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Amazing Huge Sunroom Gets $60,000 Of Improvements | Good Bones | HGTV

So right now when you walk into
the house from the front porch, you walk straight
into the living room. Then to the right
of the living room is where all the bedrooms
are and you have a main suite and a second bedroom and bath. To the left of
the living room is a dining room and to the right
of that is a small kitchen and powder room. And in the back of
the house, you have this massive sunroom addition. MJ and Andrew bought
the house for $160,000 and it’s just under
1800 square feet. And it’s got 2 bedrooms
and 2 and 1/2 baths. MJ and Andrew have been
searching for the right house to buy for a while and they
almost pulled the trigger on a big old house
in Bates-Hendricks, but decided instead
to spend the money on their wedding in Italy. And I’m actually
glad they waited to buy because the
house they found is a bit more budget friendly. Super cute. I love the front door. Really?
Yes. Oh, not the color, right?
Not the color. I love–
[KNOCKS] Yeah, the wood.
Solid wood. Yeah, I love it. I don’t like the carpet. Really? Yeah, me either. [ALL LAUGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Why don’t you like the carpet? Because it just got laid down on
top and it’s not even attached? It’s just– it doesn’t
scream you guys to me. So we want to have this as,
like, a living room, we think. So opening up some walls. Yeah. Ideally, I was wondering
if maybe all of this could just go. The floor plan and the
layout of the house– I don’t think it’s working. The house right now
when you walk in seems really claustrophobic. Every room is sectioned
off by a wall or a door. Because we like to
entertain, it would be great if everything was opened up and
we could interact all the time. I would ideally
like the house to be like 80% entertaining space and
space for guests and hosting. So this room is
scary because we’re working with, like,
four different materials under the rug. And heights. Yeah, and multiple heights. Yeah. Oh, my God. [LAUGHS] Look at that. Isn’t it hideous? Oh, that’s so funny. That’s thick flooring. That’s like 3/4 of an inch. Built to last, yeah. Is this a wood
burning fireplace? You don’t–
It’s cute. You don’t want to
convert it to gas? No.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Yeah. So this– What’s on the other
side of the door? [LAUGHS] Yep. Come look at this. It’s a booby trap. I was like, why is
the door not opening? It’s to keep the door shut.
There’s a– Got to keep the squirrels out. –a five-gallon bucket
of mud tied to a broom. We’re under siege. [ALL LAUGHING] Mina goes to open the
door next to the fireplace and they’ve put a five
gallon bucket full of I don’t know what. It’s, like, drywall mud. Yeah, something. It’s heavy and they’ve tied it
to the back side of the doors. When you try and open the door,
the bucket tips over a little, but it pulls the
door shut right away. So squirrels can’t
push their way through. And there is an
easier way to do that. Just a latch. You don’t need– yeah, you
just need a latch on the front. That’s it. Let’s take a look
at this back room. This room is incredible. Holy cow! Yeah. Let’s talk about how amazing– [GASPS] –this is. Yeah. The sunroom was a huge
selling point for this house and we definitely fell in
love with it after seeing it. We just want to
make the space ours and have a warm, cozy
place to host guests. So this room I envision being,
like, our hosting space. Yes. I picture our giant
table here, big comfy chairs, our record player– OK. –some kind of
vintage fireplace. I would like to
have a fireplace– Can you put that–
–in every room. –on wood floor?
Or would we have– No, we have to put– –to put a little
thing up in there. –yeah, put concrete
on the floor. So that’s what I want. We would love to
take the wood up, because it’s concrete
under this wood. So you bought this
house for $160,000, and with your renovation
budget of $60,000, I think the house will end
up being worth about $230,000 when it’s done. We’ve been saving up for this
house for quite some time. And I think it really
has a lot of potential. And since this is our
first home reno together, I just really want
it to be special. Yeah, I want it to
be special, too, but we have a limited budget,
and we need to try to stay somewhat within that budget. You’re going to live here while
the construction is being done? Unfortunately, yes. We sure are. So you’re prepared to do
your dishes in the bathtub? Yep. They are living in
the house, which no one should ever be
living in the houses that we do typically. And so we need to
do it quickly– Yes –so they don’t kill us
and MJ quit, because I need him to do other projects. I will see you in
the office in a bit. Absolutely.
Have fun at work. I will. We’re going to get
started yesterday. Yeah, perfect. Can’t wait to see
the finished product. [MUSIC PLAYING] There’s our boys, woo. Hi-ho. Where’s our energy,
come on, boys. It’s back home in bed. Woo, woo, woo. Yay. This place looks like
it’s in great shape. What are we doing here? This is MJ’s house,
so don’t break it. There’s some walls
that are coming down. We’re opening up the
whole like main space, the whole kitchen’s
getting gutted. All the carpeting that
you see, that can come up. I’m ready to get to
work it’s real cold– Sounds like a lot of fun. All right, come on. All right. [SMASHING] People pay to go in
rooms and just do this. Cory’s having a good day. [SMASHING] So much fun. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SMASHING] Some thick, old floor. The wood floors in
the sunroom aren’t the right size or
type of wood to reuse in the main living space. But we’ll salvage what we can
to use on another project. No, it’s all OSB. So, we might need to look into
other stone and tile options for flooring, which,
unfortunately, may be outside of MJ and Andrew’s budget. All right. All right. So, this is MJ’s house. OK. Now that we’ve taken down the
wall separating the kitchen, we’ll have an open
concept living space. And the back wall,
we’re going to have an L-shaped kitchen with that
big island in the middle, perfect for entertaining. Our construction crew has
been hard at work at MJ’s, [SAWING] [HAMMERING] installing new
headers in the kitchen and living room to
open up the space. The real showstopper
in the kitchen is the matte black stone on
the massive island, which will be perfect for entertaining. The team is also
installing new hardwood flooring to match the existing
flooring in the living room. And mom and MJ have finally
finished up the painstaking process of removing the paint
from the fireplace, brick by brick. The flooring in the
center room is going down, and it almost looks like a
modern concrete tile, which is exactly what MJ wanted. And outside, we’re taking
the traditional windows and shutters and giving them
a modern update by painting them black and gray. And the red brick is
getting an update, which will give the exterior
a cleaner, more updated look. MJ is using a lime
wash, which will add character and age to the house. The brick looks more
distressed, like it’s been around for hundreds years. So I heard that we’re putting
in some sort of breakfast nook? This is a true story. And inside, MJ has come up with
a budget-friendly friendly DIY project to add a little
modern flair to the kitchen by using a table he
already has, and enlisting Corey and Mom’s
help to build bench seating for his breakfast nook. Andrew has been out of town on
a work trip for the last week, and he gets back tomorrow. So we have the next 24 hours to
get the house completely ready. He’s been so patient through
this whole renovation, so I really want to
wow him tomorrow. Yeah, I’m so ready to
get back in my house. Are you ready? Well, here’s the house. Oh. [MUSIC PLAYING] Holy cow, look at that. Do you love it? I love it. Would you like your house back? Let’s go see it. Think you’re going to love it. Oh my God. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow. How pretty are your built-ins? Those built-ins are amazing. [MUSIC PLAYING] I think it really
makes the room. Yeah. Like before it was
just this blank canvas. [MUSIC PLAYING] Look at this. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we didn’t obviously change
the footprint or anything, but where the furniture is, nice
like gentle soft coat of paint. I absolutely love
the side tables. Where did you find those? Thrifted for 40 bucks. Is that real marble on top?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s so cozy, and looks
like a pillow, like a cloud. Yeah. All right, let’s go back
out to your party space. Excellent. Party. Party space. [MUSIC PLAYING] And you’re now very party
ready, amazing new kitchen. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is the perfect
entertaining space. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow. [MUSIC PLAYING] So when we got here,
your kitchen literally was maybe half of
your island, three doors ways, everything packed
in there, all your appliances. And now, once we opened
up all these walls, it makes perfect sense. You’ve got these
lovely built-ins– I love those. –you’ve got a little
breakfast nook. It’s incredible. [MUSIC PLAYING] MJ built that.
Yeah. No way. And designed it. So that’s what
you’ve been doing. Yup. He hasn’t just been
shopping, although he has been doing a lot of that. A lot of shopping, too. Last big, maybe one of the
most incredible spaces. Are you ready? Are you ready? This is, this is your moment. This is the big one, I know. [MUSIC PLAYING] This room. What? [MUSIC PLAYING] I mean, you guys already
had the bones of this. This was like why you
bought the house, right? Right.
Yes. 100 percent. So we didn’t have to do
much, but this is incredible. I’m blown away. It’s the perfect
entertaining space. We have the records,
the table looks amazing. I’m so happy that the
house is finally done. I’m so happy you love it. And I’m ready to move
on to the next project. What’s the next project? Who knows. So MJ and Andrew bought
this home for $160,000, and had a renovation
budget of $60,000. With the cost-cutting
measures like EVP flooring in the
sunroom, and keeping the existing main
bathroom vanity, we were able to stay
within that budget. And this house is
worth close to $230,000 now, giving MJ and Andrew
$10,000 in equity just from the upgrades they did. And as this neighborhood
continues to transition, it’ll be a great investment
over the long term. I think MJ actually being
able to get his hands dirty and having done a lot
of the work with us.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grQtBo3e3Bg

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