top we gotta go put it in the fridge before that let’s just take a look we used all of the oreo crumb from this pot and none from this bowl so we have more than enough cookie crumbs we don’t need to peel any more oreos to get more crumbs put it on the shelf so that it goes through the slots here and it can actually close cool kevin it looks so good it does like this is nice and solid so solid so when grace and i were talking this morning we’re like you know what we think we actually don’t want to bake it because what we did see is that after we baked it and then set it out it started to not feel as structurally like a sound like it was kind of like crumbly the best thing we saw was when it was cool so we’re gonna put this on here and put it back in the freezer while we make our second one space facts of the day face fact oreos have not been to space we don’t eat oreos in space because they’re really crumbly oh you get it in your eyes very bad in space so we have baked cookies in space just recently this past year chocolate chip cookies oh that sounds delicious yeah space cookies i had a hand here and here yep just like that come down and set it i just want to be very careful okay so now this gentle just be very gentle as we peel this way very slow yeah you just keep going on your side and we’ll just march it nice and easy oh my gosh oh that looks so good oh my goodness oh oh it’s really sticky it is very sticky right here here so let’s start in the middle and peel a little bit and then like move our fingers to the outside yeah that’s that slow peel we’re pushing down the back of the mold too to give us a better leverage we are trying to peel as slow as possible to make sure like we don’t have oh my gosh oh my gosh it looks so good kevin whoa my hands are cold mine are frigid right now last little bit kevin your oreo looks so good look at this cookie oh my goodness that’s a big cookie man this is spectacular all right let’s do the other one well we gotta take this one upstairs i’m gonna put this one back in the freezer and then you start mixing the cookie i’ll come help press it in i like it goodbye to choreo if half of it is gone the next time we see it i don’t know what happened [Music] two hours later this one we just pulled out looks oh it looks good the best it’s it’s beautiful here so we gotta do the same thing to peel it off but we’re gonna do two things at once here so grace is gonna start melting our cream we’re not melting it to like liquid consistency we’re just warming it up a little bit because when we were doing the cream of a thousand oreos we found that that really made it like cohesive because this is not cohesive no it looks just kind of almost like when you scoop out vanilla ice cream oh yeah and try to put your ice cream gloves together there’s hair in my mouth can’t get it for me what happened i turned around for 30 seconds this just seemed easier for me to like knead it and like mix in yes [Music] here it is put your fingers on that side we’ll put it on together yeah a little push to cordial to choreo we love you to correo four inches a four inch oreo this is ridiculous i am so happy kevin this is amazing i just want to like cheers my mouth could be around it it’s good or anything oreo got the right ratio of cream to that was a big caloric bite right there but wow this is good well if you want to see us make anything else with oreos or turn any other food giant let us know in the comments below because it’s always a blast and we’d like to do it and then eat it please we love to eat giant food it’s so much fun that’s not it guys you know we always got more for you so click that subscribe button down in the corner so you can keep on going back see you in the next one talk to you then
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