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Avocado Pastry Quiche | Keep Cooking Family Favourites | Jamie Oliver

so this one is for all you avocado lovers out there if this avocado happens to be quite high in fat then could i use that as a fat sauce in cooking and if that’s the case could i use it like butter or olive oil could i make pastry i had a little play and i started really liking the results i’m gonna make avocado pastry and we’re gonna turn that into the most amazing quiche with eggs and beautiful sweet peas and cheddar cheese and basil so get yourself two lovely ripe avocados just rotate the avocado around the stone and join up the cuts give it a little tap and then just twist it apart like that it will come out so just squeeze it out of the skin now we need double the flour 400 grams of self-raising flour a nice pinch of salt for seasoning and then just like flour and butter in regular pastry rub together the avocado and the flour as this comes together as a normal pastry wood i’m just going to take a little water and bring it together four tablespoons go in just knead and push together the dough hug it all together clean the bowl and there you have your dough like a regular pastry let it relax put that in a nice clean cloth and let it rest for half an hour and i can go and pick some salad this lovely pastry has been resting just roll it out try and be even and then turn the actual pastry not yourself keep rolling away from you about half a centimeter thick and you want it to be bigger than the tray that you’re going to cook it roll this up it’s quite easy to manage then we’ll take it over here and we’ll unwind it like that the weight of this overhang will keep that pastry in shape put a little hole here and there to let the steam out and that goes in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees celsius and that’s the perfect amount of time for me to make the filling we’re going to go even more green frozen peas i love them 300 grams is all you need and that goes in frozen to a liquidizer we want to flavor these peas i like a bit of basil so like half a bunch of soft basil leaves season with a little salt and pepper and about 90 grams of the nicest cheddar cheese you can get your hands on then six large free range eggs and then simply whizz it up look at the color [Applause] beautiful so look that is the filling done ready and raring to go let’s have a little check on our pastry i’m actually very happy with that pour this filling straight in to this tray cook that in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes just check on it when that egg is set we’re good to go i’ve got some sort of everyday leaves here i’ve got a nice crunchy apple and i always think that kind of brings this salad to life and then cut it into little matchsticks then when it comes to the dressing three parts olive oil it’s a one part acid i’ll just use lemon today squeeze it through my hands to catch any pips get the apple in there dressing goes in and then these lovely salad leaves right this is pretty much done it looks amazing look at the color i’m gonna put the salad on top and then i’ll go back to that cheddar and use a speed peeler let’s get in there cut through here down the little sides like that then grab a slice i love it i mean you can actually taste the avocado in the pastry let’s take this now to my lot mom let me see do you want to try some mom can i have a try some of that yeah oh he’s actually lovely
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