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AMAZING $120 Backyard Renovation With Pool & Firepit!!! | Flip Or Flop | HGTV

[Music] here’s the neighborhood so they definitely look like 70s houses here it is right here i feel like a little paint here will go a long way it’s just very blah right now but it has a nice great yard all right let’s go check it out first impression honey it’s very boring very boring hey guys israel you beat us yeah have you looked around yet just got here no i just got here okay you ready for this let’s do it well it’s old but it looks okay well so beige this right here this entryway is gonna cost a fortune the fireplace needs to go the stairs need to go it’s gonna be a lot the fireplace is so small why the fireplace is small but this mantel thing i don’t know this design feature is huge this is probably just a veneer right yeah take it out you can really make this a focal point something cool you can do something really cool yeah nice big kitchen the layout is terrible we should remove this wall so the dining area flows into the kitchen i got a question would this even be possible israel we just ran a bar countertop here and that way the kitchen will be much larger now i feel like the bar top should go here not there here yeah facing the family room that’s a good idea all right so what do you think it would cost in here to raise the soffit make it flush with the ceiling and do a brand new kitchen i would say 15. okay brand new kitchen ceiling level 15 grand okay [Music] back here we have a bathroom nice flooring yikes huge selling point though downstairs bathroom with shower bedroom yeah downstairs bedroom and bathrooms definitely huge for this area all right let’s go upstairs this house is huge with a living room a kitchen a dining room a family room and a bed and bathroom downstairs plus four more bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs it’s the perfect home for a bigger family that’s looking for space so this is bedroom two three they’re actually decent size four four has a walk-in closet so this must be the master yes is it big oh it has a nice big balcony it’s a huge master uh oh what uh where’s the shower it’s gotta be in here which means it’s gonna be small oh no you have to like creep behind the door to get in it why would they do that i don’t know it’s a horrible layout it’s almost worth it to cut into the big closet and make a better shower yeah let’s redesign this whole layout how much about 15. all right well let’s come up with at least some type of an estimate on the budget yeah you know it’s a lot of house 95k okay that’s actually a little bit less than i thought all right we’re gonna write an offer if we get it i will let you know let’s do it all right [Music] that 95 000 is just for the interior now we have to deal with the exterior before we make an offer on the house we’re bringing in our landscaping expert jesse escala hopefully he can make this backyard amazing without breaking the bank so me and christina we’re talking and we have some ideas back here but obviously you’re the professional you’re the designer and you do the work so we need some help okay the plan here would be to utilize every square inch of the yard that means a pool a spa rock work lighting landscaping fire pit patio barbecue area so i have two questions the first would be is this yard big enough to put in everything we’re talking about yes great second question can we get it done for 60 to 85 no okay so like pool spa barbecue fire pit patio cover patio cover just like roughly like double that double yeah well my calculations were way off weren’t they what do you want to do spending a hundred and twenty thousand dollars on the backyard seems crazy but we have to spend the money because an amazing backyard will not only increase the value of the house but also make it sell quickly we’ll let you know once we get the house perfect that’s cool with the 95 000 interior remodel estimate and another 120 000 to make the backyard awesome we’ve got a fine line on what to offer on this house so we don’t lose any money on the flip we eventually bought the house for 590 000 now we’re knocking down walls and cabinets in the kitchen rearranging the master bath and whipping the rest of the house into shape [Music] are you guys ready to see the uh drawings yes okay it’s beautiful did you draw this by hand yeah it’s all pencil i like the shape of the pool this whole area in the middle is like the major hangout area there’s boulders on the right here you step up you get in the spa you can dive out of the spa into the pool and that wraps around creates a planter and then hits this pit it’s really like a big seating area with like a couch wrapping around all inside okay and then there’s a waterfall that goes down into this pit then if you look the other way there’s this wrap around barbecue really cool made out of stone i love everything about it jesse’s done a killer job i can’t believe that he can do all of this work and stay within our hundred and twenty thousand dollar budget looks amazing thank you it looks so much bigger with that wall gone right there yes i just realized yeah wow the wall is gone oh my god i feel like now it’s finally all coming together so we have to make sure we nail the design now so what do you have i’m kind of thinking that we go with the mid-century modern look so nice um is that real wood or laminated this is real wood is that in our budget yes okay i like it what are we doing about kitchen cabinets i’m thinking get a little crazy and do two-tone this could be the lowers and this could be the uppers and then countertops very simple a thick edge white countertop i’m thinking carpet in the guest bedrooms real wood in the master this i love for the fireplace and it’d be awesome if it went all the way up well it’s definitely going to be a unique design [Music] with jessie hard at work in the backyard tark and i are getting the house ready by tiling the fireplace tile master [Music] installing new lighting and finishing the railing in the foyer [Music] now this looks amazing these railings are awesome you think the railing goes with the flooring right well really honestly it looks amazing this is probably one of my favorite houses we’ve ever done we spent an extra eight grand here but it was totally worth it well you remember before how bad it was now they’re gonna walk in and straight shot of the stairs it’s all open the treads came out perfect it has like a really rustic look you know what i think huh i think this totally looks like a million dollar house [Music] how cool is it oh hey you got the cushions oh my gosh i can’t wait to like relax down here put that one in there ta-da perfect so all you have to do for the buyers is hit the switch so they’re hanging out with their friends in the summer oh whoa so that’s i said like on a cold night you can chill back here are you ready for the water yeah whoa what this is my favorite yard ever this is gonna sell day one multiple offers no doubt honestly i can sit back here all day no this is amazing [Music] we’re starting to stage the house and i’m thrilled with how it looks the inside is clean simple and modern and the backyard is perfect for that outdoor lifestyle that californians crave [Music] the backyard finished and the house looking like a million bucks christine and i just need to figure out a list price before the open house kelly we’re finally done this was a huge project we bought the house for 590 000 and we spent 223 000 so our break even is 8 13. well one did sell for 880 so who’s to say this one couldn’t sell for 900 right we spent so much time and money here you know a lot of times we swing for the fences but i think this one we tried to go for a grand slam and we list at 949.99 do you think he’s gonna appraise i don’t know it just there’s no other house like it in the area right it’s a special house it’s a hot market well i guess you don’t know until you try yes 9 49 9. perfect all right why are you hopping the pool of tape no it’s freezing it’s not cold feel it [Music] i didn’t mean to do it [Music] all right time to get the house on the market [Music] [Music] amazing looks really good this is definitely one of those houses where staging made like the biggest difference ever yeah there’s a lot more color now i mean honestly this view it looks gorgeous oh it looks great with all the furniture back here it looks absolutely insane this house looks perfect i couldn’t be happier jesse definitely nailed it oh yeah you ready to get this open house going get it started wow that mom look at the chandelier i like that that’s really cool what got me first when i walked in is actually the fireplace it fits the room perfectly the color so it’s just i love how they continue the slate all the way from the floor to exactly the ceiling yeah exactly you don’t really see that too often when they continued all the way up these countertops are beautiful they look like quartz countertops i love how they did the different bottoms and uppers on the cabinets this looks like a las vegas resort bathroom it’s really nice to have a whole bathroom on the first floor this is really really nice i like that there’s two colors of tile this is like the largest subway tile i’ve ever seen this is really pretty [Music] i like it how it’s really airy a lot of light with big sliders i like how they’ve continued the countertops into the bathrooms this is huge this is a fantastic bathroom they like the shower the past couple weeks we’ve gotten great responses to the house we’re in it for just over eight hundred and sixteen thousand dollars so hopefully we get some offers soon time to find another house to flip [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJRNcjynkiw

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