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AMAZING Designers Go Head To Head In Bedroom Renovation Competition | Rock The Block | HGTV

Welcome to the neighborhood Thank you.
Glad to– Hey
–be here. So you feeling good? You excited? Ready. You’re here because you’re
some of the best designers in renovators in the business. Each of you will be assigned
one of these identical, newly-constructed homes. There are three bedrooms,
three bathrooms, and a total of 2,530 square feet. These houses, they are
a blank canvas for you. You can use what
comes with the house, or you can uninstall
and replace. You can completely redesign,
whatever you want to do. These homes are brand new and
already have a very strong market value of $750,000. The tough part, you’ll have just
four weeks to add as much value as possible to your houses. At the end of that time,
yours truly and my team of real estate experts
are going to do a full top-to-bottom inspection
of your newly-renovated homes. The designer whose house has
the highest appraised value will be the winner, not only
earning bragging rights, but this street will be
named in their honor. Plus, we’ll be donating to Turn
Up to provide 100,000 meals to fight childhood hunger.
Yes. Yeah.
Yes. [INTERPOSING VOICES] –take that.
Yeah. Shall we give you some money? Yeah. Mhm. All right, $175,000 for
each of you to work with. Oh, man. When you’re moving
walls, when you’re doing new kitchens,
bathrooms, it’s amazing how fast $175,000 will go. These are your keys. Thank you very much. I’m not going to lie. I am in over my head. This is a huge competition
for me, and winning it could really elevate my
career as a designer. Now, every week,
I’m going to assign a different zone of the house. I’ll be checking in
throughout the competition, and at the end of each week, I’m
going to send one of my friends from our HGTV family to
take a look at your spaces, give you some feedback,
critique your work, and then declare
who they feel best designed the space
to add as much value as possible to your house. This week, your
guest is Southern California real estate
expert and star of Flip or Flop, Tarek El Moussa. [BANGING] The first zone I’d like you to
start with is the master suite. OK, yeah. [BANGING] [HAMMERING] All these uppers off. [SAWING] One, two, three. [SAWING] Got that? [HAMMERING] This is by far the
nicest house that I have ever had a demo day on– [HAMMERING] –and as a matter of
fact, most of it’s uninstalling, not
actually demoing because they’re really nice. They’re just not
competition material. So, we’ve got our game plan
pretty well put together at our house, and now
Cory and I are going to go on a little,
little spy mission and just check out other
people’s trash piles. Looks like they cut
their tub out, too. No countertops. Alison’s got her master
bath unit out, which I think everyone’s going to do. Nothing terribly interesting. Please get out. Don’t worry. We’re leaving. We’re just checking
out your trash. But we walk up to Leanne’s. Oh, man. She has it completely open,
and you can, from the sidewalk, see all the way
through her house. –master bathroom, I think. Yeah. She’s removed the wall
between the garage and making it part
of the master bath. Her master bath is
going to be huge. I know.
I need to– I need to rethink about that. Do you need some sinks? [GRINDING] No, we got plenty of our own. Cool. Scram. I mean, it’s a great
spot for a bathtub. One of the key
features of my bathroom is going to be this
really cool claw foot tub. That’s going to make this
bathroom look really unique. It’s going to up the value and
hopefully blow the other girls out of the water. [SAWING] So, we’re trying to
remove this thing. And I look over at Scott– [CUTTING] –and I notice
something horrible. I can see the outside from here. It’s probably not a good thing. No, you can’t. I just saw the outside. Push it one more– look, you
just cut through the house. You– you shut your mouth. I’m not even kidding. I can see the outside from here. I mean, this is bad. Yeah, I can patch this up,
but it’s going to cost money. Any more setbacks
like this and I’m not going to win
this competition. Whoa! This is pretty
awesome tile, huh? I love it. This tile is so
good, all imperfect. I’m taking a gamble using
a big chunk of the budget to do the master suite. Gorgeous. We’re doing this very
expensive chevron tile just to
elevate things, keep it artisanal and beautiful. My plan is, honestly, risky,
but that’s the way I’m going to add value to this home. Steve always complains about
how imperfect the tile is. Look how good it looks. Why don’t you try doing
tile sometime, Leanne. Always complaining, come on. Hey, Ari. Yeah, what’s up? This is my floor. So this floor is actually
the entire master– That’s the whole floor?
–bathroom and– Wow.
–the closet. That is impressive. My strategy in the
master bathroom is all about
sophistication and class. When you’ve got
a $20,000 closet, I don’t want to mess around,
so, marble, marble, marble, and being used in different ways. Oh, wow. That is gorgeous. I wanted something
elegant and sophisticated. All of its in carrara
marble, so that’s an upgrade in any buyer’s eyes. It’s like, a spa in here. You don’t have to
spend a ton of money to make it look
really sophisticated. You just have to spend it right. As long as I stay in
line and on budget and I’m doing it the right way
and spending it the right way, then I feel good, but
I feel a little fear and only for one person, Leanne. [SPRAYING] I’m going to really
stay laser focused and not worry about
the other girls because there’s a
couple more days to get this master suite
turned around where honestly, this would take months. Time’s running out– [SAWING] –and I’m running out of steam. Oh, yeah. This way for sure. Staging, yes. What do you got for me? Let’s do it. I like concrete. Sorry, guys. We are working down to
the very last minute. MJ, which room
are these pillows? It’s hectic. How high up are we going? MJ. MJ. Come over here, and do
this one first, please. Let’s lean this on to that door. This is cool because
it’s like, jeans, like, an old pair of jeans, but
then it’s dressed up a little. Makes this bedroom
feel dressy and casual. Hey, you guys. We have 10 minutes. They’re on their way. [BANGING] All right, guys. I think this is it. Time’s up. You know, the other designers,
they are good at their jobs, but this one might be better. Hello. Hey.
I hear hey. Where are you? Hi. I want to make a headboard
wall that everybody would love. Oh, this is just the drywall. That’s literally just the
orange peel walls everywhere. I just learned something.
That is really– See? I’m 100% stealing this. We have gold.
We have brass. We have black. I love everything about it. I love the color scheme, so I
think you nailed it in here. Thank you. As we enter the bathroom– This is a $7,000 toilet. You took a pretty
big gamble, actually, spending that much money of
your budget on the toilet because most people
are going to have no idea how much that thing is. Oh, yes. You nailed this. Look at how cool that is. The entire wall is
like, totally custom. You’ll get a return on it. So, I wanted to make sure that
I still had a bathtub because I feel like for resale
with kids and everything, this is a money spot. There’s one thing
that you really went after is the coolness factor.
Thank you. It’s the details. The vanities, in my
opinion, kind of, looks like antique
furniture, which is cool. Between the custom closet,
the high-end fixtures, and the custom headboard wall,
I guarantee the other girls didn’t do anything like I did. I elevated the master
suite on every level. Hello. Hello. Wow. Well, tell me about it. What is our theme here? Comfy, lots of textures,
like, you want to curl up. And here, we left the
layout very much the same and spent money on,
obviously, all-new flooring. I love the freestanding tub. Obviously, need a soaking tub. This wallpaper is
definitely a little risky. So this is probably
where we spent like, one of the bigger
chunks of our budget. I wanted full slab, all the
showerheads, two body sprayers, and two more showerheads. So, this is the first thing
that caught my eye because you never see slab walls anymore. Like, we’re talking
about creating value and maximizing
value, this shower right here, you nailed it. Buyers are going to love this. All in all, I’m pretty
happy with what Tarek said about my master bath. He loved the slabs
in the shower. He really liked the closet. He liked the herringbone floor. All that stuff was positive. The one thing he
was unsure about was the graphic wallpaper
that may not be for everyone. Hey. What’s up? Wow, look at this. All right, right away,
I love that light. Thank you. The master bedroom, I tried to
keep it aesthetic because it wasn’t a bad size,
in my opinion, and just make it really cozy,
really welcoming, and like, plush. The nice thing about this master
is it does have this en suite. It ties in, and then
this is the wow factor. Why did you decide to go with so
many different material choices because I see one,
two, three, four, five. I wanted to do something
that was different. I wanted to do something
that felt really neutral, and have different shapes,
and visual interest. I did do new fixtures, and they
match in the shower, as well. So I added a hand shower. I added the rain shower. This is actually a
really clean tile. I like this. I like it. And it’s porcelain, so I
didn’t have to seal it. It’s never going to stain. I wanted to do something
that was family friendly. Home run. Buyers are going to love it. He didn’t like some of the
tile and material choices or the lack of
cabinets in the closet, but that’s not going to
affect the value very much. Overall, I would say it
was a positive review. Hello? Hey, how’s it going? Tarek, how are you? I’m good. How are you? Nice to see you. But, oh, my God. I’ll tell you what. This is so different than the
other houses, and I love it. I’m a guy. I love the concrete. I love the walls like that. It’s definitely artistic,
so the question is, is it going to appeal to the masses? No. All we care about, the
one person who loves it. And then, you want
to see the bathroom? Oh, before we do that,
I love this so much. I thought the houses
are the same floor plan. It used to. What did you do in here? This is absolutely stunning. We bumped out into that
space in the great room, and then it was all about
this massive, gorgeous tub, this gorgeous shower,
and I just wanted it to be straight down the line. The way you reconfigured this
is just absolutely awesome, and I think a buyer is
going to pay top dollar. Like, this is phenomenal. This is a huge gamble, but I– I just– I think it’s
going to pay off. I know this was a
total wild card, but this is a pretty nice
bathroom to have in your house. I’m all about the
very specific buyer. They may get it. They may not. As a California
renovator, my clients are always looking for the
absolute best master suite. There’s one master
suite that I think buyers will pay a premium. That master suite
belongs to Leanne. I think you guys all nailed
it, did an amazing job. Like, all of you are winners
here today, obviously. I fell in love with yours
because the creativity of completely
reconfiguring the space. You went minimalistic
in the bedroom, but when I walked
into that bathroom, I felt like I was walking
into a $3 million house. The vibe you created
was stunning. I think you just knocked
it out of the park, so that’s why I think your– Thank you, Tarek. –master [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlY3exuqLNk

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