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[Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome teams it’s a new week on rock the block which means there’s a new room to rock the next room you guys will be rocking is the basement the great news about this is the basements are so big it’s an opportunity for you guys to add so much value to your homes so let’s talk about this week’s judge yes she’s a designer a restoration specialist and the host of hdtv’s bargain mansions oh tamara tamara day knows about big homes and adding value to those homes she’s fabulous she knows her stuff 100 she’s got great style she loves me that’s all i care about are you guys ready for this yeah yes it’s time for you guys to rock those basements yes yes i have a very very ambitious idea i’m going to throw at you for down here i think there’s a way we could actually make this its own apartment if we could create a rental unit there’s no more added value i’m sure the other teams are going to add a bedroom a really fun like game room that’s really cool but nobody’s adding a two-bedroom fully functioning rental nobody nobody thought of that we thought of that and you know what it means winning we know what we’ve done upstairs we’ve got a lot of spaces that obviously we’ve added value to right yes our biggest investment so far has been in the kitchen and the main suite and we won both of those challenges now we just have to figure out how to get the most bang for our buck the basement this feels like kind of wine room hangout because this area is so big that this becomes kind of the theater area we don’t need any demo that’s the part that i love we’re saving money we’re still creating impact but another way we can create impact is color can i please have my way here i am dying to make this entire basement blush it’s elegant we combine that with gold it’ll be so cool every single challenge we’ve been getting dinged on our color every single one i don’t care okay i don’t care you know why because we’re showing how to use color exactly and still creating value for our house okay it’s just a color so it’s like when you’re coming down here you’re just kind of like what the heck could possibly be and then boom you walk into the space this is gonna be a game changer i feel like i know what other teams are gonna do they’re probably gonna do a movie theater maybe a wine room maybe a little terrible predictable every judge so far has said we’ve been playing it safe well guess what after you see our basement tell me we’re playing it safe because we’re doing a bowling alley in our basement dang that feels good [Music] oh i am so excited for this space you have no idea i’m just excited that we got these pieces were oh my gosh how stressful right very stressful [Music] i won’t lie i’m still a little nervous about the use of color we have been knocked so many times for it this time the fourth time has got to be a charm i’ve never seen a pink ping pong table i have never seen a ping ping pong table before oh my god i have a feeling there might be a market for pink and gold ping pong why not hey come look at the doors look how pretty that is i gotta go to work see you later close the door please there’s a lot going on today in the basement and it’s arguably our most aggressive design i’m gonna go to bed good night the murphy bed with custom closets flanking it and sconces above we’ve got marble countertops and an 18-inch marble backsplash all the finishes and materials are consistent from the house above so if you wanted to absorb the basement space and have just two additional bedrooms and an office and another game area for kids you could easily do that or you could lock the door and you have the opportunity to rinse out the space and subsidize your income we’re taking a lot of risk because the basement is super ambitious but we believe it to be worth it it’s a huge value added to a home i got filler pieces for this so these will go up to the ceiling even though we’re working with a very limited budget it’s important to know where to spend the money and to me custom cabinets is one way to add value because of all the extra storage this is the fifth bedroom and we’re gonna get the walk-in closet it wouldn’t have been a bedroom without it no it wouldn’t have been it would have been a bedroom slash office slash flex space speaking of flex space in the basement we’ve got this bonus room it already has drywall and now it just needs those finishing touches [Music] stop drop and bowl we really put it all on the line as far as this bowling alley so this is a game changer if we don’t win this week i’m out of ideas all right you ready yeah all right today’s the day we’re finally going to be judging our basement and while we’re really confident about what we have created there’s still a lot of work to be done we still have to make those candlesticks from the heavy metal challenge and spray paint those so excited about it and of course we’ve got to finish staging we’ve just got to make sure that our basement apartment is perfect that feels right and the bottom line is our reputation at this point is hanging by a thread we are so close and then guys we can scoot this back it’s a miracle that we’ve been able to turn the basement around in record time the ping pong table is getting assembled the curtains and the barn doors are going up i think it looks really pretty down here now i think tamara day is going to love it and give us the win tamara’s almost here okay last looks all right everything is perfect we’re super proud of what we’ve done but it’s up to tamara to decide go chandler go tamara you know what’s up oh my gosh hi oh my gosh i’m already loving it come on wow [Music] i’m speechless we wanted to be subtle but bold at the same time right i definitely think you got the bold right as much of a lover as pink as i am that’s one of those things when you’re going bold which i do all the time i think that potentially could turn off a handful of buyers but i think it’s a gorgeous finish my gosh and it’s got a view it’d be better if the room was staged but you still added another bedroom which increases value the games are great so one of the most favorite things well to me is we went back and forth about getting a television but we were like okay a budget b we wanted it to feel like a real theater yeah so we chair railed out this frame and painted it white and then hung the trajectory so smart and such a good use of your budget [Music] oh my gosh wow [Music] [Applause] i’m already blown away [Music] we brought a lot of the same materials like the marble countertops are from upstairs these cabinets are actually salvaged from the house good use of money but this used to all be open and we put up these iron and glass doors [Music] this is a new construction totally but you’ve infused charm and character i mean it’s like the house has a soul thank you that’s been our goal since day one so we appreciate you seeing that that’s the biggest competition so this is basically set up as a home office right now but the cool thing about this space is that this is the murphy bed oh my gosh which comes down these are all built-in closets on both sides i love that we have a full bath in here [Music] beautiful tiles i love the simplicity of this but at the same time really great finishes to go with it that just maximizes the design thank you all right so this is the second bedroom [Music] oh wow it’s more of like a suite it works for a lot of reasons i like that you did the the barn doors because it saves space exactly cheers cheers beautiful space i guess a negative would be if i don’t want a gas stove down by my children playing if you really didn’t want to have a rental space but i do feel like this is a huge value for this case approaching judging today i feel like the bowling alley is definitely not safe we definitely took a risk on this challenge and i think it’s going to pay off yes i just got a strike tim my gosh this is absolutely one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen in the basement oh yeah we oh my god we don’t have basements in florida right so this was a challenge for us yeah yeah um i think you did it entertainment family that’s been our whole theme throughout every space of this house right so i think that we just wanted to keep it going even in the basement down here it’s just about fun yeah speaking about fun we got you something do i get to put it on absolutely you have to put it on do i get to play yes this is crazy my boys would go insane for this okay come on girl oh man all right that was pretty good i mean this is seriously memorable right like anybody walking through a house with this is not going to focus which house it was that’s the plan i mean i’d say this is a really big plus but probably a negative to some people too like how do you appraise something like this i’m saying this oh i can’t wait we were able to turn this basement into a fully functioning living space and it would fit any family that would buy this house oh look at the barn doors yep they’re just these i feel like it makes the opening bigger for the office yes [Music] we’re thinking in the basement flex space right how do families live could this be a gym could this be an office right keep the options open right right we heard you like pink so i do like pink i noticed this immediately but i like to bring it in the right way the color is so particular and it’s like we’re trying to attract all buyers all buyers so now you come down again nice neutral walls yes washroom [Music] love the hardware that’s good the tiles good love this it’s bright for a basement bathroom this feels like it could be an upstairs bath yeah make it bright so now you come into the main space oh wow it’s huge yes this is brilliant the bar you know super streamlined was just about added storage for all the puzzles and the games and everything and there’s never enough room for that and yet it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be storage for me basements are all about wreck space like this is where you watch movies three hang out it’s got a mood i like how you’ve got this comfy sofa big screen ping pong table like how you’ve used the space is so cool that’s what i love about allison is she’s got that little bit of flavor yes with a huge walk-in closet no way yeah oh my gosh so we spent our winnings building that out a huge walk-in closet is a big value i mean who has enough storage ever nobody nobody especially for a house this size right yeah you know the one thing i would say is like the carpet thing i love how it feels it’s so much cozier it makes it feel like it’s upstairs but my husband and i are arguing about this this morning actually like carpet hardwoods for kids we had carpet and they trashed it if the only negative is that we have carpet over hardwood i’ll take it hello teams yes it may be raining but that is not gonna dampen the spirits here today because we’re gonna decide who won the rock the block challenge known as the basement for this week’s winner of the best basement on rock the block i have to go [Music] with nate and jeremiah i feel great i feel great we don’t know what this feels like i can’t wait to tell our kids oh my our kids are going to be so excited we keep teaching them it doesn’t matter if you win and now we can say it done i feel great you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paujBNNOacE

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