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Amazing Easy Coke Dessert Recipe | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to how to cook that I’m Ann Reardon And today I’m inventing a brand new recipe for you that tastes just like a coke float it’s even a little bit fizzy in your mouth and Thanks to coca-cola for sponsoring this week’s video If you don’t know what a coke float is you take a scoop of ice cream And put it into a glass and then you pour in your coke and it bubbles right up The bubbles are my favorite bit. Here in Australia, this drink is called a spider I don’t know why so I can’t tell you why but if you go to a cafe and you see spiders on the menu don’t Freak out. It’s not the creepy crawly kind Personally, I think these should always be served with the rest of the bottle of coke so that when the froth subsides you can top it up Thumbs up If you like having your serve with the rest of the bottle. Now, these bubbles are filled with carbon dioxide Which is the gas that makes fizzy drinks fizzy and by having the carbon dioxide in the bubbles, it gives it that slightly bitter and sort of fizzy sensation on your tongue So I want to somehow incorporate those carbon dioxide bubbles into the dessert so you get that sort of fizzy feeling when you eat it now I do like plain coke floats, but if I’m hosting a summer party I like to make the drinks a little bit more fancy and a bit special So to do that put some frozen strawberries into a blender and blend Until you get fresh strawberry sorbet put a good amount of that into the bottom of your glass and Then use the back of your spoon just to push it down a little bit. It doesn’t need to be compacted just push it down to make a nice neat even layer add a scoop of ice cream on top of that And then pour in your coke and there you have a beautiful Refreshing summer drink that looks pretty almost a bit Christmassy as well Now in my dessert I want to have these exact three layers I want to have something strawberry down the bottom and then that coke ice creamy mixture in the middle and then these Frothy carbon dioxide bubbles on top these actually don’t last long in the drink So I had to come up with a way that you could capture that and make it Stay so that you can have it in your dessert Step 1 wash and hull some fresh strawberries and I’ll put all the recipe quantities for this dessert on the website For you and there’s a link to that below Of course as it always is if you’re new around here Make sure you subscribe to how to cook that and turn on the notification bell so that you’re really subscribed Otherwise, you’re just kind of clicking like because YouTube won’t let you know if you don’t turn on notifications Blend those up in the blender until you have a smooth fresh strawberry puree Into your water add 1 packet of strawberry jelly or jello. This is not hot water. It’s just room temperature Tip it all in and mix it together and then just leave it for a couple of minutes for the gelatin to absorb the water once it’s been sitting for a few minutes microwave it until it’s hot and stir it around making sure the sugar is dissolved and the gelatin is melted add in the strawberry, puree and Stir it really Well now you could just use plain jelly or jello rather than mixing in the strawberries but I like having fresh fruit in this dessert Put 2 tablespoons of the strawberry jelly mixture into the bottom of each glass. The amount is not really important I just want all the glasses to look exactly the same So that’s why I’m measuring it and then you want to put them in the fridge to set While that’s setting put your ice cream into a bowl and microwave it in 30 second bursts until it’s all melted Put your gelatin into a bowl and add in a little bit of some room-temperature coke Stir it up immediately and stir it around to make sure there’s no dry bits of gelatin and then you just want to leave that to absorb all the moisture from the coke after a couple of minutes it will look thick like this and you can take that and Microwave it until the gelatin is melted pour the hot gelatin into the melted ice cream Now it’s important here that your ice cream is not Cold it will set the gelatin straight away But we’ve even mixed it in and you’ll just get lumps of gelatin through the ice cream So you need to make sure your ice cream is not cold. It can be room temperature. That’s fine It just can’t be cold. Once it’s mixed in However, it does need to go in the fridge give it a stir every 10 minutes you don’t want it to set but you want it to be just Starting to set at the very edges so You know that it won’t take long to set Take a quarter of a cup of the ice cream mixture and add it on top of the strawberry jelly then immediately pour in a quarter of a cup of room-temperature coca-cola Give it a super quick stir to check. It’s all mixed in So that’s equal parts of the ice cream mixture and the coke So obviously if your glasses are bigger than mine, you might need to add more to fill them just make sure you leave room for that bubbles because it’s going to bubble up and You can see all those bubbles in the dessert are coming from the carbon dioxide in the coke So it will have that fizzy feel on your tongue when you eat the dessert and then if you watch it for a second You’ll see it will separate out into layers with the foam going up to the top and you end up with this creamy Coke jelly layer in the middle. That’s very yummy And then you strawberry at the bottom and the foam on top then you want to put that in the fridge immediately so that it can set I Like it in the tall glasses so you can see all the layers nice and big but you can put it into shorter glasses if you prefer So there you have my summer strawberry coke float and a dessert to match that tastes just like a coke float It’s even that little bit fizzy on your tongue when you eat it This dessert should definitely be served on the same day that it’s made if you leave it overnight That froth will start to drop down and you won’t have as much froth on it Subscribe to how to cook that and press the bell to turn on notifications So that you’re really subscribed click here for some of my cakes Chocolates and mini baking make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday
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