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Are You Capable Of Murder?

Murder has inspired documenteries, podcasts, and even games. But our obsession with these stories got us wondering Are there certain traits or factors that make somebody more likely to kill someone? And are you capable of murder? To start have you ever thought about it before? Well this isn’t actually that meaningful because it’s so common. A survey of almost 1,000 students found that 76% of women and 91% of men reported having one vivid and memorable homicidal thought. In fact other reports show men may have roughly ten murder fantasies and women three in the past year. Is your heat beating fast right now? Then you’re probably safe. A study of 710,000 menhad their resting heart rate measured when they were 18 years old as part of a military service test. In the decades that followed the men with the lowest resting heart rates were 39% more likely than the high resting heart rate group to commit a violent crime. Additionally a separate study found that a low heart rate was linked to stalking behavior.
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