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– Do your patients call you Dr. Mike? – They mix it up, Dr. Varsharvski, Dr. Mike. – What’s your last name? (upbeat music) – Wait, what were you about to say? – No I want to answer questions. – Wait am I supposed to, am I supposed to get them? Wait, I wanted to ask you, why do I sweat so much
more than normal people? This seat right now – [Dr. Mike] Okay. – is a swamp. No literally, I’ve been
sitting on this paper towel and look how wet it is?
– (Dr. Mike laughing) I don’t care that you’re sweating but do you want another paper towel? – No it’s okay. It’s very wet, though.
(laughing) – No but, so the reason why people sweat is again, usually for thermoregulation purposes – Okay.
– but I’ll tell you why you’re probably sweating
more now then usual. – Because I’ll do ten jumping jacks, – This right here. This right here. – What? (pouring sound) Well I do drink coffee everyday but like everybody drinks coffee. – No you can but I’m just saying after a cup of coffee your going to sweat a little bit more in than moment. Things that could possibly be going on, you have a different
metabolism than others so you run at a slightly
different temperature. You like to be a little bit cooler so as soon as you heat up a little bit your body wants to sweat and cool down. Could there be something medically wrong? It could be possible, but you would have other symptoms. – How come some day, okay wait, where do I want to start here? Some days I’ll wake up, – On Sundays or some days? – Some days. No I don’t want to start there. Let’s talk about vitamins. – Vitamins or supplements? – I guess I don’t know the difference. – Well vitamins exist in our body and they exist in
nutrients that we eat food and are very important to our survival. We can’t live without nutrients. – Okay. – Supplements is what you see
in GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. – Those. – Yeah, those are supplements. Those are vitamin supplements. – Okay. – So you’re talking about
vitamin supplements. – Yeah, people say that there is no research that they work and then they say the amounts
in them are so bonkers. Should I be eating vitamins everyday? – Okay, you taking a multivitamin? – I take magnesium, biotin, for my hair, skin and nails, (whimsical bell ring) D3. I was taking Sunflower, what was it? Something for bloating, it
was like Sunflower something. Dandelion root, that’s
what it was not Sunflowers. – Sure. – Is that bad? – No, no, that’s not bad. Why are you taking them? – The magnesium is because
someone told me to take it because my muscles were sore. – Okay. The biotin was because
hair, skin and nails. (whimsical bell ring) – Did you have a medical
reason for taking any of these? – My trainer told me to take them but he doesn’t sell them so it’s not like,
– No. – he was like take these.
– No. I’m not saying anything, not knocking your trainer, most of the claims made
by vitamin companies and propagate vitamin use,
have never truly been tested. – Okay word. – We’ll take multivitamins, because that is probably the most popular one that people take, do they extend your life? Absolutely not. Do they improve your quality of life? Absolutely not. All supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA. If right now, you and I, wanted to start a supplement line called Gabby and Mike’s Vitamin C Magic Potion to help you lose weight. We can put whatever powder
we want on this table, put it into capsules, put it in a bottle and take it to the store and sell it. There is no rule against that. – Okay, I have another question. Are manicures dangerous,
with like the UV lights? – I wouldn’t use the UV lights, I would just use the air dryer. Because there is something called – Dr. Mike you can’t
air dry a gel manicure. – Duh. – There is something known as subungual squamous cell carcinoma and it’s basically a cancer on your nail. And like people will see
pictures, if you google online, a big dark line going down your nail. What’s dangerous about that is sometimes that cancer can appear there, no big deal but then if it spreads to another part of your
body it could be deadly. When I see a patient for the first time, when I’m doing the physical, one of the things I look
at is people’s nails. – Wow, I wish I didn’t have
gels on my nail right now so that you could look at them. – You want me to diagnose them, yeah. – Because I’m scared now. (Dr. Mike laughing) Okay, I’m Middle Eastern. – Okay. – So, I tan very easily. – Okay. – And I lay out a lot. – Okay. – I always tell myself (laughing) that because my skin is naturally – Olive, yeah.
– tan. I am less likely to get melanoma. – Statistically, you’re right. You are less likely but
– but it’s still bad. – you’re still increasing your risk. – But I love being tan soo much. – I’ll tell you this, so do you ever get burned? – Maybe like the first time, like the first time
your out in the summer. – Give me a rough estimate of how many sunburns you’ve had in your life. – When I was younger, I would get sunburnt – Very often? – Like relatively a lot. – So you’re at a very high risk already. – But like now, I literally
don’t burn at all. – Nope you’re a very high risk now. That’s it. – I’m so much happier tan, I literally think it does – [Dr. Mike] I get it. – something to my brain. Why am I so at more risk because I tanned when I was younger? – Because you burned. – Because I was burnt.
– Yup – Why don’t I burn now? – Maybe you stay out less. – Definitely not. – Maybe you wear some sunscreen? – Zero. – Again, you are going
to be less likely to burn than someone who is fair skinned. That’s why people who are fair skin and have x number of moles on their body, you know people who
have a lot of freckles. – I have so many moles. – Okay. – I’m scared. (uncomfortable laughter) – Because you have a lot of moles, and it goes by a number, it’s like if you have 50 or more
moles you have “x” risk and if you have less than
that you have “x” risk. – Wait more moles is more risk? – Yeah. – I have so, my entire body is moles. – So you have two major risk factors. One, the fact that you
burned in your life. The fact that you have many moles, that puts you at a risk. So, all I’m saying is, wear sunblock and number two, make sure that when
you talk to your doctor you get a full skin exam to make sure all those moles are okay. – I’ve had this mole
looked at so many times, this does not look normal but
that is cancerous, possibly. – How do you know? – Look at it. – Did you ever get it biopsied? – No they won’t but they always – Why? – just look at it and they say it’s fine. And I’m like look at it. And I went to three different doctors – Were they dermatologists? – Yes. – Okay then so you’re
fine, why are you worried? – There is no way, because it has everything that they say, (laughing) look at him
laughing back there. Do you think you should care
about doctors ratings on Yelp? – Yeah you should, you should read ’em. You should be educated consumer. – So I have a story. I called an ENT because I
had three different problems – Do you have a primary care doctor? – (whispering) No. – Okay, you should have
a primary care doctor. – I just like, why would I ever go there? What do they do? – So I’m a primary care doctor. – Right. Wait there was something else I wanted to ask you too and I was
like getting so revved up and excited about it. – Something about your mole again? – No, it’s not about my mole. I need to move on from the mole. I’ve had moles where doctors have tole me I
have a deviated septum. And then I went to a nose doctor and I was hoping – Ear, Nose and Troat doctor, ENT? – Oh, I remember what I
was going to ask you about. Yes, I went to an ENT. When I laid down, I
literally can’t breathe. Like, it’s game over, I’m like mouth breather full out. So I was like okay, deviated septum. – Do you snore when you sleep? – Like a mother (beep sound). Like I’m a dinosaur.
– (laughing) But when I go like this, – I use rhinosaurus as
the example of the snore. – That’s a better one. This is like crack to me, you hear the difference (inhaling) (deep inhalation) So I go to a doctor and
I’m like hey, fix this, and he said it’s not deviated. My septum is just so large
that I can’t breathe. I’m like okay, did I just pay $150 copay for you to tell me I have a big ass nose? I know that. But he said, it’s possible
to shave down the septum but he doesn’t recommend
it because it’s just like a really intense surgery. Like, it’s not just straightening, it’s like you literally have
to shave down the bones. – Have you ever had a sleep study done? – Uh uh. – See if you had a primary care doctor, – (laughing) – you think about snoring, right? Do you know what I worry about? – What do you worry about? – Heart disease. – What the (bleep)? You can’t talk to me like that. – Well no, good. – That was so neurotic. – I think in terms of prevention, – Okay. – not just cures. Like you’re thinking about this problem directly in front of
you and what I hear is you’re having snoring issues, you’re needing to drink
coffee multiple times through out the day, at least once a day, because your energy levels are low. Do you love napping? – I can’t nap, I have
really crazy nightmares. – Have you heard of sleep apnea? – I have sleep apnea I think
because I keep not breathing. – So do you know what the
issue of sleep apnea is? – I’m like actually
(bleep) stressed right now. – Long term risk of sleep apnea is developing high blood
pressure which then affects the shape of your heart and it’s ability to pump blood. – I can’t handle this today. – This is about empowerment, this is about getting you to make the right decisions for your health. – (laughing) I didn’t know I had a heart risk and now I’m sad. Do doctors actually read the charts because I say hard no. – What do you mean do we read the charts? – Like they make me fill
out all that paperwork and then I come in, – Hundred percent, we read the charts. – None of my doctors read that (bleep), because then they ask me the exact same stuff that’s on the chart. I’m like read the damn chart. Also have you ever heard the term flank, in terms of medicine? – Yeah, that’s your side right there. – I had a doctor tell me that I had a lot of fat in my flank. Anyways, I just wanted to know if you knew what a flank was (laughing). – Classically, if someone
has a kidney stone or an infection in their kidney, which is in the back portion over here, and they have pain in this
area, we call it flank pain. – That’s the grosses word
I’ve ever heard in my life – [Dr. Mike] Why? – for a body part. – Well you’ve heard of flank
steak, that’s from a cow. – Well yeah, cause it’s like an animal but when someone grabs, literally grabs your side and says you have a lot of fat in your flank – [Dr. Mike] Well that’s messed up – very offensive. Oh I remember, how do
you feel about fillers? – Facial fillers? – Yes. – Okay. – Generally, do you think
that they’re unsafe? – Do you feel light is generally unsafe, like it can be and it can be that. – Light, what do you mean light? Is light ever bad for you? – Yeah. – (laughing) I’m so stressed. – Yeah. – What do you mean? – Blue wavelength light
hurts your sleep hormone. – Oh yeah. – Blue wavelength light
causes macular degeneration. – I have those glasses. – Are you a surgeon? – Yeah, like my medical license
says physician and surgeon but I don’t perform
surgeries on a regular basis. – Have you ever? – Yeah. – How long has it been
since you had a surgery? – A really long time. – what was it?
– C-section in medical and in residency. – We were tweeting about this. – Who? – Me and you. – About c-sections? – Yes. – Really? – Okay. – Mind blown right now.
(laughing) – When you get a surgery or a c-section, they take your organs out. – Oh you said that, what
holds your organs up, fascia. – But then they put the organs back and they’re not like
rebuilding the fascia, right? – When we cut through the fascia we sew the fascia back up, absolutely. – I think, I just don’t have a very good understanding of what fascia is. – Well, you just need to go
to a cadaver lab one day. – Never.
(sound of record scratching) – Maybe that’s a good YouTube video? – There is
– No, come on, all forge this video get her,
– No. – put a comment in the thing and if it gets a hundred
thousand likes, will you do it? – You can get a hundred million likes (laughing) and I’m not gonna do it. Can you generally, get
pregnant everyday of the month? – Yes. – Okay. That’s all. – We don’t have a hundred
percent accurate science to know where exactly in
your cycle that you are. – Yeah okay,
– So because we don’t – so say your someone who’s super regular. – It doesn’t matter,
it’s still not perfect. – Why is my body so crooked? Real talk, triple D, double D. Nine and half, eight and a half. You guys are seeing, I’m doing
this as evenly as possible. My right hand is so much freaking – Really, it doesn’t
look that much bigger? – You don’t think that looks
so much bigger, look at this? Shoes are annoying, bras are annoying, like if I’m wearing a swimsuit, this boob is soo much bigger. Oh my god, I just remembered something that has been haunting me my whole life and I have to ask you. (cross talking) Each persons heart is born with a certain amount of beats essentially, like you can only have so
many beats in your life and that’s why people who are over weight and their heart is beating faster or unhealthy in some way,
that’s why they die sooner. So then I would get
really scared to work out because I’m like, oh my god
my heart’s beating faster and I’m running out of beats. – Yeah, I would say that
is totally inaccurate. – Okay cool. – It sounds like broscience. – That’s like a weight off. – The reason why I would say is because people that exercise
and get their heart rates up they generally live long healthy lives. – Her come back to that – I know what it is. – was that your heart
beats slower resting. – Let’s use an example
like Lance Armstrong, whose heart rate is incredibly high, his resting heart rate is high and he is a really high performing athlete and you can’t say he’s
gonna live a short life because his heart beats high. What we’ve seen is a trend that people who have lower resting heart rates are generally in better
shape so they live longer, but it’s not because of the low heart rate that they live longer. It’s cause their exercising,
you see what I’m saying? – That has caused me so
much anxiety for a decade. – Well, I am glad that we
can control your anxiety just a little bit
– Me too. (high five slap) That’s out of my brain (laughing). All right guys I hope
you learned something. We talked about literally
everything under the sun. So I hope you guys enjoyed this. If you have any questions for Gabby, please drop them down
below in the comments. Please check out her channel, I’m going to be linking it everywhere. She’s in the process of learning – I just realized I was like staring at you so weird the entire
time, I was like this. – Good, good. Watch how weird
– (laughing) – she stares at me and judge her for it. – And sorry to who ever
has to edit this, jesus. – What about Jesus? – Wait, Jesus is editing this? – Who’s Jesus? Dan is editing this, thank you Dan. Sorry Dan (laughing). Alrighty guys, (hands clapping) thanks for watching. As always, you have to do this too, come on let’s do it. As always, stay happy and healthy. (black noise) What do you think BO is? – I don’t know. – It’s bacteria farts. – Yum. (black noise) – Generally, when people
are running in the gym they don’t smell bad
but when you’re stressed (thump) – [Man Offscreen] Sorry. – You’re fired (black noise) – Kids are taking cocoa powder that they buy from amazon and
they snort it to get high. – Why are they getting online, why don’t they just go to Ralph’s. – I don’t know what Ralph’s is but – We’re in the east coast. (black noise) Before we go can you tell
me what blood pressure is? (laughing) (black noise) (upbeat music)
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