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Apartment Friendly Warmup – Do This Before Your Workout!!

– Hey you guys! Cassey here. Now today, we’re gonna be doing a warmup. I want you to do this video before you do any other video that’s not a warmup because your muscles have
got to be primed and ready to workout. I think it’s really dangerous if you have been sitting at school or at work all day and then all of a sudden, you’re doing like burpees and jump squats. Your muscles are going to go crazy. They’re not gonna know what to do and can easily get injured. So, it feels good and it’s really good for you to start your workout with a quick and easy warmup just to get your muscles ready. So today, we’re doing a warmup to Chasing Fire by Lauv and all you need to do is start with me right now. We’re gonna hit that music. We’re gonna tackle the arms, the legs, the entire body. You’re gonna be ready to go. Alrighty guys, so what I want you to do
(pop music) is bring the legs out right here. We’re just gonna stretch the back. Coming low into plie squat, I want you to twist. Looking back. Really pressing the
hand against the thigh. Other side and twist. And just take your time. I just got a nice crack right there. So good. Now coming up, roll the shoulders. Okay. Now get ready. We’re gonna run in place. Let’s warm up. Run, right here. And if you want, you can run around your room if you have some space and if you don’t then you can just stay
right where you are. Now, I want you to try and kick your butt. Bring it super high. Kick it! Kick, kick, kick, kick! Right there. And you just need to breath. And let’s get through this and let’s get excited for your workout today. Okay? Alright, now I want you to lunge forward and right here. To the side. Lunge and back. Here we go, lunge and front. To the front. Lunge. Now try to go as low as you can. Down and really stretch the legs. Back. All right, now pick up the pace. Here we go. Front. Together. Side. Together. Back. Together. Take it front. You got it! Nice. Start over. Warm up those legs. Get that heart racing. Right this side. To the side. Nice. Now, squat it out. Let’s go. Squat, squat. Warm up those legs. Get the chest open. Keep the back flat. Good. Press, press. You’re doing so good! Give me four, three, two, one. You’re right here. Walk your hands down to your toes. Walk it all the way out. Feet, hip width apart. Walk. Two, three, four. Bring it out. Two. Let’s do inch worm. Keep going. In. Two, three, four. Warming up that core. Warm up the shoulders. It’s feeling good. Take it slow. Now you’re gonna stay right out here. I want you to lift your booty up. Lift your heart up! Dancing dog. Lift. Heart. Open it up guys! Warm it up! Let’s get ready for the most amazing workout you’re about to have. And lift for two. Chest for two. Ho! Perfect, couple more! Lift. Chest. One more! Hold in plank! Hold in plank. Mountain climbers. Bring it in. Right here. Warm it up! Good stuff. Come on! Give me eight. Eyes on the floor. Hands into the mat. Good stuff. You got it. Plank. Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the mouth. I want you to walk the hands into the toes. Stretch right here. Okay? Scooch your heels together. Scooch your toes together. I want you to bend one knee. Stretch. Lifting up. (exhales) Good stuff. Other side. Bend the other knee. Press the hip back. Stretch. Lifting up. Hands here. And slowly, with control roll yourself up. Roll the shoulders back and you guys you are ready! For your workout. Let’s go ahead and kill it. (upbeat music)
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