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my girlfriend gave me this episode idea uh she got it from her husband actually you know her husband my girlfriend’s husband is your dad we’ve got all these ingredients laid out over here everything the baus needs to make him make a bacon cheeseburger quesadilla we got so much beefy beef to make some beefy beef patties we’re also making a ground beef mixture you thought my gut was beefy we wouldn’t see nothing yet we’re going full beef boy status in my dumb ass kitchen at this kitchen about to stink up these walls with a thick beef stench we got word that there should be bacon and jack daniels in the meal so we’re adding bacon and jack daniels in the mail are you watching youtube right now go grab a drink look what we got now bacon and jack daniels baby get yourself a nice glass of whiskey and suck it down while you watch the baddest cooking boys in the cooking game make the craziest bacon cheeseburger quesadilla you ever seen [Music] and we got that bacon thick cut for your butt that sweet butt of yours let the sauce boss get a taste of that ass we’re making that bacon cheeseburger quesadilla bacon cheeseburger quesadilla sandwich chef atari going full iron man creating this large custom wrap by ironing various tortillas together we use an egg wash’s glue to stick these bad boys together we have every advanced culinary maneuver in our arsenal and we can utilize it at any given moment that’s custom right there son now we’re making our big-ass custom quesadilla-shaped patties for our bacon cheeseburger quesadilla bacon cheeseburger we’re talking about pounds and pounds of beef and cheese and bacon to make this custom bacon cheeseburger quesadilla bacon cheeseburger quesadilla look at that hunk of beef it looks like the world if the world was delicious don’t you ever dream did you ever have a dream about eating the world i won’t be so fat i won’t be so bad the fact that i could eat the entire planet call me the galactus of glucose i’m ready to munch down on everything baby i wish i had the ability to eat metal if i could eat metals i would get so i would blaze i would glaze i would blaze up so much and then i would eat metal you hear what i’m saying right now bro i’m talking about eating metal can’t eat metal though i’m just a human with human teeth so instead i’m gonna make beef and we’re gonna make beef and cheese and bacon and we’re gonna put it in a quesadilla and i’m gonna eat all that up cause i can’t eat metal god did not equip me with what i need to eat hard metals so i’m just gonna eat this over here instead but i’m gonna make it epic and don’t make a medal i am cosplaying right now as a man that your mother don’t ever think for a second that we would not utilize some tactics that we learned from tick-tock i’m talking about the quesadilla pulled i saw some looser on tick-tock pull this and i was like bro that’s pretty cool except where’s the bacon where’s the jack daniels why are you doing it with such a little bitch-ass quesadilla boy don’t you want to do more with your life you’re slacking you’re lacking on the epicness so we came through with the big ass quesadilla we showed tank top what the is up we’re doing the triple fold maneuver on two big ass quesadillas with a bacon cheeseburger in between there’s my patties right now with the slice of the cheese on top some thick-ass bacon laid down over there bro this is some hype ass what’s going on you’re home you got the day free you got a couple extra bucks to spend go buy some ground beef go buy some bacon some cheese some tortillas make a regular-sized one of these you can’t do what i’m doing right now you’re not the sauce boss but you can make a regular sized one it’s gonna be good [Music] this ain’t no average quesadilla it’s a gorilla quesadilla cause we’re gorillas in the kitchen with our big ass gorilla what gorillas have smaller penises than the average male this ain’t no average quesadilla it’s a little girthier than the average quesadilla [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] next time we dirt [Music] [Laughter] [Music] you
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