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Amazing 3D Printer For DIY Projects | FLSUN QQ | GIVEAWAY

hello friends welcome back in my another video so today I will do in boxing and review of this efforts and Delta 3d printer and I also have a surprising gift for you so let’s get started the printer comes in this huge box packaging first of all I cut the tape with my cutter and open the box printer is nicely packaged in thick layer of plastic foam this is a piece of plywood which protect the printer parts during shipping and handling here is all parts of printer the printer is a 90 percent preassembled we just need to attach all parts together to complete it so let me

show you what else I got in the box a roll of PLA filament lot of cables print removal tool a USB card reader with SD card tools and a user manual so let’s assemble this printer with the help of given instructions in user manual [Music] the 3d printer is ready and it takes 20 minutes to fully assembly the printer body is completely made of matte and it looks really nice the SD card slot USB and AC input is on the back side and on/off switch on the front side of the printer it has touchscreen LCD display

the touch screen also work really well the printer has lot of features it has auto leveling Wi-Fi support and power is a feature which is my personally favorite feature so let’s check its print quality but before we need to insert the filament into printer so let’s do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] so here is that is about the print quality of this printer is really impressive to print this model at point 1 mm Lea high and we cannot see the

layers in model with the naked eyes which is really nice and the level of detailing in model is also really good [Music] this model I print 1.2 mm layer high and again if splint quality is really good the printer is very easy to use and beginner friendly the price of this printer is 411 dollars but you can get it for only 3 $59 on 11 and 11 sale on Aliexpress the painter link in the description box make sure to check it so let’s talk about the surprise if this video cross 4,000 likes then I will do the giveaway of my zone star 3d printer

here is it so I will do the giveaway of this printer the participation rule is very simple you just need to subscribe my channel and do like and comment on this video then you are easy well for this giveaway so please write only one command so if you do two or more commands then you will be disqualified so that’s it for today guys I hope you like this video share it with your friends thanks for watching and good bye

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