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Baja Fish Tacos Recipe | Big Night In

it’s Friday and it’s time for another big night in this time we’re making fish tacos just like we tried in LA we got crispy battered fish a fresh speaker to go and a tangy white sauce look at our taco rack come on nice it looks decent like I’ll eat since we don’t there are so many different parts to it I don’t know where to stop and we’ve got some green stuff I’ll pull that out too what is the green stuff it’s a grow fresca nice one if you can manage to get your mouth with everything so you’ve got the salsa and the white sauce and the banter and everything combined from the squeezer like that’s good hey what’s up be back in LA now what do you think of the end of the salsa ticket a girl I said that pass the know how to pronounce it I can only imagine that you had something to do it with it which is why you’re asking this is a really simple sell stuff all you have to do is take it tomatoes get rid of that wet bit and then chop them finely for the onions coriander and your chili don’t forget to remove the seeds once you’ve done that just season with salt pepper and a squeeze of lime I really really like this spectacular like adult fish fingers soft flaky but you’ve got that porky kind of crispness on the outside that makes ago super golden and crispy now we know these plateaus become the best Tucker’s around because we took inspiration from one the first Tiger stands in LA it was Ricky’s fish tacos and he grew up in Baja so it’s kind of Baja style from LA and we’re going with this batter which is awesome plain flour and water mixture paste and then into it he added mayonnaise mustard and Oregon Oh plus a generous pinch of salt and pepper I know it sounds so wrong but it really works so this is where we’re going to change up slightly we’re going for a firm white fish of cod whereas Ricky used catfish in LA and actually once we’ve taken it tossed it in seasoned flour and then in our batter is going into the Lord and that’s the way that Ricky told us they did it in Baja because they cook a lot with fish and pig so therefore Lord it’s always to hand is great it sounds disgusting but it tastes great you don’t have to you can use oil you wander it authentically lard when you eat at a car do you have to go for the benleah I don’t know it’s the tilt to the side I’m really concerned by it dribbling so I think if you take your face to the taco rather than tilt tack oh well I’m going to go on the move I’m going to face it head-on not that look right not bad now the reason it’s getting a little bit messy but then tasty is this thing every good fish taco needs a white sauce and ours couldn’t be simpler it’s about half mayonnaise to half sour cream and then you sit down with milk and season it with salt and pepper if you want the exact measurements you can get them in the link down below I like that that’s refreshing Jack what fresco is really simple and as we learn in LA there are so many different varieties then tell us how you made this thing is really easy basically you blitz up whatever fresh fruit you want so we’ve gone for green apple cucumber the juice of a lime and then once it’s blended with some cold water you sweeten it to taste with a sugar syrup and that’s what makes it an aqua fresca so we did a mint syrup sugar water equal ratio and fresh mint that goes in as well glitter up serve over ice it really is easy and it’s pretty damn good whew oh boy this has been a fantastic dinner thank you very much make sure you come back next Friday where we are cooking up some incredible Swedish brownies and if you want to get ahead of the game the recipe is already live on sorted food comm so go check it out get some ingredients and join us for our big night in we it sounds like you’re wrapping the video up before I’ve asked a community question on yet I hate it when now I’ve had honest so this is from Charleston Bao who asks who is the one-hit wonder when it comes to filming and gets it right the first time most of the time there’s no real competition is there why well obviously but you throw so much mud of the war most it we have to cut out so it’s definitely the most cut member the stuff he says it’s just so unusable not because it’s a explicit yet normally because it’s just not funny and it’s terrible yeah dad jokes this but at least what I say actually makes sense that’s true but if you say it enough conviction most people don’t realize it be fair I’m probably bottom of the tree that I’ll I’ll admit to feel ya until you’ve had a beer then it gets better ya know very good you and I are about the same level right it knows but no I don’t sound like I’m speaking into a pillow I heard that the YouTube video thing where you can take it down to half speed was invented purely because Barry yeah right you you
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